Top 5 Best Climbing Helmet Reviews

When planning a hike or a mountain climbing trip, always ensure you include a climbing helmet. They are the ideal hiking item regardless of the place you are visiting. The helmets are designed to be lightweight yet very comfortable to wear. They will also protect you from falling debris or in the case of an accident. When climbing or mountaineering for long periods, ensure you have a lightweight helmet with adequate air ventilation. This includes indoor climbing activities requiring helmets. We can have a tree climbing helmet, a half-dome climbing helmet, an arborist climbing helmet and a vector climbing helmet basing on the purpose and design of a helmet. There are several helmets in the market designed to offer ventilation and aren’t bulky. Some of the best climbing helmets include,

The Top 5 Best Climbing Helmet Selection


A climbing helmet is one of the necessities when going for a hike, mountain climbing or when riding a bike. It has been designed to prevent your head from being hit by the falling rocks, equipment or ice. Climbing helmets also protect a person from ground falls, big swings or tight spaces. There are distinct climbing helmets in the market each with its own kind of fit and very ideal features. Some of the important factors to consider when getting a climbing helmet include:

  • Helmet style: In the market there are three styles used in the making of climbing helmets. They are the hybrid, foam and hard shell helmets. Every kind of helmet will have its cons and pros though
  • Helmet fit: Always get a helmet that covers the forehead to almost the brow line, has a snug fit around the head circumference and a tight yet comfortable buckle underneath the chin. Never get quite big helmets as they will offer minimum protection in the case of a fall. On looking up, the hiking helmet should not dig into your neck. The ideal climbing helmet ought to give you a wide adjustability range or can accommodate various head sizes. There are climbing helmets with straps having rotating dials for fine tuning of the helmet to the precise head size. This is handy when wearing insulating hats under the helmet when hiking or climbing in cold weather or ice seasons
  • Safety: whenever buying any kind of helmet, your safety should always be a priority. You should never purchase a second hand helmet since one hard hit might disrupt how the product distributes energy. A helmet includes safety instructions as to when the helmet should be replaced next. It also indicates extent of forces it can effectively handle and other important information obtained in the instructions manual. When there is a major impact on the helmet, always ensure you replace it.

Some of the other important factors to consider before purchasing a climbing helmet include the headlamp clips which is handy when staying up till late or when you wish to explore deep caves. Many helmets will also have venting which is ideal when hiking in hot regions or doing high output activities. Some helmets will also have a visor attachment that is handy when walking dirty routes or when ice climbing.

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TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

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Top 5 Best Climbing Helmet Reviews 3

This is a climbing helmet with adjustable earmuffs rated at 4.4. It has been designed to offer dynamic protection. It will provide protection when using brush cutters, trimmers and chainsaws, making them perfect for forestry. The climbing helmet firmly secures on the convenient dial knobs and head.

The helmet has an adjustable fitting system.

Major Features:

  • Earmuffs are removable.
  • It has a mesh and a plastic visor.
  • The circumference is adjustable.

What We Think Is Good

  • The helmet is lightweight.
  • Shields a person from debris thanks to interchangeable plastic and mesh visors.
  • It is a comfortable plus easy to use item.

What We Still Consider

  • Head-strap is quite flimsy.
  • Small clips found on headband will constantly unsnap.

Final Thought

This is a high functionality item which reduces noise levels. This helmet is made from high-quality materials. It has been designed to last long when used for the appropriate reason. Screen mesh can be replaced using a plastic shield. One can use additional protection with the eyes when need be. This is one of the most comfortable helmets in the market.

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

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This is among the most secure climbing helmets in the market reviewed at 4.6. This climbing helmet is ideal for adults. The adjustable system ensures excellent fine tuning. It is a hybrid helmet design having moulded EPS.  The helmet is very stylish and can be adjusted to personal preferences.

The seamless locking system is adjustable.

Major Features:

  • It is a helmet having headlight mounting.
  • Size of the helmet can be adjusted.
  • It has several generous openings.

What We Think Is Good

  • It is a lightweight helmet saving a person from disasters.
  • The helmet is adjustable and very comfortable.
  • The helmet can be used during winter.

What We Still Consider

  • It lacks the MIPS system found in bike helmets.
  • There are people who have to get a size bigger to ensure a perfect fit.

Final Thought

This is an affordable climbing helmet made from high-quality material. It is held up by the helmet. The stylish helmet is every person’s dream when talking of helmets. The helmet is quite comfortable and fits most head sizes. One should however be careful when selecting the helmet size. The helmet has an easily adjustable knob at the back.

PETZL – Vertex Vent, Ventilated Helmet for Work at Height

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The helmet protects the head and it always stays put on the head. The client reviews are at 4.7. The vent holes have sliding shutters which can be adjusted accordingly and allows for ventilation when wearing this helmet. This perfectly fitting helmet has the vertex vents in two sizes coming with headband foams.

