Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Your kitchen doesn’t have to be a place of excessive heat, smoke, and lingering smell – not with the best range hood as part of your apparatus. And when it comes to choosing stove hoods, you’re literally spoilt for choice. The market is awash with loads of models from entry level to energy-efficient to professional and more robust units. Designs vary from vented to ductless to under cabinet and wall chimney hoods.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Range Hoods For Your Home

What we’re trying to say is that you must get it right from the kick-go if you want to end up with a range hood that suits your needs without compromising on value. Not to worry though – we’ve done the hard work so that you can spend your money on a model whose functionality is in line with what you’re looking for. We’ve even thrown in a detailed buyer’s guide so that you don’t have to second-guess on what you want.

We’ve based our reviews on features, type, and budget as well as the user feedback. Read on to discover the best range hoods for the money at the moment.

5. Kitchen Bath Collection HA75-LED

The HA75 is an inexpensive range hood that does an excellent job for its cost. It is the right unit for you if you are on a tight budget and in search of a model that offers value, five-star performance coupled with outstanding reliability.

Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 1

The HA75 combines a perfect blend of style and robustness. It has a radiant stainless steel body covered by curved glass, making it one of the most graceful range hoods on the market. A great budget-conscious option, this model nets you all the magic of a high-end model without hurting your finances.

Features that make it special include the three-speed fan settings to draw as much smoke and smell as possible based on what it is that you’re cooking. It even has a carbon filter to get rid of the charcoal smoke. While the HA75 is not the most powerful range hood out there, it has a maximum suction capacity of 700 cubic meters or an equivalent of 412 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). This unit can cover a stovetop with a length of up to 32 inches, making it an excellent pick for a small kitchen.

Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2

Cooking enthusiasts love this model’s remarkably quiet fan powered by a UL-certified motor and the ultra-bright LEDs. The lights are indeed a beautiful addition. They’re three times brighter in comparison to the closest competition thanks to the 49 individual bulbs.

The HA75 is a vented range hood by design. However, its supports vent-less installation too. The best part is that you don’t require an additional kit to install it. You can also adjust the hood so that it’s near or at a distance from your stovetop. Don’t worry that hanging it close to your stovetop will ruin the look of your kitchen. This thing is smooth with no visible seams on any of the three sides so it’ll still look good even when you lower it near your stovetop.

It doesn’t take much to get the HA75 range hood to work. All you got to do is to set it using its highly responsive touchscreen panel. Other than that, cleaning this unit is a breeze. In fact, the micro-cell grease filters are dishwasher friendly to ensure that your hood’s performance remains at its best.

Pros Cons
  • 304 stainless steel construction for durability
  • Quick assembly
  • Straightforward installation
  • Affordable
  • The vent tends to get fingerprint marks quickly, but then again, cleaning is a cinch

4. Broan 423001

The Broan 423001 is your to-go-to model if you’re looking for a durable yet efficient under-the-cabinet range hood. While it lacks the functionality of the high-end units, it is a basic hood that will get the job done over and again. It is also a good choice if you want to replace your old electric range. We just couldn’t help but insist on the affordability. Get it. After all, the range hood reviews it has to its name show it works as advertised.

Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 3

Install this compact power pack right under your kitchen cabinet hood and watch as it gets rid of cooking exhausts, fast. Don let the small build fool you though; the Broan 423001 covers up to 190 Cubic Feet per Minute, venting all harmful pollutants through the roof and out of your household. It has a stainless steel body so you can bet that it will match the styling needs of your contemporary kitchen. Moreover, it comes in a host of colors including almond, bisque, white and black to match your cookery’s décor.

The Broan 423001 is one of the best range hoods to purchase for your 7-inch round vertical duct attachment. In fact, it is design-specific and is exclusively compatible with a seven-inch rounded duct. It is important to note that this package includes a single hood. You’ll have to purchase a damper and vent shaft separately to complete the installation.

Even though the 423001 doesn’t have the brightest of LEDs, it provides enough lighting to keep your stovetop well illuminated. Users love the protective lamp lens that doles out light equally over your cook-top. Additionally, you can fiddle with the fan’s speed and the bulb’s brightness via the strategically placed control switches. Talk of a range hood designed for your convenience in mind that this one fits the bill in every way.

When scouting for a stove hood, you want to be sure that it is safe to use. The 423001 has a HVI 2100 certification to give you the assurance that you need on safety. It is also ADA-compliant which means that virtually anybody can use it, including the disabled. On top of that, the grease filter is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is less tiring.

