Top Best Bedside Commodes Review In 2021 – A Complete List

Bedside commodes are too called and known with the name of toilet chairs. They are marked as one of the important medical equipment. This equipment is designed so that assistance can be given to those people who are disabled, bedridden or physically challenged.

Such a piece of equipment will let these physically challenged to safely, securely and conveniently reach to their bathrooms.

Disable or bedridden people can make use of these commodes on complete independent terms.

Or they might just need a negligible help to use this bedside commode. This equipment is mainly present in private homes and also in the rehabilitation centers, hospitals.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Bedside Commode

Bedside Commodes

Here we have the top five bedside commode options for you.

Have a look at their reviews and pick out any one of the bedside commodes if you are in need of it!

Most of the models which are mentioned below, they are portable and you can easily move these toilet chairs to different rooms.

Before you buy a bedside commode, make sure that it should have a coated kind of steel welded construction on it so that more strength and durability can be given to the user. It should bear maximum weight and its opening and the folding mechanism have to be pretty simple.

Now you can check out the details on the top five toilet chair product options

5- Drive Medical Bedside Commode – Durable

Drive Medical Bedside Commode

Drive Medical Bedside Commode is one of the highly suitable options for those individuals who are bedridden or disable. It comprises an elastic cord so that you can fold up the legs of this product and hence conveniently store and transport it from one place to another.

Moreover, it has a durable plastic snap-on seat as well as the lid. Talking about its dimensions, this toilet chair contains a width of 18 inches between arms and width of 22.5 inches outside.

It is because of its grey powdered coated steel welded construction that an increased and a higher amount of durability and strength shall be provided to the user.

We recommend this commode option for you.

This is extremely easy to use and people who are physically challenged, they will face no inconvenience while using this toilet chair. The package comes with a 7.5 qt commode bucket along with a carry handle, cover, splash shield.

The dimensions of its seat are 15″(D) x 13.5″(W) x 16.5-22.5″(H). And its outside legs dimensions are 22.25″(W). Width Between Arms comes out to be 18″ and lastly, its weight capacity is 350 lbs.


  • Durable plastic snap-on seat.
  • Grey powdered coated steel welded construction.
  • Increases strength and durability.


  • Its weight holding capacity is less

4- Duro-Med Bedside Commode – Safe Frame

Duro-Med Bedside Commode

Another option we have, it is Duro-Med Bedside Commode. You can easily move and transfer this commode chair by your bed, in your living room or wherever you want to! It contains a sturdy looking safety frame.

This chair shall offer an excellent amount of stability and strength which any disabled person requires.

You can easily position it without needing and requiring the help of another person.

Most importantly, it supports weight up to 500 pounds which is quite maximum. It is due to its extra-wide seat and well-supporting arms that a sturdy platform will be given to the user.

The presence of gray powder-coated steel frame and a matching plastic seat, matching armrests, gray rubber anti-slip feet, these are the features which make this bedside commode chair a popular option for you.

It is from 16-1/2 to 23-1/2 inches that you can conveniently adjust the height of it.

The width of this chair between its toilet safety frame arms, it is 23 inches and the width of this commode chair between the legs, it is 24 inches. It is just 19 pounds, so moving it from one room to another will not be a problem for you.


  • Sturdy looking safety frame.
  • Supports up to 500 pounds.
  • Extra wide seat.


  • None

3- Medline Bedside Commode – Heavy-DutyMedline Bedside Commode

Medline Bedside Commode is another great recommendation for you. It is designed for the purpose so that lateral transfers can be made easier for those caregivers who are assisting and for those individuals who are using a wheelchair.

You only have to push down the button and its arms are going to swing down right away.

It consists of a thick, resilient kind of foam padded seat. The back foam of it shall give you increased comfort. Note that its foam hand grips are not ever going to get slip even if your hands are wet.

It is because of the deluxe features as well as heavy-duty construction that this bedside commode option is suggested to you. This is the perfect choice if you want to use such a product for long term use.

You can remove the backrest option of it and then you can this option as over-the-toilet sort of safety frame. The package to comes with a pail, lid and a splashguard.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Lightweight and easy to transfer
  • Padded commode.


  • Its seat is not much extra wide.

2- Medline Elements Bedside Commode – Supports Up To 400 Pounds

 Medline Elements Bedside Commode

Also, you can try out this Medline Elements Bedside Commode.

It has a height-adjustable seat and also armrest aid option for the sake of getting on and off. You can adjust the seat of this toilet chair in 0.5″ increments so that you can have the perfect fit.

It is packed with dark bronze finishing and its overall style is perfectly going to match up with your home decor side.

The induction of elongated seat opening, the presence of adjustable contoured backrest are going to ensure that the person gets a roomy comfort.

You can note down the height of this commode chair leg and it is 19 inches.

Its promising part is that its flat-seat lid cover is going to discretely conceal and cover up the commode when it is not in use.

You will always get a roomy and suitable amount of comfort because of its elongated seat opening feature.

We suggest you book this bedside commode if there is a disable or physically challenged person in your home. Weight up to 400 pounds is supported by it.

Talking about its USP point, it is infused and installed with Microban Antimicrobial Technology which inhibits and prevent the growth of any kind of stains and odors from mold, bacteria mildew


  • Height-adjustable seat.
  • Elongated seat opening.
  • Flat-seat lid cover.
  • Supports up to 400 pounds.


  • None

1- Healthline Medical Commode – Padded Arms

Healthline Medical Commode

Healthline Medical Commode is packed with Vinyl Coated Polyester option.

It is made in the USA and possesses extremely high-quality properties in it. You can position it right over a standard toilet or you can use it as a portable form of a self-contained commode.

It is up to 4 inches that you can adjust the height of its seat. You do not need any of the tools to make this height adjustment.

Most noteworthy, it is its white aluminum frame which looks completely attractive and also rust resistant. The dimensions of this frame are 38.5-inch x 22-inch x 22.75 inches.

Its padded arms and the back seat will give you extreme comfort.

This product does come and attach with the feature of swing-away footrests.

The great part of this chair is that it comes and fuses with four of the 5-inch locking casters so that you can be provided with complete safety when the individual does not want to be moved.

Its seat cut-out design will let this chair to easily position itself over any of the standard toilets.

You can use its bucket anywhere as well.

This shower commode chair frame is available in an attractive white color. This frame is resistant to rust at the same time. Its footrests come in the standard form and you will be offered with adjustable height settings.


  • Vinyl Coated Polyester
  • Made in the USA.
  • Easy to a position.
  • White aluminum frame is rust resistant.
  • Padded seat back and also arms.


  • None

Best Bedside Commodes – Buying Guide

Weight Holding Capacity

Your purchased bedside commode should offer maximum weight holding capacity. It is up to 400 pounds that it should be able to support the weight.

Lightweight and Portable

Your chosen toilet chair option has to be lightweight and portable. It should offer easy, smooth and convenient storage and transport options. If it is lightweight then you can move and transfer it easily from room to another.

Adjustable Height

While picking out a toilet chair, make sure that it offers a height adjustable option.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Let us know which bedside commode options you will prefer! This is a great advancement and medical equipment which is made for disable and bedridden people. We are sure that now great convenience will be provided to physically challenged individuals.

Keep connected with us and further great and durable medical equipment product reviews will be shared with the readers.

If anyone of you wants to buy a shower chair and a commode at one single time, then these are the great and highly suitable options for you.

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