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For those who have never tried slack lining, let’s start by telling that it’s a stimulating task that is associated with many health benefits. It’s a sporty that can be set up easily, fun and portable.

Slack lining was started out in the late 1970’s due to the interest of a certain rock climber in a certain circus picture of 1800’s he discovered. Despite the fact that the practice of rope walking has been in existence for several years, it was the curiosity of Adam Grosowsky that propelled the slack lining sport to what it’s today.

Although the slack lining activity can be enjoyed on a beach or in the backyard, there’re also tournaments and leagues that have registered tricks. However, regardless of your level of skill in this sport, it’s certain that the slack lining activity is an amazing way of training your body and mind. Practicing this activity will help you develop hand- eye coordination. In addition, it will dramatically improve your core strength and balance.

Purchasing a slack line can turn out to be a very tricky task since there are various types and rigs of the slack lining styles available in the market.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the top slack lining by all the various styles in 2021 to make the task easier for you. This kits are good for the entire family and includes anything you’ll need for slack lining.

Top Best Slackline Selection


It is important to consider the different types, set ups and brands of slack lines that are available in the market before buying one. Other important factor that you should consider when buying a slack line include;

We recommend that you select a line that have a width of 2 inches, especially if you are a beginner. This is main due to the fact that 2’ wide line have a convenient ratchet system and offer a wider platform for balancing.

Buy a slack line that have been tested for quality and safety. It’s therefore better to buy slack lines from brands with a legitimate site.

You should also consider all the accessories that are included in the slack line kit so that you can select the one with all the parts you need.

Trailblaze Premium Slackline Kit with Training Line

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This complete set from Trailblaze has everything that you might need for you and your family to start having fun. The kit offers everything needed for enjoying slacking off for seasoned veterans and beginners.

The main line of this kit measures 2” wide and 49 FT long. It also comes with a 1” wide and 49FT long training line that should be hung over your head and with your arms reach to offer stability. Every line has a ratchet and a flex band that measures 8FT long. This set can hold a maximum of 300 lbs.

Major Features:

  • 49 foot by 2 inch wide main line.
  • Hand strap and training line.
  • Holds a maximum of 300 pounds.

What We Think Is Good

  • Easy assembly.
  • Ratchet and tree protectors.
  • Long lasting.

What We Still Consider

  • Requires frequent tightening.

Final Thought

This product has been designed to last long. It always gives high performance so as to benefit its users. The kit can always be relied on since it works well with family. In addition, it has an ergonomic ratchet that is convenient.

Macaco Slackline Complete Set

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This Macaco Slack line is incredibly durable and strong and is ideal for the experienced users it doesn’t include the training strap. This lines has been tested on high level performance. In addition, the fact that it’s super lightweight makes it suitable to carry around in various places such as the beach or camping.

The kit has a 2” wide and 52.5 FT long main line. The super strong ergonomic ratchet offers you the tension you are searching for without your wrist breaking because of cranking. In addition, the two tree protectors that are include in the set protects the trees from line shredding the bark. This also protects you from getting the sticky sap from the trees.

Tests on durability and safety of this line has been carried out. As a matter of fact, this line can hold over three metric tonnes / 6500 pounds. This kit has also been proved to be lighter than many slack lining kits on the market.

What We Think Is Good

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Great instructions.
  • Durable and strong.

Final Thought

This admirable product is the best way of having fun times. Its attractive design will certainly ensue that you’re satisfied. In addition, its high performance level will ensure that the product is worth your money. The latest technology of ratchet that has been used in this product makes it excellent for its consumers. The fact that this slack line is lightweight makes it convenient to move from one place to another.

flybold Slackline Kit with Training Line Tree

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This is the most inclusive type of slack line that is currently available on the market. This kits literally consists of everything that you’ll need in getting started and help you in developing your slack lining skills safely.  This is the best slack lining kit for you regardless of whether you’re an experienced user or a learner.

As we previously stated, this kit has anything that you require to either start or boost your skill in slick lining.  First and foremost, this product comes with the webbing straps mainline with the covered loop measuring 49.2FT long and 2” wide. According to its design, this line can be secured 5 to 6 above the main line (based on a person’s height). This gives you something that you can hold when developing strength and gaining your balance.

In addition, the hand strap that comes with this product has loops at both ends. This enable you to hang over a training line, thus giving you more security and mobility while practicing. The main line and training line’s ratchet is also included in the product. Additionally, the main and training line have 8FT long flex-bands that have covered loops. The two tree protectors included in this kit prevents the line from damaging trees used in securing the lines. In addition, the main line’s ratchet cover prevents pitched fingers.

Major Features:

  • Main line measure 2 inches wide and 47.2 feet long.
  • Hand strap and training line.

What We Think Is Good

  • Easy to set up.
  • Great for learners and experienced users.
  • Heavy duty.