Pros Cons
  • Space-saving build
  • Relatively quiet
  • Installs in minutes
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Doesn’t support dual venting

3. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Convertible Range Hood

The Perfetto thrives on its powerful performance. It is the range hood to purchase if you’re after a model with high-end looks and an iconic performance to match. It may be pricier than the two options that we’ve reviewed above but what it can accomplish in your kitchen makes it worth every buck. Happy users describe it as “Perfect,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 4

This unit by Perfetto kitchen is your best bet if you want to bring a mix of Italian and European accents into your cookhouse. One of the best wall mount range hoods in its category, it sports a clear glass canopy that span’s its entire length for a bravura Eurocentric look. Enough with the aesthetics; there’s more to this range than its impressive appearance.

The Perfetto has a suction capacity of 400 Cubic Feet per Minute. With such ability, it is a perfect fit for a small to medium sized kitchen. It will also work well in a commercial setting such as an eatery where cooking takes place in moderation. This hood measures 30 inches in length so it will cover stove-tops of the same dimension. And with a stalwart three-speed fan, you can rest assured that it will remove all the smoke, moisture, grease and oils from your kitchen quickly.Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 5

The one thing that makes the Perfetto an attractive choice is its flexibility. You can seamlessly convert it for vented or vent-less installation. In other words, you can use this hood for ductless or ducted re-circulating. It is also compatible with carbon charcoal filters, but you have to purchase those separately.

You have to install your range hood correctly if you want it to serve you well and efficiently. Perfetto understands that, and as such have included a DIY installation kit in this package. The package comes with a six-inch duct pipe, chimney flue covers and all the hardware you’ll need to mount it. They’ve even thrown in an installation guide to make sure that you get it right the first time.

We love the fact that this hood runs on reusable filters. In essence, this means that once the filters get clogged, all you have to do is to toss them in your dishwasher to give them a new lease of life. And to top it off, the Perfetto has 2 x 2 Watt bright LEDs to light up your cook-top adequately.

Pros Cons
  • Integrated 193 Watts motor
  • Two mesh filters for better filtration
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Highly receptive push button controls
  • Requires regular wiping to maintain a clean look

2. Cosmo 30 inch Range Hood

The Cosmo in the words of its manufacturer has a design to make your home cooking easy by helping maintain fresh indoor air. It is a good pick for an average home that prepares three to four meals a day. We love its user-friendly design and the ability to deliver satisfying results using less energy.

Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 6

Don’t have a lot of room in your cookery? Not a problem! This model by the renowned Cosmo boasts an incredibly smooth profile, making it one of the best range hoods for limited space. It is ideal for rentals, apartment, and condos. You can install it under your kitchen’s cabinet or against the wall, so it’s as adaptable as you’d want it to be

While the Cosmo is undeniably compact, it is a workhorse when it comes to keeping your kitchen free of smoke, pollutants, and odors. It has a suction capacity of 200 Cubic Feet per Meter, aided by a built-in three-speed motor. Just so you may know, this is a vented range hood that promises to filter your cooking room without the clatter and loudness of most range hoods. Its fan generates about 56 decibels of sound, which is reasonably silent.Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 7

The Cosmo’s body is all about giving you months upon months of service. This unit features a high-quality 430-grade stainless steel with 20 gauge thickness. The robust construction allows you to concentrate on making mouthwatering dishes and worry less about scratches or accidental dings. What’s more? You can count on the dual-layered aluminum mesh filters to trap harmful cooking oil and grease for a safer cooking environment. For maintenance, dip the filter into your dishwasher, and you’ll have them looking (and working) as good as new in a couple of minutes.

Cooking in the dark? Just switch on the integrated, energy saving 3 Watts LEDs to make your stove-top visible. As you may have already figured out, the Cosmo measures 30 inches so it can fit most kitchens. As for the controls, it has five easy buttons to keep you in charge of the suction speed and the LEDs brightness. Of course, just like any range hood worth your money, this one carbon filters when using the ductless variation.

Pros Cons
  • High efficiency
  • Power saving LEDs
  • Comes with a back-draft damper
  • Easy to install
  • LEDs not as bright – you can replace them though

1. Broan F403023

The Broan F403023 is a revolutionary range hood designed with the needs of a contemporary kitchen in mind. It gives you a variety of installation choices to suit your needs even better. And while it offers everything you’d expect in a top-notch model it is very affordable that won’t hurt your wallet, a significant win if you’re a frugal shopper.

Top 5 Best Range Hoods in 2021 & Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 8

It doesn’t get better than the Broan F403023. Arguably the best range hood on the market, this model has everything going its way from the performance to the cost and functionality. It is a well-thought-out unit with loads of features to keep the air in your kitchen fresh during every cooking session.

