Vivreal Mosquito Zapper – A Complete Review

Vivreal Mosquito Zapper

Here we have shared an amazing review on Vivreal Mosquito Zapper.

I am sure you would love to read our updated review in 2019.

As there are a lot of creatures living in this world but few of them sometimes get dangerous and irritating.

Yes, the talk is here about the flies and mosquitoes that get too messy and irritating sometimes and causes unhealthy germs too like dengue virus and malaria problems.

In order to get rid of such messy insects and bugs, we have launched a perfect bug and fly zapper for you named as VIVREAL bug and fly zapper.

It has a tube light that emits blue color which finds attractive for such bugs and insects and has a current on its metallic body which is enough to kill these insects.

A Complete Review on Vivreal Mosquito Zapper

VIVREAL bug Zapper-fly trap Mosquito Zapper


There are some of the best features of this product, listed below there are some of them:

Attractive Design

The VIVREAL bug zapper has an attractive design that can be seen in the above image.

It gives a good look when placed somewhere at home or office due to its charming look and decent color.

Bugs and fly killer

Its main feature is that of killing the messy flies and mosquitoes inside the home and office.

It not only protects you from these insects but also will provide a comfortable environment from these insects and will provide them an excuse to say good about you and your home.


As customers safety is our first priority keeping an eye on this most necessary issue we have made this device in such a manner that the device currently does not affect humans and animals it is enough only for killing the insects like mosquitoes and bugs.

Moreover, there is no spray, fragrance or some toxic emissions used in the fly zapper that is harmful to humans and animals it is not emitting and efficiently working device.

Coverage Area

It has a large coverage area of 538 SQ/Ft. It is ideal for bedrooms, TV launch, guest rooms, farms, commercial areas, customer meeting areas and offices.

You can take advantage of it for the long interval of time and its functionality is really worth it.


It has made in such a user-friendly shape that doesn’t make customers provide many efforts. It has a simple cleaning process, and the tube doesn’t need any tools for opening it.

It has a simple process of turning on just simply turn the switch in the power socket and turn the power button ON.

Customers Satisfaction

The VIVREAL bug zapper is manufactured under strict quality focus, it is a high-quality device that is harmless to human and pets and very harmful to the messy and irritating insects.

It is a professional brand made for customers that provide quality services. In case of any complaints, you can contact us on our website we will respond quickly to your complaints.


It has a blue light emitting tube light that is proved by the scientists that blue light is found attractive by the mosquitoes and flies.

And as a current-voltage that kills those insects when gets near to it.


It is recommended to use it at night time as there is no use of the blue light in the daytime.

You can still enjoy the service of the device in the daytime but it is more efficient at night.


  • It has decent color and user-friendly design.
  • The best device used for getting rid of the messy bugs and mosquitoes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It can be used in homes and outdoor.

Cons :

  • Doesn’t work efficiently at daytime as compared to night time.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

Here we conclude that it is the most efficient and branded device used to get rid of the messy insects and simple in use as compared with the other brands. It’s a choice of a wise man.

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