Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers Review – A Complete List

To those with cars that they use as primary modes of transportation to work and or school, the benefits of installing and using a steering wheel cover cannot be understated.

One of the important things on your vehicle is the steering wheel cover. That is why most cars come with a generic and genuine steering wheel covers installed.

Most of the times these wheel covers can be slippery, hot or cold on the touch and not with the best grip while you drive. A steering wheel cover is a protective cover that is put on a steering wheel to have the grip and comfort which leads to safe and comfortable driving.

10 Best Steering Wheel Covers – Best Picks of 2019

Steering Wheel Covers

Well-made models using leather, silicone, or fabric, for instance, improve traction between hands and steering wheels, which increases control.

They are also warm, have non-irritant designs that enable users to drive for hours, and have light and non-bulky designs that also improve the overall outlook of the interior of vehicles. To get the best of the best in this niche, here are the top 10 models to consider buying:

10. GripDrive Pro

GripDrive Pro Synthetic Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Designed to fit steering wheels measuring between 13.5 inches and 14.5-inches, GripDrive Pro is a flexible black-themed steering wheel made of durable synthetic leather.

The material is professional looking, has a smooth and well-finished surface that grips well in the hands, and has striking accent stitches (red) that not only improve its stability but also its aesthetic value. Installation is simple.

Its weatherproof design works well in both hot and cold weather while its odorless and non-stick design improves the overall experience of users further. You will enjoy using regularly.

9. Bell Automotive 22-1-97006-9

Bell Automotive 22-1-97006-9 Tan Deluxe Burl Wood Hyper-Flex Core Steering Wheel Cover

Featuring an aesthetic burl wood finish (tan) that blends well in several types of cars, a ridged surface, and a hyper-flex core that eases its installation, Bell Automotive 22-1-97006-9 is a convenient car steering wheel cover with a durable and non-bulky design that fits comfortably in the hand.

It is affordable, ultra-flexible, and has an innovative leather-like feel that does not slip nor compromise the safety of drivers at both high and low speeds.

Unlike most rubberized models, it is also odor free and lacks harsh chemicals and physical irritants that might callous your hands.

8. Gomass Automotive

Gomass Automotive Interior Accessories 38cm Emboss Top Leather Steering Wheel Cover

With this Gomass Automotive steering wheel cover, driving motor vehicles is not only safer but also fun. Its thick nylon interior, for instance, grips steering wheels well to lower the risk of slips and accidents.

Its embossed leather top, on the other hand, is stylish (black and red), has a breathable construction that keeps the hands cool, and has a durable and well-finished design that grips comfortably in the hands without irritating and or callousing palms as most poorly designed steering wheel covers often do.

Gomass Automotive is affordable and designed to fit medium-sized steering wheels measuring 14.5-15 inches.

7. SEG Direct Microfiber Cover

SEG Direct Black and Gray Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover

Manufactured using a soft yet durable microfiber fabric, SEG Direct is a popular black and grey-themed steering wheel cover with a lightweight design that fits all 15-inch steering wheels. Installation is simple.

Its smooth and non-irritant surface is stable, skid-proof, and heatproof while it odor-free and Eco-friendly design does not compromise car aesthetics nor the safety or comfort of users.

Independent of the motor vehicle brand in your possession you will drive safely and comfortably with an original version of this wheel cover in hand.

6. BDK Genuine Leather

BDK Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

By purchasing an original BDK wheel cover, you get an aesthetic black-themed car accessory made of genuine leather. Treated to withstand everyday abuse, the material lasts longer.

Its warm and comfortable surface is ideal for use in hot and cold weather while its flexible design is not only easy to install, but also adjusts to fit car steering wheels measuring 15-16 inches.

If stability and durability rank high on your list of wants, the double stitched seams on this cover are not only sturdy but also improve traction. Its Bio-renewable body is eco-friendly while its elegant design matures with age.