The F403023 stands out due to its flexibility. It is one of the most adaptable models, thanks to its four-way convertibility that allows it to fit virtually all applications. You can mount it in a 3-1/4-inch x 10-inch with horizontal or vertical ducting. Or, you may install it as a 7-inch round vertical ducting. It will serve you well as a non-ducted unit with air recirculation. In simple terms, this model will work for any kitchen – all you need to do is to configure it to meet your needs.

The F403023 comes with an innovative two-speed fan built for years of trouble-free service and an easy-to-clean grease filter for consistent performance. It also has a stove-top light lens with a twist. Apart from distributing light evenly, the protective lens also accepts 75 watts bulbs to ensure that there’s enough light to illuminate your cook top. And then there are control switches to keep the fan’s speed in check and to activate the light.

This unit has a suction ability of 190 Cubic Feet per Minute and is large enough to cover a cook-top with a length of up to 31 inches. And oh, about the style, this hood is attractive, with the flair to complement your kitchen. You’ll love the hemmed bottom and the mitered sides for increased safety and eye-catching look. Plus, you can choose between black, almond, stainless steel and white finishes.

Pros Cons
  • Unrivaled flexibility
  • Sturdy build
  • Inexpensive
  • No installation hardware

How to Choose the Best Range Hood (Buyer’s Guide)

You will get the most out of your range hood if you choose the correct model with the right features. Be sure to keep these considerations in mind as you weigh your options.

The Exhaust System: Your range hood can only be ducted or ductless. A ducted model also referred to as a vented unit uses a duct to remove smoke and other pollutants OUT of your home. Put differently; you can’t use it to channel air into any other place such as your attic. A ducted hood is the best option for wall mounting. Plus, vented hoods are more efficient than their ductless counterparts. However, they’re more complicated to install.

A ductless or non-vented unit works by filtering the air, cleaning it and then returning it to your kitchen instead of directing it outside as is the case with the ducted models. While ductless range hoods are easy to install, they require lots of maintenance. You have to clean the filters on a regular basis and replace them as needed. Even, then, it is important to note that ductless filters are relatively cheaper in comparison to ducted units.

Your Kitchen’s Layout: There must be enough space in your kitchen to accommodate a particular range hood. For the best results and superior suction, your hood as to be at least 24 inches above the cook-top. Based on your kitchen’s configuration, you can mount a ductless hood on a wall, incorporate it into your cabinets or use it as a canopy suspended over your cook-top.

If a ductless hood isn’t the best option for your kitchen, you may decide to go with expandable, telescoping chimney hoods. These models are detachable, allowing you to store them away whenever you don’t need them. Or, you may choose a downdraft kitchen hood with a unique design that retracts when you’re not using your cook-top.

The Size: The size of your range hood should match that of your cook-top for better suction. Of course, the bigger the range hood, the more expensive it is. Make sure that it fits the space available under the counter if you plan to purchase an under-cabinet vent hood. The same goes for wall-mounted and island hoods. Remember, the last thing that you want in your kitchen is a range hood that can hardly get rid of the smoke and other harmful contaminants generated as you cook.

Fan Power: The size of your kitchen, and by extension, the space available will determine how powerful your range hood should be. You see, you’re better off with a model that can clear out the air and keep strong cooking odors at bay. Be sure to multiply your kitchen’s height by its length and width to determine your needs. That way, you will know the volume of your kitchen.

Kitchen Height x Width of the Room = Your Kitchen’s Volume

The best range hood should have a suction capacity enough to replace or clean the air in your kitchen up to eight times every hour.

Determine the Hood’s Suction: You need to know how much a particular hood can extract every hour before you spend your money on it. This is known as Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). In fact, you’ll notice in our range hood reviews above we’ve mentioned the CFM of every unit so that you can know what to expect. For instance, a unit with 1000 CFM can get rid of the air in an area that is 10 by 10 by 10 feet in one minute. You can determine how much air the range you plan to purchase can replace in a minute by multiplying its CFM by 60 (the minutes in one hour).

Noise Level: Ideally, you want a quiet range hood. While a powerful hood will clear the air faster, if it generates sounds that can rival those of a small aircraft, you’d better re-think about your choice. Choose a unit that draws air towards the perimeter or edges for better efficiency and lesser noise. Most manufacturers include the level of noise in their product descriptions so be on the lookout for that.

The Look: Select a range hood that will add some flair to your kitchen. Look for one with a stylish design and an exterior finish that matches the colors in your kitchen. Brushed stainless steel or brass will do the trick. In other words, pick something that stands out from the rest of the décor more so if you want to make a bold fashion statement.

The Bottom Line: Choosing the best range hood doesn’t have to be an uphill task if you know what you’re looking for. Pay close attention to the features and the functionality of the model that you intend to purchase to avoid disappointments. We hope that our guide and reviews have brought you closer to finding your ideal range hood.

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