Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews

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Emergencies happen all the time. And the worst part is, you’re never sure when a hurricane, an earthquake, cyclone or storm will hit your area. Regardless of who you are or where you reside, be sure to keep the best survival kit on your deck, so you don’t get caught off guard when the unexpected happens. Stock enough piles for the next winter blizzard, tornado or volcano eruption.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Survival Kits

Survival Kits

Store some medical supplies too. That way, you’ll be ready for the next pandemic threatening to wipe the world clean. And if you’re a Walking Dead fanatic a self-defense kit will indeed come in handy during the zombie apocalypse or when the robots start to run the world.

No matter what you’re waiting for, it makes perfect sense to keep these best survival kits on hand so you’re ready to face an emergency (or even the end of the world!)

1- CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 1

A one-stop kit for your survival, the CHANGKU holds eleven items in an indestructible waterproof case. This kit features anything and everything that you’d require to stay alive in a dire situation from a tungsten steel pen to a whistle and a Swiss card.

It also has an emergency blanket that retains up to 90% of body heat for a warm cover when the weather gets chilly. Lost in the dark? Reach for the bright flashlight to illuminate your space until help arrives. In the meantime, the Tactics military knife provides a quick, convenient way to cut while allowing you to pop open your drink with the bottle opener end.

Other notable features include a compass with 360 degrees bezel for quicker navigation, a glass break for emergencies such as fire, and a seatbelt cutter in case of a car crash. With all that it has to offer, the CHANGKU is a brilliant survival kit if you live in a flood-prone area or are an avid camper/adventurer.

2- 40-2 Urban Survival Bug

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 2

When a hurricane strikes, you’ll want to replenish your body with enough energy to keep you going. The 40-2 kit contains SOS food bars to help you endure through a natural disaster. It has a first aid kit too, so you can to attend to minor injuries fast. Meanwhile, one-liter water container with purification powder will ensure that you and your family stay hydrated.

The 40-2 has got you sorted on personal hygiene as well. It features a host of essentials including toothbrushes, bar soap, sanitary pads, comb, and toothpaste. Miscellaneous tools include a duct tape, glow stick, a can opener and playing cards to lighten up the mood when things get a bit tense amid the uncertainties.

Other than that, the 40-2 comes in a spacious quality bug-out bag that has room for other items. With this kit as part of your emergency preparedness gear, you and your family of three won’t run out of essential at a rallying point or during a civil unrest when it’s impossible to leave the house.

Sustain Supply Co. Survival Bag

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 3

Get the food supplies you need during an emergency for up to 3 days with this survival bag by Sustain Supply Co. Items include 24 food portions, a backpack, LED lanterns and 48 packets of Datrex water. There’s even a Sawyer squeeze, two flashlights, and four whistles to call out for help.

This kit also comes with a portable stove so you can prepare other foods apart from the ready-to-eat or canned meals. And then there are four bowls to provide a convenient place to serve your food. You also get a first aid kit, emergency blankets, and InstaFire tinder.

All the items in the Sustain Supply Co kit can fit into a convenient backpack so it a breeze to carry while saving you some storage space. Get this survival kit and you won’t have to waste time searching for individual products when an unfortunate event occurs. Its makers say they’ve designed it “help you thrive, not just survive!”

3600 Emergency Rations

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

This pack is a great addition if you’re in the process of building your survival kit. Each packet comes with nine fortified food bars that dispense up to 3682 calories. Yes, these are high-energy bars to keep you super-charged during a horrifying storm, hurricane or any other disaster.

And you don’t have to worry about the food bars staying long in your emergency kit. They’ve got the US Coast Guard approval to last of up to five years from the date of manufacture. Now, that’s quite a long shelf life.

The 3600 rations are non-thirst provoking. By extension, this means that they provide maximum survival capacity if you’re in a situation with limited water or in a desert. While there’s no doubt that these bars will replenish your body’s energy, it is worth noting that you can only take up to four bars a day. Survivors say they taste great and we bet you’ll love them.

