Best 3D Moon Lamps in the Market in 2021 [Top 10 Review]

Many of us like to see Moon images around us and we find it very comfortable and good especially if its meant to beautify our environment .  Its  very lovely to decorate your bedside with beautiful Best 3D Moon Lamps as you sleep at night.

In this current era, 3D printing technology moon lamps are fast replacing  NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) images of the moon, since they are lovely and quite soothing.

You can find all the features of the moon too.

Choosing the Best 3D Moon Lamp in 2019

Best Moon Lamps

One thing that is good about these customized 3d moon lamp is that they uses rechargeable batteries, meaning that you can use it any time and anywhere without it been plug on.  You can travel with it since its portable, easy to carry around and not heavy.

There lots of companies/brands  producing these personalized moon lamp on the market,  which makes it a bit difficult to know the best 3D Moon Lamps anyone can buy.

We have take time to go through all the best options available in the market and here are the Best 10 Moon Lamps in the Market  in case if you are planning to get one.

1- LOGROTATE Moon Lamp


This our number one best option. Its’s a product from Logrotate with a 4.8-inch diameter. It looks like a really moon. The design of its surface is textured to make the images to have a look like a real moon.

It has a stand that take care of all the twelve (12) ounces just perfectly the way you will like it. The Moon lamp has a 16-color range that will enable you to beautify and change to look and feel of any room you like.

Also this comes with a Polymer lithium battery of  500 mAh capacity which make the Moon lamp  lights on for hours.  In case of  recharging , the package comes with  a USB charger that takes only threes hours or less to recharge the battery to full.

This lamp is expected to last for between 6 and 12 hours, depending on the brightness you set it at.

Its also eco-friendly and there is no such thing as toxic air,  everything has been taken care of.  It has a small charging port  to prevent the alteration of the perfect circle.

You have the option of using can touch and remote control while  changing the bulb’s brightness.  Its vey easy to assemble and has a  wooden handle that holds it perfectly.

At its lenient price, this lamp can serve as a gift to love ones

What we Like about this 3D Moon Lamp: 

  • It has the option of remote and touch controllable.
  • Has a different 16-color range.
  • It is USB rechargeable
  • Has good 3D effects

2- Athena Future Moon Light 3D Lamp Review 

Moon Lamp Moon Light 3D Moon Lamp

This is our Second choice of best moon lamp brand is Athena. This has realistic 3D moon lamp effects. It looks so much like a real moon that you would hardly notice that its not a real moon.

This 3D moon lamp comes in 5.9 inches and it emits three colors; yellow, white and roseate which you can control with a remote.

You can dim any of its color and its battery life solely depends on brightness settings.

Out of the box it comes with a wooden stand and its very easy to assemble. Its USB cable is up to 4 feet which will help you to charge the moon lamp from any distance.

You have the option of using it while its not plug on since it comes with 500 mAh battery

This battery can take only 2 hours to charge it to its full capacity will stay on for a maximum 8 hours depending on how you use it.

The material this moon lamp is made of is non-toxic.

Its texture good especially when you turn it on. Its brightness can be adjusted, this lamp can be used in kids’ bedroom too.

What we Like about this 3D Moon Lamp: 

  • The textures are great and good.
  • Option of remote.
  • Long USB charging cable.
  • Realistic 3D effects

3- Super3DMall 7.1-inch Full Moon Lamp Review

7.1-inch Full Moon Lamp

Another super option of moon light lamp you can find in the market is Super3DMall Moon lamps.  This 3D moon lamp comes in different dimensions, with 7.1 inches in diameter being the largest of all.

Both the lamp bulb and its shell can be easily maintained and will definitely last a long time depending on how well is been taken care of.

The moon light lamp comes with 16 shades of light. You can switch to any color of the light you want with a touch. It has a remote control, which can work from 30 feet away. You have the option to control it by opting to touch the lamp.

The material is eco-friendly material. It does not emit heat that much and its also no toxic release. It can be kept in the baby’s room.

It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries with only three hours of recharge to full capacity. it stays between 6 and 12 hours in use depending on selected brightness before it discharges the battery.

Its weight is 1.25 pounds. It can be used while plugged in for as long as you need to use it. its performance will not be affected. It can also be taken to any outdoor adventures since its very portable

What we Like about his moon lamp: 

  • It has a touch and remote control.
  • Comes in 16-color LED lighting effects.
  • Ability to  adjust the brightness.

4- VGAzer Moon Lamp

VGAzer Moon Lamp

VGAzer’s Moon Lamp may be a little more expensive than most, but that is only because it has superior features.