5. BDK Motor Trend

Motor Trend Auto Steering Wheel Cover

BDK Motor Trend is a trendy and well-designed car steering wheel that works well in hot and cold weather. It is affordable, designed to fit 14.5-inch to 15.5-inch steering wheels, and has a stylish and comfortable body made of high-density vinyl.

The carbon fiber and faux leather accents that it comes with improve style and traction. Its double-stitched seams prolong its life further while its non-slip design not only dresses and improves the outlook of cars well but also improves user safety when navigating corners and or driving for long distances.

Installation is a breeze. Pricing is also decent while its odor-free construction is novel.

4. Superior 58-0550B Sport

Superior 58-0550B Sport Grip Steering Wheel Cover

Designed to grip tightly even at high speed, 58-0550B Sport from Superior is a safe and well-designed car wheel cover with a comfortable and extra-wide design that improves control.

Its clean and sporty look blends well in several types of vehicles. Installation is very easy while its unique lace on surface improves stability and traction without irritating or callousing hands.

3. Lemonbest C0196

Lemonbest C0196 Universal Anti Slip Leather Car Steering Wheel Stitch On Wrap Cover

Talking about top 10 best steering wheel covers reviewed in 2018, Lemonbest C0196 is a universal black-themed cover with an anti-slip leather body that benefits drivers of all cadres. If you do control city driving, for instance, this cover will work well for you.

Speedsters also find it invaluable, considering its stability and its comfortable and non-irritant design. Lemonbest C0196 is affordable, restores the style and functionality of worn out stock steering wheels, and has an adjustable design that fits several types of steering wheels measuring up to 38 centimeters.

2. Plasticolor 006736R01

Plasticolor 006736R01 Star Wars Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover

For those that like stars wars and or patterned steering wheel covers, Plasticolor 006736R01 is an aesthetic star wars themed steering wheel cover with a light and comfortable design that is perfect for both city and off-road driving.

Its smooth and well-finished surface fits tightly in the hand. It is also flexible, easy to install on many types of wheels, and is easy to clean using soap and water.

1. Everything Automobiles

Steering Wheel Cover - Black, Odorless, Cooler Hands In Summer, Warmer Hands In Winter

For the best driving experience in both hot and cold weather, Everything Automobiles wheel cover is our pick of the best to use. Durable, affordable, and with an odorless black body this wheel cover is not only convenient but also designed to improve the overall experience of users in all environments.

Its smooth and comfortable surface, for instance, has made it a sought-after product worldwide.

Its anti-slip surface boosts safety while its odorless body has an aesthetic black finish that complements the interior of modern and vintage vehicle types. This cover fits several types of steering wheels measuring between 14.5-inches and 15.5-inches and comes backed by a 100% lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

10 Best Steering Wheel Covers – Buyer’s Guide

Steering Wheel Covers

Here are some of the main points that should be considered before buying a steering wheel cover.



The material of the steering wheel cover should be strong, long-lasting and well-built. There are different types of materials from which steering wheel covers are made of.

Synthetic Blends

Synthetic Blends

It’s the most common and least expensive type of wheel cover. Anything from polyester to microfiber is used in constructing these wheel cover. It can also be decorative and flexible. The drawback is it’s not as comfortable as other materials.



It’s the least expensive alternative to leather with similar qualities in it. It’s a wheel cover that is hard to adopt such as color and textures.



These are the best, nicest and expensive type of steering wheel cover.  The material is very soft and flexible which makes it install easily and nice and you’ll feel good while you drive. The drawback is that it has a limited color option.



Buy a steering wheel cover that comes with a warranty if possible. The warranty will give a little extra confidence to know that you made a wise choice in the purchase of it. Look out for a 90 days warranty so that you can thoroughly check the quality of it. It will also show you how much manufacturers are confident about their product.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

By now you would have probably realized that there are a lot of things involved in a steering wheel cover. There are many factors involved in it to get the best of it which fits your needs. All of the wheel covers are pretty much affordable.

It gives the best grip you need and makes your interior of the car looks nice. Having the proper and best steering wheel cover is by far the most important factor when it comes up to safe and comfortable driving.

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