Top 12 Best Wood Computer Desks in 2021 Reviews

Computer desks do not have to be boring, they can be elegant, contemporary and even not look like a computer desk. The choice is up to you and the top 12 wood computer desks in 2021 will make your decision very difficult.

These top quality computer desks should enhance your decor and make you look like a professional computer surfer or worker. They also should give you enough room for all your computer equipment and snacks. Getting your work done is what is most important.

When you go for one of the best computer desks around, you should also get durability, long term use as well as flexibility. Location options should also be no problem as you can put these desks anywhere. Go with the best to make sure you do not have to waste time and money when lesser computer desks do not work out for you

List of Best Wood Computer Desks Reviews

12. LITTLE TREE Rustic Computer Desk

12. LITTLE TREE 55 Rustic Computer Desk, Solid Wood Industrial Desk with Heavy-Duty Slanted Metal Base

With this unique computer desk, you get solid support from the powder-coated metal legs. These legs are designed to hold the weight of your computer equipment while fighting off rust and corrosion. They will hold up to 200 pounds of weight.

The desktop measures 55 by 27 1/2 inches and gives you roughly 3o inches of height to place your legs underneath. Made from pine the desktop will look great in any room of your house and accent any decor.

The legs slant so you have more than enough leg room. Plus, you can slip your PC underneath without connection issues. Some assembly is required but that takes roughly 5 minutes to do. With your next computer desk go a bit modern and make sure you have the room you need to do your computer work in comfort.

11. Ohana Laptop Computer Desk

11. Laptop Computer Desk PC Table Wood Workstation Study Writing Gaming Bench Home Office Furniture

This light colored desk will help enlarge your room. The white metal legs, the light wood desktop color will make your room seem larger than it is. Plus, the steel legs provide you with great stability while using protective feet to keep your floors from being scratched.

The 44 buy almost 24-inch dimensions should give you enough room to comfortably do your work and surf the internet. In addition, the almost 30 inches height should provide you with enough leg space to work without any discomfort.

Made from MDF wood the surface should not scratch very easily and it should hold enough weight to handle all your computer options and equipment. Like other computer desks, some assembly is required. But with so few screws to put in, this activity should not take that long. Placement options are up to your innovative thinking.

10. Coavas Writing Computer Desk

10. Writing Computer Desk Study Table with 2 Side Drawers Classic Home Office Laptop Desk Walnut Brown Wood Notebook Table

With the addition of two drawers, you get a lot of storage space for your needed office supplies. Your desk won’t be as cluttered and you can access what you need very easily. On top of that, you get approx. 35 by 18 inches of workspace to hold your laptop or other computer equipment.

One piece of good news is that this all wood desk can hold about 200 pounds of weight, give or take a pound or two. With horizontal support, stability is not an issue. Plus, you can spill your coffee, etc and not worry. The construction material is waterproof.

Assemble is not that tricky but its recommended that you have more than 2 hands to do it. The more help you get, the faster the assembly goes and the quicker you can get to surfing the internet.

9. Tribesigns Rustic Solid Wood Computer Desk

9. Rustic Solid Wood Computer Desk with Reclaimed Look, Vintage Industrial Home Office Desk Features Heavy-Duty

The darker color on this 55 by 27 1/2 inch computer desk can make your computer room a little cozier and easier to work in. Plus, you get roughly 30 inches of height to keep your legs comfortable as you work. The angled legs give you plenty of stretching room.

Also, the desk top is made from reclaimed pine and painted to make sure it is protected from all normal use activities that may bring a little damage to it. Placement options are unlimited and depend on your preferences and where the outlets are on the walls of your office.

If you have 5 minutes to spare, you can assemble this computer desk without any trouble. There is plenty of room for your monitor, laptop and other computer equipment. Then its overall look should complement your office decor and make you feel at home.

8. Rivet Mid-Century Curved Wood Computer Desk

8. Rivet Mid-Century Curved Wood Home Office Computer Desk

For people who like simple things. This mid-century replica computer desk is simply designed but that simply doesn’t stop it from being functional. A space in the middle of the back of the desk lets you manage all your cables with ease.

Plus, you get a single small drawer for flash drives, pens, pencils, paper, and other needed office supplies. With the approx. 48 by 22-inch dimensions you should have plenty of room to handle all your computer activities.

Also, the angled wood legs provide a lot of support and room for your legs. Just don’t over do it on placing weight on top of the desk. When you bring it home give yourself about 30 minutes for assembly time. After that, you should be in a position to surf the internet or do some writing activities.

7. Ulikit Modern L Shaped Computer Desk

7. Ulikit Modern L Shaped Computer Desk Corner Gaming Desk Computer Table Workstation Home Office Wood Top Desk Black

You may have a lot of work to do and need more space. This L shaped computer desk provides you with extra space to make sure you do not overcrowd your desk. The 66 by 49-inch size works with you and the almost 30-inch height lets you maneuver with ease.

