Top 10 Best Wall Chargers Review In 2021 – A Complete List

Today, we’re reviewing the ten best wall chargers.

So, let’s get started.

The development of technological gadgets such as smartphones and tablets continue to influence the lives of millions of people positively. They, for example, have eased communication via cellular networks and the Internet, lowered the cost of doing business via teleconferencing, and made socializing fun.

To keep them powered, however, one of the best accessories to use is a wall charger.

Be it your portable or the advanced camera that you generally take with you, when it is out of charge, it’s bad for users.

This is the place USB wall chargers act the hero. Wall chargers are an inescapable piece of any family unit and they will be with you on your outings and long ventures.

In any case, these days, there are a few wall chargers that triumph in innovation when contrasted with the included wall charges that you escape the crate with your item.

Once you read this article, your life will be much easier as the problem will be no more in your life anywhere. We have the solutions to all of your problems. You will find it really helps if you read each and every product with your eyes open.

10 Best Wall Chargers – Our Top Pickups

Wall Charger

The phone is one essential need and so is keeping it charged. We know how irritating it gets when you can’t have a charged battery all the time and believe us here, we also want our gadgets to be fully charged 24/7 but that is not really possible.

However, charging them all the time and anywhere is still possible. Yes! Isn’t that astonishing? This thought must have raised a list of problems in your mind. But easy there! We have all the answers to your questions. We have a collection of the top 10 best wall chargers for you.

This is going to help you search one which is best for you in every way. By every way we mean, performance, and small details. The following top 10 models are easy to use, durable, and have efficient and universal charging systems.

We are sure that you will find this document very informative and important once you go through this thoroughly. Our products are always based on honest comments and reviews.

We strongly believe that one should always learn from experiences therefore, we have given the pros and cons of every wall charger. By this way, you will be able to look at each of the product closely without having any doubts in mind.

We promise that after reading the reviews your mind will be cleared and free from every unanswered question. All you have to do is just make some time and skim the product reviews. Read every word and property will full trust that is based on truth and facts.

If you buy any of the wall chargers based on the review that we have given, you will never find the product not according to you.

Let us see what the list is about. We have gathered all this information for you so that you may know the right and wrong before you purchase any of it. Let us have a quick look at the following products.

10. AMEMO 12W Wall Charger – Unique Wall Charger

Wall Charger

Designed for powering iPhone, iPad, and a range of smartphones including HTC, Motorola, and Samsung Galaxy, AMEMO is a quality 120-watt wall charger with a unique folding design for easier storage and transportation.

It is compact, has a premium plastic body, and a well-built electrical system that charges phones and tablets safely and up to five times faster than standard computer USB ports.

This is a standout amongst the most smaller looking wall chargers on the rundown. It comes in both high contrast shading alternatives. The item isn’t simply reduced as it the universes littlest USB charger (12 watts) that has 2 USB ports.

More Features:

Both have a most extreme yield limit of 2.4 amps. The gadget additionally has a notice LED that illuminates when the gadget is associated with the USB port.

If you rely on your phone, therefore, you no longer have to wait for hours to recharge it to full capacity. This charger has dual hi-speed USB ports, indicator lights that reflect its status, a 12-month warranty, and customer support.

So now without wasting any more time let us just skip to the most important part while reviewing a product and that is the pros and cons part because that is what makes your decision strong or weak because it is actually given away by the users and those who have experienced it.


  • It has LED for indications.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • Unique folding design.
  • Can charge all types of gadgets of all brands.
  • It is compact.


  • It is expensive.
  • The plastic body heats up due to excessive charging.

9. NEWVANGA International Wall Charger – Wall Adapter

Wall Charger

A hot contender for the best wall charger for travel, the NEWVANGA is indeed international. It features an innovative design that makes it compatible with plugs from anywhere on the planet.

In fact, its primary selling point is the universal usability it provides no matter your location. Additionally, this charger comes with two USB ports so can charge your cell phone and portable camera at the same time.

You’d expect a wall charger that promises so much to offer top-notch protection to your devices, right? Well, true to your expectations, the NEWVANGA meets CE, FCC and RoHS certification for safety.

More Features:

It even has an integrated fuse that cuts power supply every time the current surpasses 6.3 amps.  And while it is not the lightest of chargers on this list, it weighs 1.6 ounces with dimensions of 2.5 x 1.5 x 2 inches, so it is practically compact.

We love the two-year warranty too – one of the longest of any wall charger.


  • The ultimate travel wall charger
  • Highly convenient
  • Works with high voltage systems
  • Charges all phones


  • The male prong tends to wiggle

8. Anker Elite Travel Wall Charger – Best Dual USB Wall Charger

Wall Charger

The Anker Elite is a beast – in every sense of the word. It touts a combination of revolutionary technologies to deliver universal, high-speed charging no matter the cable or device.

