Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Travel Mugs – Review & Guide

For those that travel often, mugs have remained among the most essential accessories for several reasons. They, for instance, save users time they would have otherwise spent drinking hot coffee, tea, and or other beverages at home.

In case you’re not exactly beyond any doubt which item to get for an advantageous mug that fits your bustling way of life, at that point the 10 best travel coffee mugs in 2021 audits should enable you to settle on a functional decision.

No doubt, we have collected the best and reliable options for you in the form of these stainless steel travel mugs.

Now your tea time or coffee time will become the most relaxing as you will be pouring your favorite beverage in these mugs.

We have reviewed on this page the top ten and best travel mugs which are made of stainless steel.

Those who often travel, it is one of the essential accessories which they should carry in their bags. Let us see what it is special and exclusive about these mugs.

If your current mug does not keep your tea or coffee hot, then replace that old travel mug with any one of these suggested stainless steel travel mugs.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Stainless Steel Travel MugTop 10 Best Stainless Steel Travel Mugs – Review & Guide 1

We make it less demanding for you to see with your own eyes what works and what doesn’t in these items that we have arranged – with real highlights, advantages, and disadvantages of each mug.

It’s valid that there are the nuts and bolts to consider in a movement mug, for example, sturdiness, comfort, usefulness.

You need a mug that holds the warmth or chilly temperature sufficiently long to the point that you’re prepared to get a drink.

They maintain a temperature of cool and hot drinks well, have compact and portable designs ideal for regular travel, and are made of durable and heavy-duty stainless steel that is generally easier to maintain.

If you are part of this group and want value for money, the 10 best models to purchase are:

10. Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug

For those searching for travel mugs and want a functional stainless steel model that works well, West Loop by Contigo is an ideal accessory. It contains 24-ounces of fluid, made of rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel, and has a durable open access lid that prevents spills, even when driving off-road.

To maintain the temperature of beverages for long, this travel mug has a functional auto-seal lid. It is 100% spill and leak proof, has a sleek ergonomic design that supports one-handed operation, and a sturdy double wall build.

All components are BPA-free and work in synergy to offer valuable service.

Built for the cutting-edge movers, suburbanites, shakers, and voyagers, the Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless Steel Travel Mug is exceedingly flexible.

It is likewise advantageous and can be utilized by anybody including the individuals who are voyaging by means of auto, prepare or horse has drawn a carriage.

The lifetime guarantee ensures it against maker abandons for 100-percent consumer loyalty.


  • Easy-Clean lid.
  • Autoseal technology.
  • One-handed drinking.


  • A bit pricey.

9. Contigo Randolph Steel Mug

Contigo Randolph Steel Mug

The Randolph by Contigo is an advanced auto sealing stainless steel travel mug that offers 16-ounces of storage space. It is aesthetic, durable, and comes with a patented auto-seal lid that prevents sips and leaks when agitated.

It also has a well-designed button lock for added safety, a vacuum-insulated double-wall construction that retains the temperature of beverages for long, and a sleek, ergonomic, and portable design that supports the one-handed operation.

This mug is affordable, BPA and phthalate-free; and is relatively easy to clean.

This hardened steel travel mug from Contigo is the thing that you have to enable you to convey fluid for reviving your mind each morning. Its top is dishwasher alright for extreme accommodation and its body ought to be hand-washed for greatest care.

The mug is likewise sponsored by a restricted lifetime ensure, so you can purchase with certainty.


  • Thermalock vacuum installation.
  • Durable
  • Wide opening.


  • None

8. OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Mug

OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Mug

OXO Good Grips is a well-built stain and odor-free travel mug made of high-quality stainless steel. It is aesthetic, features three silicone seals that prevent slips and spills, and a vacuum-insulated system that keeps beverages cool or hot for many hours.

This mug supports the one-handed operation.

The 14-ounce capacity it offers is impressive, while its non-slip build prevents accidental slips and burns. All parts are BPA-free, hand washable, and microwave-safe.

This travel-friendly mug by OXO Good Grips will really make your travel time the best of all!

As it is an all odor-free mug and this is what it makes it more special among the travelers.

It can keep all your beverages in the best condition no matter you have poured hot coffee, hot tea or some cold drink in it. If you buy this OXO Good Grips travel mug then share your reviews about this mug with us on this web page.