Augason Farms Emergency Food Gallon

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 5

With this food gallon in your house, you don’t have to worry about what to eat for a month when the nearby volcano erupts. It will feed a family of four for up to seven days. The food is delicious and ready-to-prepare so there should be no excuse to make tasty meals even when there’s a winter storm outside. Plus, the seven-liter gallon is watertight to prevent contamination.

The Augason packs a total of 307 servings. Each gallon contains 35 separate food pouches with 1,822 calorie content – that translates to a whopping 54, 6700 calories for the entire gallon. Specific food items include cheesy broccoli rice (40 total servings), creamy potato soup (48 total servings) and creamy chicken (48 total servings).You and your family will have adequate supply of maple brown sugar, low-fat milk, elbow macaroni and cheese powder.

The meals are not only easy to prepare but also have an extended shelf life, providing a great solution when preparing food in your kitchen isn’t an option. Due to the variety of foods that this gallon offers, it is a good choice for anyone in an area prone to frequent storms or hurricanes. It will also come in handy for long camping trips.

DATREX Emergency Water Pouch

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 6

The US Coast Guard use these pouches, so you can rest assured that they’ll come to your rescue whenever you need them. With a capacity of two liters, each DATREX pouch carries enough water to last one person for a whole day. The entire package is enough to supply you water for a whole week. These could well be your to-go-to source of water when things go south.

The polymer foil pouch meets the standard set by the FDA so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your water. And the beauty of it is that the filtered water stays fresh for up to five years in the harshest of environments. While the DATREX water pouch may not be enough to cater for an urgent situation on its own, it will indeed make a helpful addition to your emergency supplies. After all, water is almost a must-have component of the best survival kit for emergency preparedness.

The pouches are sturdy and won’t open unless with the use of a pair of scissors. They’ll withstand a hard freeze without bursting. Can’t get any water following an earthquake? These 125 ml water pouches are all you need. Purchase them and your family won’t get thirsty when unforeseen calamities crop up.

Best Self-Defense Kits

…and when you need to trust more than your physical ability to counter an attack or ambush these self-defense kits will help get the job done.

1. Vigilant PPS8G Personal Alarm

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 7

You don’t have to skip your morning jog for fear of attacks. Arm yourself with the Vigilant PPS8G alarm and you’ll draw attention in a matter of minutes. With an ability to generate up to 130 decibels of sound, this is one of the loudest personal alarms on the market. And it doesn’t take much to get it to protect you, just pull an integrated pin and you’re set. You may also use it whenever you need medical attention in open spaces.

The PPS8G also comes with a miniature LED light to illuminate your walking path or car door lock at the press of a button. It will catch your attention to know that the LED bulb will last a lifetime. In others words, once you’ve got this 2-in-1 kit, you won’t need to replace it – for life!

Don’t worry about the authorities. It is legal to carry (and use) the PPS8G, just like any other personal alarm, in 50 states. The best part? You don’t need any training to use this baby irrespective of your age or physical ability. No more anxious moments during your late night walks at the campus or neighborhood. The PPS8G will stay vigilant on your behalf.

2. Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 8

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you – this is one of the best-self defense kits you can carry before you head out to the woods or fishing trip. As the name suggests, it combines a knife and a lighter. What does that tell you? It means you can use it to strike back in case a bully decides to assault you at the campsite or if wild animal attacks you. Besides, the knife’s unique profile-ground tip allows you to prepare food and accomplish tough camp chores.

The one thing that makes this kit truly special is the integrated fire starter. With up to 3,000 strikes, it indeed packs stellar usability and function. The starter locks securely into the handle so there’s no risk of injury. Starting a bonfire at the campsite has never been this easy and convenient. In fact, with the FireKnife as part of your camping tools, who needs to carry a matchbox?

