Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review

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You must have been there before – running, playing tennis or skiing and your breasts just can’t stay in place! Well, not anymore! Our collection of the best sports bras will help you ban the bounce once and for all. We’ve carefully selected the most comfortable bras so that there’s no more crushing, pinching and sliding to ruin your workout session.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Women’s Sports Bras

But before then, here’s some piece of advice. When scouting for support bras, take a moment to evaluate the design. Choose encapsulation sports bras for low impact activities and compression bras for medium impact exercises. You’re better off with a combination of both for high impact activities. Other than that, a good sports bra’s fabric should have excellent wicking abilities. Of course, you can opt between adjustable straps and back closure depending on your preferences.

With that out of the way, here’s an overview top ten top-rated sports bras that will play hard as you do while reducing the up and down movement.

10. AKAMC Padded Sports Bras

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 1

Hit the trail, gym or yoga class with the AKAMC support bra and let it stop the “swing.” It is seamless and super soft. The premium quality blend of nylon and elastane fabric is highly absorbent so you can wear it all day without feeling the sweat.

The AKAMC is stylish too. You can wear it on a hot summer afternoon as you stroll along the beach or during a morning walk. The stretchy material combines with the weightGood support to give you all the coverage you need to stay comfortable. And, as the name suggests, it comes with pads, making it a good sleep or leisure bra.

In the meantime, the racerback design not only supports a full range of motions but is also compatible with racerback tank tops. To keep it short, the AKAMC isn’t just a sports bra. It is a stylish piece that also doubles up as a non-work outwear. You even have the luxury of choosing between six-pack packages to match your busy workout schedule.

9. Fruit of the Loom Sports Bra

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 2

Pull this magical number over your head and let it stop your girls from popping out during high impact exercises. Outdoors, use the padded cups to flaunt your figure with a tank top. The two-ply cotton Lycra spandex will keep things dry around the sensitive and pimple prone areas.

Fruit of the Loom is tight and supportive, in the words of those who’ve worn it. It will snugly hold your secrets in all the right places whether you’re stopping at the grocery store or jumping around thanks to the stretch construction. And when you want to take it off, just grab the two straps and viola! You’re free.

Other than that, the Fruit of the Loom comes in a host of colors for your collection of clothes. Unlike the AKAMC, however, this bra is available in a pack of three but on the other hand, it ridiculously cheap so you can buy several packs. And just so you may know, it is machine washable, so getting rid of those sweaty patches shouldn’t be much of a problem.

8. NIKE Victory Compression Sports Bra

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 3

You gotta give it NIKE when it comes to making women’s sports bras. The Victory is one of the most flexible bras on this roundup – literally speaking. For starters, you can change the racerback to a U-shape to enhance your range of motion. Moreover, the polyester and spandex fabric offers and eight-way stretch so wearing/removing it is a cinch.

If looking sexy at the gym is your thing, you’ll indeed fall in love with the Victory’s low-profile bonded seams on the sides and straps. Not only will you get a streamlined look, but also a smooth feel to allow you to concentrate on your cardio. And the name suggests, this is a compression bra, ideally suited for high-impact activities.

While the Victory doesn’t have padded cups as the two options we’ve reviewed above it has an integrated brushed chest band to hold your breasts tightly. How about the comfort you ask? Well, this bra boasts the brand-exclusive Dri-fit technology to wick the sweat while ensuring that you remain dry and comfortable. As for the colors, the Victory is available in 26 brilliant shades.

7. Cabales Wireless Sports Bra

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 4

The Cabales is one of the best sports bras if you’d rather not deal with straps and hooks to adjust. It is a seamless, wireless bra, ideal for low impact activities. The one thing that makes this bra special is the separated cups that control the movement of your boobs as you walk around.

Plus, there are no broad straps to slide from your shoulder, which eliminates the need to adjust your bra. With such practical design, this pair is an excellent choice for public and home use. The soft construction feels incredibly smooth against your skin while the pull on closure makes it easy remove your bra. We love the breathable mesh insert and the spandex/nylon fabric for ultra comfort.

The Cabales dries quickly, so you can wear it for swimming and still bask in the hot summer sun without feeling uncomfortable. Fans say that this bra will hold your flesh in the right place as long you pick the right size. Of course, it comes with removable pads cups just in case you want a better, cozy fit.

6. Glamorise Full-Support Sport Bra

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 5

Women love the Glamorise, and it’s not difficult to figure out why. Designed for fuller women, this bra will support your mammas from every angle, individually. Undeniably one of the best sports bras for large breasts, it is for anyone seeking full bust control and coverage.