It will intelligently pick out your gadgets recharge capacity and adjust the output to counter cable resistance. With a total 4.8 amps currency output, it will handle very device you throw at it from an iPad pro to Samsung S5 and anything in between.

And just like any other charger by Anker, is compatible with 100 to 240-volt power plugs, making it ideal for worldwide travel.

Anker is a standout amongst the most legitimate brands in the business. This item accompanies two USB charger ports that exhibit their IQ charging innovation. It likewise utilizes Anker’s Voltage Boost innovation to charge your gadgets quicker and in a sheltered way.

More Features:

You can likewise feel the nature of the item when you perceive how well this wall charger is assembled.

The Elite boasts up to 10 safety features to provide unrivaled protection for your devices. Also, it will last as long as you want it to. It is one of the very few wall chargers with a super robust casing, complete with a textured surface for durability.

Plus, the premium internal components guarantee an iconic performance time and again irrespective of drops, bumps or scrapes. The Elite is available in black and white casings.


  • Ultra compact
  • Foldable plug
  • International voltage compatibility
  • Fast charging
  • Supports duo devices
  • Casing won’t scratch
  • Super lightweight


  • A bit inconveniently shaped

7. AILKIN USB Wall Charger – Best Fast Wall Charger

AILKIN USB Wall Charger 

An inexpensive option, the AILKIN is in a class of its own. To begin with, it takes portability to a whole new level.  Measuring 4 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches and weighing a mere 0.32 ounces, you can easily tuck it inside your pocket and reach to it every time your iPhone needs a quick recharge.

It is beautiful too. Available in a collection of 11 vibrant colors, it’ll pair up with your favorite purse’s color.

The variety of colors also gives you a chance to match your USB cord with your charger. Now, that’s what we like to call “recharging in style.”

Alkin USB chargers are among the main brands that give wall chargers in various alluring hues. They come in 6 hues and all of them has a similar structure and manufacture quality.

More Features:

They are made perfect with both iPhones and Android gadgets.

The AILKIN’s performance doesn’t disappoint either. The dual USB ports deliver a generous 2.1 amps of power output, enabling you to charge two mobile gadgets at high speed simultaneously.

Indeed, just like any wall charge worth your money, this one offers protection against overheating, over currents and overcharging – it will stop charging when your device is full. Reviewers hail the sturdy prongs and the robust construction.


  • Super fast charging
  • Versatile – compatible with most smartphones and mobile devices
  • Compact design for quick plugging in
  • Multiple ports mean more flexibility


  • Slower when charging two devices

6. EasyAcc 20W Wall Charger – Best Multi USB Wall Charger

EasyAcc 20W Wall Charger 

Talking about the top 10 best wall charger in 2021 reviews, EasyAcc is a 20-watt four-port USB wall charger that offers value for money. It charges smartphones. It also charges tablets singly or simultaneously and has a compact and super-portable design that makes it an excellent travel accessory.

As most products on this list, EasyAcc has a foldable design. It works fast, has functional safety features, and comes backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and customer support.

So now without wasting any more time let us just skip to the most important part while reviewing a product and that is the pros and cons part because that is what makes your decision strong or weak because it is actually given away by the users and those who have experienced it.


  • Foldable design.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • Compact in design.
  • Easily portable.
  • It has safety features for the users.
  • Comes with 4 ports of USB for charging.


  • The plastic body heats up quickly.
  • It is costly.

5. iClever 24W Dual USB Wall Charger – Travel Charger For Multiple Devices

iClever 24W Dual USB Wall Charger

Designed for frequent travel, iClever is a well-built dual USB charger, compatible with smartphones, tablets, and even Bluetooth speaker headsets.

It is stylish, has an innovative SmartID technology that optimizes performance for various devices, and multiple circuit protections (short circuit, over current, and over temperature) that protects your device from damage.

This USB wall charger is good with numerous telephones and gadgets including HTC, Nexus, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, LG, Powerbank, Bluetooth Speaker Headset, and Blackberry.

The minimized and light charger is anything but difficult to convey and will fit in the pocket and purse.

It’s produced using brilliant materials and has a cool-to-contact surface

More Features:

As per buyers, it charges twice as quick as most chargers, will effectively fit in most wall outlets, and gloats of Smart ID innovation for perceiving gadgets in order to convey the correct current.

Even with its array of innovative features, this charger is surprisingly compact; travel worthy, and is attainable cheaply online.  If you need the one that has all these abilities then you are lucky that you have found one!