I addition, the L shape design lets you find the proper place for your new desk and lets you place it anywhere you have a spot. The weight capacity can support 2 monitors along with other computer or writing tools you use or need.

Made from particle board, the desktop should be strong enough to handle the treatment you send its way. During assembling, you can choose which side you want the short part of to go. Step by step instructions is included to make assembly a snap.

6. Calico Designs Convertible /Computer Desk

6. Calico Designs Convertible Art Drawing, Computer Desk for Kids in Ashwood

This 3 in 1 computer desk lets you work on your computer or laptop, or it can convert into a drawing or art desk. It is up to you and your hobbies how you use this innovative desk. Plus, you get approx. 55 by 20” tabletop dimensions.

Also, you can extend those dimensions by using the 2 removable leaves. They measure 20 by 10 inches in size. But that is not all the space you get with this desk. A sliding keyboard shelf and a removable computer shelf makes sure your desktop is not over crowded.

In addition, all this space is supported by a strong powder coated steel frame and legs. You get rust and corrosion protection as well as a good weight capacity limit. You also get about 27 inches of high leg room taking into account the sliding keyboard shelf.

5. Tangkula Corner Desk

5. Tangkula Corner Desk, Corner Computer Desk, Wood Compact Home Office Desk

You may not have a lot of room in your hoe or apartment for a large computer desk. Don’t worry this corner desk should help you solve that dilemma. Two bottom shelves help you place your computer, needed reference books or other objects while not taking away from the leg room.

Plus, a keyboard tray holds the keyboard and mouse with ease. It slides in and out making sure you have convenient access to those computer tools. While sliding into the corner, you still get approx. 48 by 24 inches of working space.

After you assemble this desk, which should only take up to 30 minutes, more or less, you can place up to 88 pounds of weight on top of it. The included instructions will make assembly a lot easier. Then it is up to you where you want to place it in your home or office.

4. Tangkula Writing Computer Desk

4. Tangkula Writing Computer Desk, Trestle Desk Study Desk

Two handy shelves allow you to keep your desktop nice and organized. It is not hard to reach down and get the items you need when you need them. Then the cross support system makes sure the desk is nice and stable and ready for computer action.

Then the 47 by 20-inch desktop dimensions should provide you with the room you need to do your needed tasks. In addition to that, you get almost 30 inches height for leg room. You get quality and durability to make sure your computer work can be done with ease.

On top of that, the desk is easy to assemble and shouldn’t take a long time in getting together and ready for use. After assembly, your hardest decision will be where to place it in your home.

3. VIVO Wood Colored Height Adjustable Standing Desk

3. VIVO Wood Colored Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Sit to Stand Manual Riser

There will be those times when you may be laid up and can’t use a full fledged computer desk. Or you need extra height on your current desk and this adjustable computer tray will meet your needs.

It adjusts from 5 to 20 inches in height making sure your needs are addressed with ease. Then the approx. 31 by 16-inch desktop gives you plenty of room for your computer equipment. A separate keyboard shelf makes working on your computer a lot easier.

In addition to these features, this computer desk will hold about 33 pounds of weight. More than enough to get your computer activities off to a fine start. Plus, the steel frame is durable, strong and easy to maneuver when you need to adjust its positioning. The wood desktops look good and do not detract from any professional decor.

2. SHW L-Shaped e Office Corner Desk

2. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top, Espresso

This 51 by 20 inch L shaped desk gives you the design and dimensions you need to make sure your computer work goes smoothly and without interruption. With two end shelves, you can store unneeded items out of the way.

Plus, each corner of the desk holds protective feet to keep your floors looking their best and without damage. A cable management opening helps you organize your cables keeping them out of your way as well.

Also, the particle board is tough and should stand up to normal desk use without any hassles. Its only drawback is that its shape is restricted to the one side set up only. Assembly time depends on you and your tool ability. But plan on about 15 to 20 minutes to get it all together. Your computer needs will be met by this desk.

1. SHW L-Shaped Office Corner Desk

1, SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top, Walnut

It doesn’t take up a lot of room but it has a good steel design and protective feet to make sure no harm comes to your floors. Then its 51 by 19-inch dimension comes with a rounded center section to give the desk a unique look.

The powder coat finish not only looks good but protect the metal from rust and more. Also, you couldn’t ask for more legroom, as the legs are situated at the back and the sides of the desk. A handy footrest makes sure you can relax as you work. Just be careful in putting a lot of weight on the desktop.

Having a good computer desk to work on makes your office and computer go more smoothly and a lot easier. When you use one of the top 10 wood computer desks in 2019, you are getting good looks, quality and lots of years of use.

That is the way it should be as you invest good money on the desk and you should get good results in return. Go with the best to make sure you have your computer work station issues handled.

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