Using a magnetic levitation technique, this lamp floats on top of its stand all hours that it is on to create peaceful and therapeutic ambience.

Super strong PLA is used to print it, making it eco-friendly and long-lasting, because it is pretty light, you can bring it on any event when you travel.

Its wooden stand is aesthetically pleasing too, giving it the aura of sophistication it deserves.

VGAzer Moon Lamp is textured to imitate the real moon as we see it from NASA’s images.

It only emits a soft white light that fills a room peacefully and romantically. With an on/off button on the side, you determine how much brightness your room could use.

The charging port is also quite small and hidden under the lamp s that you only see it when you turn the lamp over. This lamp makes the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

What we Like: 

  • Levitates to create a magical feel. It also spins on its own.
  • Emits a simple warm white color.
  • Its textures are smooth and moon-like.

5- AGM Moon Lamp

AGM Moon Lamp

With 16 dimmable RGB colors, this moon lamp that measures 5.9 inches in diameter is quite affordable. The remote control responds with these four options; Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth.

You get to change the brightness too to affect how long the lamp shines. It comes with a stylish wooden stand that is easy to assemble and the remote is also part of the package.

Inside, a built-in rechargeable battery takes 3 hours to charge fully and keeps the lamp on for 5 to 10 hours depending on how bright the lamp stays.

Thanks to the eco-friendly material used, this bulb does not hat up too much even when left on for hours.

It uses a USB cable that is also part of the package and so you can recharge the battery using your laptop or power bank. You can also plug it into a power source, but we prefer that it be charged.

It only weighs 1.2 pounds and so you can pack it nicely and take it with you for camping. Its small charging port does not alter its round shape.

What we Like: 

  • Comes in 16 colors.
  • The charming port is small.
  • Control its brightness for longer battery use.

6- Balkwan Moon Lamp – 7.1 inches

Balkwan Moon Lamp - 7.1 inches

This Balkwan Moon Lamp measures 7.1 inches in diameter and has superior texture. It comes with a wooden stand that is easy to assemble without taking up too much space.

When turned on, you see mountains, craters and basins of the moon as they appear on the shell. This product is made of eco-friendly material that will not harm the environment or your health.

Featuring only two color modes; soft yellow light and bright white light, this lamp is no-fuss and quite stylish.

You switch it o and off using a button at the bottom as it is not remote controlled.

You can manipulate its brightness through touch control to create the perfect ambience for a room.

Its built-in battery only takes 2.5 hours to charge fully through the USB cable provided, but it lights up a room for up to 8 hours max.

What we Like: 

  • Only two calming color modes.
  • Textures are truly moonlike.
  • Touch control for brightness control.

7- HYODREAM 3D Printing Moon Lamp

HYODREAM 3D Printing Moon Lamp

Light up your child’s party with this 3D moon lamp from Hyodream that is made using eco-friendly material that will not harm them or the environment.

Measuring 5.9 inches in diameter, this reasonably priced has a 16-color mode that you can change at the flicker if a remote.

It also comes with a wooden easy-to-assemble stand that you can carry anywhere.

The shell is smooth yet when lit, it shows the real textures behind the scenes. You see the galaxy and other features that imitate the real moon.

You can even dim the light to be able to look directly into the lamp. You can opt to charge the lamp directly from a power source or recharge the battery when it is drained.

It only takes 2.5 hours for it to fully charge, but you will enjoy its glow for up to 8 hours depending on the brightness you choose.

It heats a little too much, so you wouldn’t want to touch it when it’s been on for too long.

What we Like: 

  • 16-color mode that you can manipulate remotely.
  • Moon-like textures.
  • Up to 8 hours of battery time.

8- 7.1-inch Full Moon Lamp

7.1-inch Full Moon Lamp

If your kids can’t seem to sleep with the lights off, then you may want to change the game with this moon lamp from Segoal.

It has a 16-color scheme that you can dim and brighten with a single touch it also comes with a remote that works well even when the lamp is 30 feet away.

You can manipulate the light to the dimness you prefer to even affect how long the battery lasts. The matter says when dimmed, you can get as many as 15 hours out of this 500mAh battery.

The textures are okay, but we feel they could be better.

The material used for this lamp is eco-friendly to prevent the emission of harmful toxins in the atmosphere, and so you can use it anywhere. It is also reasonably priced and will last a long time. 

What we Like: 

  • 16-color code.
  • Remotely control the lamp from 30 feet away.
  • Dim the lights with touch control.