  • Microwave safe.
  • Having three silicon seals.
  • BPA-free.


  • Higher price.

7. Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mug

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mug

A reputable brand in the household niche, Thermos is a reputable 16-ounce vacuum-insulated travel mug with a striking black theme.

It is durable, offers optimal thermal protection for up to 9 hours, and has professional-grade stainless steel exteriors and interiors that offer valuable service for years.

This travel mug is dishwasher safe. It has a leak-proof lid, an easy-to-use push-button design, and a built-in tea hook for holding tea bags and leaf infusers.

Meet the best espresso bottle on the planet! The Thermos 16 Ounce Travel Mug, which is imaginatively intended for unrivaled execution and extreme accommodation.

Its inside and outside are made of tough treated steel for delayed utilize. Furthermore, this espresso bottle is upheld by a guarantee for hazard-free purchasing background, and it is ideal for anybody in a hurry.


  • Sipp thermos lines.
  • Durable
  • Made of very great material.


  • None

6. Contigo SnapSeal Mug

Contigo SnapSeal Mug

Offering 20-ounces of storage space, Contigo SnapSeal is a large vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug with a striking gunmetal theme. It is durable, has a one-piece SnapSeal lid that prevents slips and spills, and a compact and easy-to-use design that fits in most cup holders.

Contigo SnapSeal is cheap. It is BPA-free; has a durable double-wall construction; and an ergonomic build that fits in most single-serve brewers.

Buy an original for the best experience.

The market has various plans and sizes of movement espresso mugs yet just a couple of matches the execution and usefulness of the Contigo 20 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug. It is without BPA and this implies it’s safe for one’s wellbeing.

In addition, it’s upheld by a lifetime guarantee for effortless purchasing background.


  • Perfect fit.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Durable


  • Cannot be placed in an oven.

5. Zojirushi SM-KHE48BA Stainless Steel Mug

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Zojirushi SM-KHE48BA is a sleek stainless steel travel mug that contains up to 16-ounces of beverages whilst in use. Its vacuum insulated design keeps fluids cold or hot for hours.

It sanitary stainless steel interior is easy to clean, while its slick sleet finish does not chip not dent easily, even when used in outdoor environments. You also get a light and compact design that saves storage space in vehicles, and an innovative wide-mouthed opening that eases usage.

Travel espresso mugs are a portion of the best travel allies.

They are helpful and guarantee you have an unending supply of hot or cool drink.

The Zojirushi SM-KHE48BA Stainless Steel Mug is one of those espresso travel mugs. It includes a firmly fitted flip top that splendidly holds warmth and its delightful smooth plan improves its stylish appearance.


  • Compact design.
  • Slick steel finish interior.
  • Flip-open lid.


  • Expensive

4. Thermos Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

With each purchase of this stainless steel travel mug by Thermos, you get a well-built 16-ounce accessory that you can use to contain hot and cold fluids and beverages in both home and commercial environments.

It is sleek, durable, and has a plethora of unique features including a patented vacuum insulation technology that offers maximum temperature retention, a high-endurance tumbler design, and a BPA-free Tritan lid with a built-in hook for leaf infusers and tea hooks.

This travel mug is leak proof and very easy to maintain.

The best part of this travel mug is that it comprises 16-ounce capacity which is extensively awesome.

Do book this sleek and durable looking Thermos travel mug for yourself.

It can easily keep your hot fluids, cold fluids in their best condition. Lastly, it is its high-endurance kind of tumbler design which makes it the best travel mug to be used in commercial environments.


  • Well-built.
  • It is sleek.
  • Many different features.


  • None

3. iCooker FFX-260 Camera Lens Mug

iCooker FFX-260 Camera Lens Mug

As its name suggests, iCooker FFX-260 is an aesthetic camera-lens-themed travel coffee mug that works as good as it looks. It accommodates 12 ounces of beverages, has a well-insulated multipurpose design ideal for regular travel, and a sleek and ergonomic build that is BPA-free and fits in most cup holders.

Most certainly, a large number of travelers will give their thumbs up to this iCooker FFX-260 travel coffee mug. Carrying a great design, BPA-free, well-constructed, that is why we have given it the third ranking.