The FireKnife is an excellent self-defense kit to own if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. It is compact so you can tuck under your belt for a convenient reach whenever you need to use it.

3. Michael Josh Survival Whistles

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 9

A personal alarm isn’t good enough for you? Or you want a self-defense kit that can help create attention far and wide? Introducing the Michael Josh survival whistle. With two built-in tubes, this piece can generate a loud sound of up to 150 decibels. It is the perfect whistle to have when you get lost in the forest during a hunting trip.

Indeed, the makers of these whistles had your security in mind when designing them. Unlike standard units, these don’t have an integrated pea, so there’s no accumulation of mold and bacteria. In essence, this means that you can use your whistle in any environment, including dusty areas or surroundings with dirty water.
In emergency situations, your chances of survival depend on how fast you’ll access your self-defense kit. Michael Josh understands that and as such ensured that these whistles are as practical as you’d want them to be. They feature a carabineer keychain and a keyring so you can tie them on your belt or backpack. When disaster strikes, just reach for your whistle and blow it! These whistles will last for years, thanks to the hard-wearing, stainless steel construction. What an affordable and reliable way to stay safe! You’ll love them.

4. Personal Safety Alarm by JDDZ

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 10

This women-specific alarm is what you need to scare away attackers at your home or during an early morning jog. It is super loud (140 decibels) to ensure that any available help comes your way as soon as possible. The compact size means that you can hang your whistle around your neck and hide it beneath your clothing not to create the attention of a potential attacker.

And when you’re walking home, just switch on the LED flashlight for quick illumination. There’s an automatic power saver to ensure that your whistle packs enough juice for long. We love the user-friendly design and all the convenience it brings to the fore when you’re in an emergency.

The JDDZ touts robust material which makes it more resistant to falls. And just in case an attacker throws it on the ground, it will still produce an earsplitting noise to protect you. Choose between six vibrant colors and stay safe in style. This whistle is perfect for students, kids and the elderly who may feel unsafe in their environments. Fans say it is really nice and there’s a high rating to prove it.

5. Acme Metropolitan Whistle

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 11

Police in the UK uses this whistle so it must be quite something. While it doesn’t have the loudest of sounds, it will keep you and your crew safe during a night of bicycle riding. Moreover, it has a unique resonance in comparison to standard whistles to draw the attention you need just in case you get in trouble.

The Acme will be a great companion during your backpacking trip or any other outdoor excursion that demands you stay close to your entourage. You only need to blow it a couple of times and your friends will locate you when you’ve lost your way in the woods.

It comes with a lanyard hook so you can hang it around your neck for handy security. You can also attach it to your backpack. The Acme will make a good substitute whenever you don’t need to carry your personal alarm. Of course, you’d expect a whistle of its stature to serve you for months upon months and true to your expectations, it features a nickel-plated brass body for unrivaled durability.

6. Pocket Partners Tactical Pen

Top 12 Best Survival Kits In 2021 Reviews 12

Closing our collection of the best survival kits is this pen by Pocket Partners. It may look like a simple pen but this could very well be the lifesaver you need when things get ugly. Sure, it is attractive and sleek but beneath the beauty lays sharp and rounded tips that can thrush into soft tissue in a snap. You can even use it to disable your attacker’s pressure points and leave them writhing in pain.

The Pocket Partners is ideal for security personnel, off-duty police, martial artists and anybody else who may feel that’s there’s a need to protect their lives based on where they live or work. And when you’re not using it for self-defense, unscrew the rounded cap to push the stellar writing tip.

This pen has a hole at the top so you can attach it to your purse, pack or key ring. It doesn’t have any ridges to rip your clothing and it’s not heavy to bother you if you’re carrying it in your pocket.

With the Pocket Partners, you don’t have to feel defenseless when there’s an urgent need to defend yourself. And the beauty of it is that you can take it with you anywhere without raising alarm. Talk of a tactical pen that boasts a perfect balance of elegance and reliability you can trust!

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