X Dragon Solar Charger – A Complete Review

X Dragon Solar Charger

Here we have shared an amazing review on X Dragon Solar Charger.

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Most solar power banks we kept running into amid our exploration had just a single solar board, yet the X-Dragon 10,000 mAh solar power bank has four foldable boards for an extra sun-splashing surface zone.

The solar charging execution distinction between the X-Dragon and different items with fewer boards is noteworthy.

The execution, valuable spotlight, and solid water, residue and stun verification exterior consolidate to make it our pick as the best generally speaking solar telephone charger.

The X-Dragon is the most enormous board we tried, both in physical measurements and in yield limit.

The primary purpose behind purchasing this board is to charge an expansive battery that can bolster a workstation.

We utilized the Aceyoon battery, a 50,000mAh battery that is sensibly valued and good with workstations.

This set up is an excellent contrasting option to the Voltaic Systems Arc 20, which is the other PC good framework we investigated.

A Complete Review on X Dragon Solar Charger

X Dragon Solar Charger



The body of the X-Dragon solar charger is shrouded in tough ABS, making it sturdy, simple to hold and impervious to stun, water and residue.

It has a cover to ensure its smaller scale USB input port and two USB yield ports against water and residue entrance, also.

While the ABS covering is a decent component, it influences squeezing the battery’s power to catch somewhat excruciating.

This catch additionally controls the super-splendid LED electric lamp board on the back of the battery.

Charging Performance

Solar vitality gathering depends intensely on the accessible solar board surface zone. More boards or bigger boards break even with more vitality. This gives the X-Dragon solar power bank leeway over single-framed power banks like the Necteck or Dizaul.

The X-Dragon has four boards: one incorporated with the body of the power bank and three foldable ones.

Each board changes over up to 1.2W each every hour when exposed to coordinate daylight.

Weight & Portability

It is in this metric that the X-Dragon 40W truly stands separated from whatever remains of the boards in this audit.

The board is over twofold in size of the biggest 20W boards we tried, to be specific the X-Dragon 20W and the Power Green 21W.

Concerning, the X-Dragon additionally emerges.

The board measures an incredible 37 ounces or 2.31 pounds. Except if you are certain that 40W of power is the thing that you are searching for, the X-Dragon appears like an overwhelming, awkward choice.


  • The capacity is about 300000mAh.
  • It is made of silicon material.
  • Compatible with most of the USB Charging devices.
  • Dual ports.
  • Highest quality material.
  • Dual Super bright light.
  • It has about 18 months of warranty.


  • Amazing durability.
  • Very affordable.
  • It has a money back guarantee.
  • It charges the device more quickly.


  • None.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

Through testing two of the best workstation good frameworks we could discover, it turned out to be certain that there is still space for advance in this domain of solar vitality. The X-Dragon 40W is sufficiently extensive to charge a PC battery, yet its size is a noteworthy disadvantage.

These are significant disadvantages, however, the board itself performed well and has the ability to charge different gadgets at the same time.

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