The Glamorise features a breathable mesh design for optimal comfort during workouts. And then there are the reinforced wire-free cups that lie tightly across your chest. Expect nothing short of total bounce with this bra. That way, the only thing jumping will be you! When you’re not wearing it for running or at the golf course, you can also use it for layering. Just open your zippered jacket as you walk along the streets to show off its pretty design with your flesh covered and no visible cleavage.

Additionally, this bra’s two-ways stretch prevents cups overflow while the adjustable three position back closure allows you to customize your fit. The Glamorise is available in 34-50 C-D-DD-F-G cup sizes and has a fabric blend of polyester, elastane, and nylon.

5. Champion Freedom Sport Bra

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 6

The name couldn’t have been more appropriate. This bra seeks to give you the freedom to run on the treadmill without having to worry about your jumpy breasts. It is available in cup sizes A, B, C, D and DD and host of colors ranging from pinksicle to plaster blue. The molded inserts are a crowd favorite as is the racerback design to allow your arms to keep pumping into the 10-mile run.

Sure, the Freedom is nothing like most sports bras we’ve reviewed here. In fact, it is one of the very few high impact sports bras with a scoop neck so you can wear it with just about any top. The comfort is on another level too. This bra has a four-way stretch build, so its ability to keep you feeling comfortable is not in question. It is seamless and non-chaffing too.

And just when you thought that the Freedom couldn’t get any better, we tell you that it uses the patented Moisture Management technology to absorb the sweat. The knit-in ventilating mesh will make sure that you stay cool during your yoga class.

4. Fruit of the Loom Pullover Sport Bra

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 7

We love the color blocking (and we bet that you’ll like it too) of this sports bra by Fruit of the Loom. It features quick-drying cotton and spandex fabric so you can stay focused and comfortable. The full coverage combines with the sturdy straps to offer you the support you need do double-unders or rope jumps.

The X-shaped back is elegant while the spaghetti straps make this a great bra for outdoor escapades or morning jogs. Ideal for active women, this piece also has a crop top neckline so you can flaunt it under your blouse or tank top. By extension, the smooth lines make this bra a versatile undergarment for a workout and casual wear.

Just as you’d hoped, this pullover sports bra is available in assorted colors, so you can select a pack that is in line with your style. In a nutshell, this three pack baby fits the bill in every way, whether you’re in search of trendy pastels or practical neutrals for your daily wear.

3. Mirity Sports Bras

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 8

The Mirity is a brilliant Saturday bra that’s super soft and stretchy. It is tough enough to handle your hot training class and awesomely breathable to keep the sweat in check. It will even slip seamlessly beneath your favorite T or tank shirt for any other activity you’d want to engage in that day. While there’s no denying that this bra is resilient, it is perfect for medium to low impact activity.

What’s more? The Mirity’s straight straps will allow you to kill it at every angle. In the front, you can count on the high coverage to keep you feeling comfortable whenever you need to strike a plank pose. At the back, this bra features a full racerback with cleverly placed cut-outs to provide maximum support without obstructing airflow.

The Mirity’s is an excellent choice for training at the gym or playing tennis. The wide shoulder straps along with the ventilation panels and smooth body wick fabric will keep you fresh at all times. The elastic hem, embroidered with reflective detail indeed makes this bra an all-round winner.

2. Wacoal Underwire Sport Bra

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 9

The Wacoal is a high impact sports bra that fits snugly like a second skin. It features thick straps to keep your breast in place without digging into your shoulders. The elastic band at the center front lays flat on your skin and doesn’t leave any gaps when you bend down at the grocery store.

The straps, even though thick, will stretch out on your skin evenly, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort. Apart from that, the Wacoal comes with a floating underwire frame to reinforce the two-ply fabric cups and thus reduce the movement of your breasts. There’s also the outside underwire frame to minimize chaffing. The shoulder strap adjustment design enables you to get a custom fit.

While the Wacoal is a bit pricey, it holds up well against any fast-paced activities from running to circuit racing. Due to its construction, it is a great bra if you’re a full bust or full-figured woman.

1. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras

Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2021 Review 10

The FITTIN completes our best sports bras roundup. Build for low to medium impact activity it features a wide center gore to cover your entire chest. The wireless design is not only smooth but also gives your bust a flattering look. Women who’ve worn it hail the clasp build and the broad shoulder straps for a supportive yet comfortable fit.

The FITTIN is a pullover bra, and that can only mean one thing – you can wear and remove it in a snap. Besides, the well-thought racerback detail is cute. Note – even though this bra comes with padded cups, you can just pull them out more so if you have a big chest.

The FITTIN is pretty good when it comes to absorbing sweat. The body wick fabric will keep you cool and dry while the super soft elastic band will offer enough comfort to enhance your mobility. This bra is available in A, B, C and D cup sizes. It is perfect for exercises such as pilates, weight training, kickboxing, yoga or spinning.

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