Best Moon Lamps – Buyer’s Guide

Best Moon Lamps - Buyer's Guide

With so many brands on the market, what features should you look for before making a purchase?

The Material – Eco-friendly

You want eco-friendly material for several reasons. First, you want to make a positive impact in the world and so reducing your footprint is quite vital.

Second, the lamp is burning in your home and especially at night when you are asleep, and you do not want any toxic material to harm you.

Look for the certification that says the material used is non-toxic.

Even if it costs a little more, you are better off investing in a product that will not impact negatively on your health.

Clear Texture

The difference between a regular 3D lamps and a moon lamp is in the texture. You want a lamp with clear textures that look as though they represent what the moon really looks like.

You want to ensure that whether lit or not, the lamp shows a smooth surface with the images imitating the moon.

When lit, it will emit light beautifully and the texture will show to be the kind you are looking for.

These lamps may cost a little more than regular 3D lamps, but you will be able to see and tell the difference.

Battery Life and Charging Port

At the bottom of the moon lamp is a charging port that should be small enough to prevent altering the lamp’s shape, but also large enough to fit a charger.

If it is too large, it will be noticeable and the shape of the lamp will be altered a little. When thinking of battery life, look for one that says it lasts the longest.

Online reviews are quite helpful even when the manufacturer is not being forthright. As much as you can, look for a battery that lasts the longest but only requires a few hours to charge fully.

Color Change

Would you prefer a warm, sophisticated white glow or would you not mind several other colors for ambience?

You will be able to find out whether or not a lamp changes color from reading its reviews and features. Also, you can choose a levitating lamp with a magnetic field at the base.

It is unique and gives your room a ‘spiritual’ feel if you like to think of yoga and levitating

. You can choose to have tour lamp customized to your liking with images and words too as long as you let the maker know beforehand.

Other Features

You may want to look out for warranties on a moon lamp. If the price is a concern, you may want to shop around to get the best at your budget.

As always, we prefer looking at other features before the price because a good product may not also be the cheapest.

FAQ’s About Moon Lamps

What is a Moon Lamp

What is a Moon Lamp?

A: It a 3D printed lamp that takes the shape of a moon.

You can place it on a stand to glow beautifully in your room at night or even take it on outdoor adventures as it uses rechargeable batteries.

You don’t have to plug it to a source of power for it to work.

Why Use a Moon Lamp

Why Use a Moon Lamp?

A: A moon lamp I an elegant piece of décor that will add style to your space without trying too hard. Some people associate the moon with romance, and so it gives a room a feeling of love.

You can control the lamp’s brightness to create the ambience you feel is right for your room too.

Does a MoonLamp Get Too Heated

Does a MoonLamp Get Too Heated?

A: Yes it does. When you leave it on for long, it could get too that it could almost burn your hands if you touched it.

That said, the heat does you no harm unless you touch the lamp. You want to check its features before buying to ensure that it can handle heat well.

Where possible, ensure it is made of Polylactic Acid material that conducts heat better than most as well as being eco-friendly.

Can Moon Lamps Change Color

Can Moon Lamps Change Color?

A: Yes, they can. You can have the lamp in a warm or soft white to more vibrant colors such as green red, purple, blue and others.

Before buying, you want to be sure that your preferred lamp can work with the colors you want.

What other Features do Moon Lamps Have

What other Features do Moon Lamps Have?

A: They can be smooth-surfaced or have a rugged feel to imitate the moon.

You may also want to know whether it has brightness control so that you can change a room’s ambience appropriately.

Are They Sold With Stands

Are They Sold With Stands?

A: Not all of them are, but it is an important feature to look out for.

If you find a great bargain without a lamp, then you can go ahead and buy it and then source the lamp online.

If you get a levitating lamp that has a magnetic field to keep it up, then it certainly has to come with a stand.

Can I Customize My Lamp

Can I Customize My Lamp?

A: Yes you can. Some people like engraving wordings that they live by or having pictures of their loved ones inside moon lamps.

It is a great gift idea too.

Over to You!

As always, we hope this article shed some light on moon lamps. We also hope you found it helpful when making decisions on moon lamps.

We will update it to suit any new information that comes on the market about the product.

To recap, remember that the material of your lamp matters a lot.

You don’t want to introduce harmful material into your home when you deserve so much better. Texture and appearance are important too as they determine how the lamp emits light.

The stand shouldn’t be too heavy too because you will want to bring the lamp with you when you travel. Until next time, enjoy your beautiful glow.

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