You can use this mug for a long time as it can accommodate and keep intact 12 ounces of beverages in it.

Do buy this iCooker FFX-260 travel coffee mug as it is installed with a multipurpose design, moreover, it is all and well insulated.

There are much more great properties present in this mug, buy and use it, explore it and enjoy your beverage.


  • Great design.
  • BPA-free.
  • Well-constructed.


  • None

2. Contigo Stainless Steel Mug

Contigo Stainless Steel Mug

Featuring an easy-clean lid, a large 20-ounce interior, a sturdy stainless steel build that resists rust and corrosion, Contigo Autoseal West Loop is a durable, functional, and fun-to-use travel mug, ideal for regular travel.

It is professional-grade, has a patented auto-seal lid that prevents slips and spills, and a vacuum-insulated double-wall construction that maintains temperature for up to 12 hours. This travel mug is BPA-free, fits most single-serve brewers, fits conveniently in most stock car cup holders for easier storage.

When you require a reliable travel mug to bring at the workplace, outdoors, or the exercise center, at that point this 20-ounce travel tumbler by Contigo is a strong choice. It accompanies a simple to-clean cover with an auto-seal include that averts spills and breaks.

As an ever-dependable vacuum-protected espresso tumbler, you can anticipate that it will keep your drinks hot for 6 hours max or your smoothies chilly for no less than 18 hours.

Be that as it may, to clean the cover superbly, you’ll require a little brush to scour away the soil and ensure nothing stalls out on each alcove and crevice of the mug. As a component of upkeep, it’s additionally best to absorb the mug lathery warm water for no less than 10 minutes after you utilize it.

A few people may discover it a problem, yet you can likewise simply pop it in the dishwasher whenever.


  • Easy-clean lid
  • Very functional
  • Durable


  • Higher price

1. Thermos King Travel Tumbler

Thermos King Travel Tumbler

Favored in top 10 best stainless-steel travel mugs in 2021 reviews, Thermos Stainless Steel King is a durable 16-ounce travel tumbler that works better than most products in its class.

It is durable, has a striking midnight blue theme, a well-built vacuum insulated design ideal for holding both cold and hot drinks.

For just a few dollars, you also get a tight-sealing leak-proof lid, a condensation-free outer, and a hand washable design that works for long.

So, as we have picked this Thermos Stainless Steel King travel mug for you on the top spot. Grab this mug and enjoy every single second of your beverage sip time! It is its well-built and vacuum insulated design that your hot drinks and cold drinks will remain fresh for hours and hours.


  • Stainless steel.
  • Durable
  • Can holds both cold and hot drinks.


  • Not efficient.


Best Stainless Steel Travel Mugs – Buyer’s Guide

Travel Mugs

You ought to have the capacity to utilize a movement mug without dread of spills on your lap or in your rucksack.

In the event that you need to appreciate a hot drink while driving, the one-gave task is as much a security highlight as a comfort.

All spouts and covers will gather some fluid while you’re drinking (flip-open covers have a tendency to be the most noticeably bad in such manner), so in our ease of use table, we’ve appraised how safe they are around white silk shirts.

No one needs to utilize a mug they can’t get perfect.

Hot beverages like your espresso or tea should remain charmingly hot.

For those searching for similarity with a solitary mug espresso brewer, we’ve noted which mugs are seven inches or shorter (regular stature for a solitary glass brewer when the dribble plate is evacuated; your machine may shift), and whether a “shorty” demonstrate (for the most part in 12 oz limit) is accessible.

Drops happen. A triumphant travel mug can survive the coincidental tumble from the highest point of your auto as you absentmindedly withdraw the carport on a furious Monday morning.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!!

These are the most essential indicates that you are certain to purchase and that will make you dependably hopeful. We recommend it for you since it has ended up being without BPA and along these lines particularly useful for human utilize.

These containers don’t sweat, so your beverages are dependably free from microorganisms and dirtying impacts.

As the best properties are present in these travel mugs comprising stainless steel construction, buy any one of them and do make your beverage sip time more pleasant and enjoyable for you.

So, far the top ten list for these travel mugs have been wrapped up from our side. Sooner, we will suggest newer and recently arrived travel mugs to you in the near time. Keep in touch with us.

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