But before relying on all the promised features you should definitely look and go through the following pros and cons and see what the actual product users have to say according to their experience:


  • It has all the protections enabled.
  • Compact in design.
  • Easily portable.
  • It is attainable cheaply online.
  • Charge all types of gadgets.
  • It can even charge Bluetooth speaker headsets.


  • It is very expensive.

4. AmazonBasics Wall Charger– Most Powerful USB Charger


Wall Charger

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a high-quality wall charger, this one by AmazonBasics has got you covered. One of the most affordable models on the market, it features a single 12 watts USB port to keep your mobile devices fully stocked.

Despite its size, it delivers a stellar 2.4 amps of power which translates to quick charging. Other than that, the integrated device detection ensures optimal charge irrespective of the gadget connected to the unit.

The AmazonBasics wall charger switches off automatically to prevent overcharging. In fact, it meets ETL certification for safety. The plug is foldable so you shouldn’t have a problem hauling this charger around.

Even more impressive, the prongs have the same length so they’ll fit into any power outlet. Those who’ve used the AmazonBasics charger hail its reliable performance and its excellent compatibility with Apple and Android devices.

Of course, it is very affordable. Oh, and it comes with a one year warranty too. Choose between black and white casing.


  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Charges quickly
  • Great for travel
  • Works with most mobile device


  • Not ideal for charging multiple devices

3. Anker Wall Charger – Best Android Wall Charger

Wall Charger

In its 5+ years of existence, Anker is turning out to be a global leader in charging technology and this wall charger is proof enough. A Media’s Choice award winner, this baby pushes out 40 watts of power – three times more than the adapter that comes with iPhones.

It also supports PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to charge your devices incredibly fast. More specifically, it ports generate up to 2.4 amps for power. And that’s not even the best part.

The Anker 40W wall charger is travel ready.

It is compact, complete with a foldable plug to fit into your luggage set without taking a lot of space. It charges your devices safely too, thanks to the patented MultiProtect system. And before you ask, this unit features four ultra-powerful charging ports so it can handle multi gadgets simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the level 6 rating by the US Department of Energy (DOE) assures you of its energy efficiency. To top it off, the 18 months warranty implies that Anker trusts in the quality of their product and are ready to stand by it.


  • Surge and temperature control
  • One of the smallest multi-port chargers on the market
  • Quality build


  • Indicator light tends to stay on, even after unplugging

2. RAVPower Charging Station – Best For Travelling

Wall Charger

A crowd favorite, the RAVPower indeed deserves mention among the best wall chargers for the money. Top on the list of its impressive features is the generous 60 watts power supply to fill your mobile devices with power fast. And then it offers up to six 2.4 amps charging ports.

These allow you to charge up to six tablets or phones at the same time. By extension, this function makes the RAVPower a brilliant choice for a busy workstation with lots of devices to charge. What’s more? We tell you all about it, next.

This wall charger runs on the exclusive iSmart technology. What this means is that it can detect a device attached to and regulate the power output automatically. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your gadgets getting overcharged. On top of that, you can use the RAVPower anywhere in the world.

It supports 100 to 200 volts input for universal usability. And so you may know, each package comes with a 5f detachable power cord so you can soon after unpacking it.


  • Portable (travel-friendly)
  • Fire resistant casing
  • Sleek matte black finish
  • Long charging cable


  • A bit noisy when charging

1. POWERGEN Dual USB Wall Charger – Top-Rated Wall Charger

POWERGEN Dual USB Wall Charger 

Light, durable, and fitted with a powerful 12-watt dual USB charging system, POWERGEN is an all-in-one wall charger for smartphones, tablets, PDA’s, and digital cameras. It works fast and safely.

It is reliable, has LED indicator lights that reflect its status, and has a sophisticated circuit design with several safety features (overcharge, overheat, and overcurrent) protection that lower the probability of damaging your phone when charging.

POWERGEN Dual USB Wall Charger is travel worthy. As per our review, it is currently the best wall charger to purchase.

This is the best one reviewed so far by people so let us see what the pros and cons bring for us as it may prove helpful for you to choose whether to choose this one or not.


  • Light in weight.
  • Durable.
  • Easily portable.
  • It has an LED indicator.
  • It has all the safety measures.


  • It is expensive.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

You are now known to every performance aspect. While reviewing the charger, we made sure that we give the promised features along with the features that are practically performed well. We do not want our customers to face any kind of difficulty when they buy a product after reviews from our website.

A sincere and honest suggestion for everyone is that never spend your money without thinking about the thing on which you are about to spend it on. You should always think twice when you select a product to spend money on.

This is the best way to make the thing worth the money. Don’t ever forget the hard work and efforts you have to put in earning those pennies which you are planning to invest. Always be extra careful with spending your money. Therefore, make the right move here too. Good luck with the choice!

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