The helmet is comfortable with an adjustable CenterFit system for adjusting headbands and keeping helmet centered on the head.

What We Think Is Good

  • The helmet is comfy and lightweight.
  • It can be used in the industrial or construction sites.
  • The helmet has high functionality and ideal aesthetics.

What We Still Consider

  • The helmet wobbles when won by females with small heads.
  • Hard hat is quite wide and suspension area is quite deep making it fall off on bending.

Final Thought

This helmet has quite a strong chin strap. This helmet can be used by tower crane operators. It is ideal when crawling around the tiny spaces without the worry of the helmet falling off. Even photographers can use this helmet when taking photographs in construction regions. The chin strap is very comfortable and adjustable which offer shielding safety.

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet with 10 Vents

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With reviews at 4.3, it comes in a wide range of colors which perfectly accent the personality of a person. It can be used by bike riders, and has been recommended by bike riders above the age of fourteen years. It has been designed for people who ski, skate and ride bikes. The packaging includes two pads sets. The helmet protects one when riding on bikes, scooters and roller skates.

It has alternative inside paddings which increase comfort and increase snug of the helmet.

Major Features:

  • The helmet has interchangeable pads for customized fitting.
  • Made using high-quality EPS foam for safety.
  • It has eight vents which ensure you are comfortable and cool.

What We Think Is Good

  • The helmet is made from quality materials, making it quite sturdy.
  • The helmet is simple yet stylish.
  • It is a helmet offering the perfect fit.

What We Still Consider

  • It lacks the mesh or plastic visors.
  • The helmet is a little heavy.

Final Thought

The helmet has been designed to protect a person, even when they are involved in an accident. It will ensure you are protected even in serious wrecks. The helmet is quite big and comfortable, ideal for various kinds of people.

Retrospec Traverse H2 2-in-1 Convertible Snow Helmet

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With the reviews from clients at 4.3, the helmet is customizable. There is a one-handed simple twist dial that is built into the framework of helmet. This helmet has safety certifications and can be used for ski, bicycle and bikes. The helmet looks nice and comfy.

The helmet has fourteen vents ideal for the ultimate and ideal temperature regulation having un-yielded ABS shell exteriors plus firm shock absorbent EPS interior.

Major Features:

  • An adjustable ErgoKnob dial for loosening and tightening the helmet.
  • The earmuffs are removable aimed at protection and warmth.
  • There are goggle clips which keep eyewear intact and attached.

What We Think Is Good

  • The helmet is adjustable for a perfect fit.
  • The goggle clip is easily used.
  • The helmet has nice paddings which allow for a nice fit.

Final Thought

The helmet has been designed for maximum comfort and has been engineered for protection. The temperature in the helmet is regulated and there is added safety when using the helmet. It is a helmet which will easily be converted from street to slope and vice versa. The helmet is quite small though, one might have to get a size bigger.


Types of Climbing Helmets

There are three main categories for helmets. They are:

  • Hard shell: they are a reminiscent of the hard hats used by construction workers. They use hard shells equipped with webbing suspensions for the dissipation of force on the head. They are durable plus have a wide sizing range for one helmet. They are the ideal helmets for use, especially when its several people. However, they are heavy, not well ventilated and clunky
  • Foam helmet: the helmet has a similar make to the one used by cyclists. They are often equipped with foam, usually the expanded polystyrene (EPS) which bear impacts in case of an accident. The helmets have a thin polycarbonate layer which protect against minor bruises and bumps. It is the lightest helmet in the market though it is costly and quite fragile
  • Hybrid helmet: they are a combination of foam and hard shells. They have a thick ABS which is a kind of thermoplastic shell having some expanded polystyrene foam. The blend ensures a high-quality helmet, well rounded and light in weight making it a very durable helmet with the best price in the market

Final Verdict

Among the climbing essential, one should always include climbing shoes, ropes and a climbing helmet. Helmets have been designed so that they prevent injuries and accidents that can be avoided easily. Many of the features of various climbing helmets will be built in, providing someone with more protection. With the many features to be considered, one should always ensure they are safe and the helmet is not very heavy. Also, always get the most comfortable helmet which is well ventilated.

A climbing helmet is very important as it has been designed to help you prevent any form of head injury in case of an accident. Type of climbing to be performed will influence type of climbing helmet required. For instance, when mountain climbing, you will have to get a very comfortable well-ventilated climbing helmet. This is because of the increased risk of falling debris. A helmet will always protect you from head injuries every time. Ensure to always have a climbing helmet on whenever mountain climbing for added protection. Also remember to get a climbing helmet with easily adjustable straps.

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