What We Still Consider

  • Fitting it all in the bag is hard.

Final Thought

One benefit of this product is that it comes with the tree protectors training line, as well as the ratchets for the training line and main line. All these benefits will make you realize that this product is worth the money. In addition, it will help you build stability and offer protection to your back while having fun.

Exposed Gear Slackline Kit with Training Line Tree

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Top 10 Best Slackline Reviews 3

This slack lining kit by exposed gear is ideal for the younger kids that are interested in knowing this game. It will ensure that your kids are engaged and having fun.

The kit has a 2” wide and 50 FT long main line together with a 50 FT training line and hand trainer. This will help you stabilize when balancing on the line. In addition, the kit comes with two big tree protectors.

Major Features:

  • Rubberized graphic pattern.
  • Main line measure 2 inches wide and 50 feet long.
  • Heavy duty ratchet cover and ratchet.

What We Think Is Good

  • Offers many health benefits.
  • Extra strong.
  • Safe and high grade ergo ratchet.

What We Still Consider

  • Getting the right tension requires a few attempts.

Final Thought

This slackline kit by Exposed Gear has a premium 2 inch by 50 feet polyester main line, 1 inch training line, ratchet cover, ergo ratchet, carry bag, gift box packing, arm trainer, instruction manual and tree protectors. This simply means that this kit has all the necessary items that will help to improve your balancing skills while having fun.  It provides the best way of bonding with friends and family.

Get Out! Slackline Beginner Kit for Kids and Adults

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Top 10 Best Slackline Reviews 3

The Get Out! Slackline is ideal for any beginner that is willing to start learning about slack lining. However, this slack line can stand heavy weight although it is designed for beginners.

The kit has a 2” wide and 50 FT long main line together with a 50 FT training line and hand trainer. It also comes with two tree protectors and a drawstring bag that’s used for storing your equipment. This kit can hold a maximum of about 330 pounds.

Major Features:

  • Holds a maximum of 330 pounds.
  • Main line measure 2 inches wide and 50 feet long.
  • Two tree protectors and a drawstring bag.

What We Think Is Good

  • Great instructions on proper placement.
  • Suitable for beginners.

What We Still Consider

  • One should be cautious when releasing the ratchet.

Final Thought

we highly recommend this slack line for beginners since it has all the necessary parts for learners like training line, hand trainer and other parts.

5 Best Slackline In 2019

ZenMonkey Slackline Kit with Training Line

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Top 10 Best Slackline Reviews 3

This kits is convenient to set up since it comes with a manual guide that is very detailed. It is ideal for both kids as well as experienced users since it has everything that is needed for flexing the core skills of balancing and deepening your practice.

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The set includes a 60 foot by 2” main line which is a good transitional length for experienced users and beginners. The kit also comes with the hand strap that has 2 hand loops on both ends and a training line to help you gain balance. In addition, every line has a ratchet and 2 tree protectors, each measuring 5FT long.

Major Features:

  • 60 FT slack line.
  • Hand strap and 60 FT training line.
  • The tree protectors are 5 FT long.

What We Think Is Good

  • Convenient loop guides and fasteners.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Sturdy design and superior quality.

What We Still Consider

  • The ratchet bends with time.

Final Thought

This product comes with a guide that will help you put up the package. This kit consists of a 60 foot slack line with a ratchet and a 60 FT training line that has tree and ratchet protectors. This kit accommodates all levels of skills to ensure that everybody can have fun. In addition, this kit has a sturdy design and superior quality.

Trailblaze Premium Slackline Kit 60ft Longest Ever

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Top 10 Best Slackline Reviews 3

This slackline from Trailblaize has been purchased by more than 10 thousand customers who were really satisfied by the product. It’s ideal for adults, kids as well as backyard fun for the family.

This slackline has a tight rope that offers the full workout for the body while improving posture, mental clarity and core strength. This ensures that you have fun and be healthy while slack lining. In addition, this product is made using long lasting and quality materials that can hold more than 300 pound.

Major Features:

  • 60 FT slack line.
  • Superior quality.
  • Holds over 300 pounds.

What We Think Is Good

  • Durable.
  • Suitable for all levels and ages.
  • Setting it up is easy.

Final Thought

The fact that this product is ideal for all levels and ages makes it a good option for families. In addition, this product is durable, healthy and provides fun.

slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set

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Top 10 Best Slackline Reviews 3

This classic set of slack line is great for beginners since it has some convenient tools that will help you get the set while you gain balance and confidence with the line.  The set can be used by the entire family for fun and it is also great for beach trips and camping.

The set includes a 50 foot by 2” main line and a 50 foot by 1 inch training line. This training line should be secured above a person within a reachable distance from the main line so that you can grab it in order to gain balance while attempting complicated moves.

These lines come with additional flex bands that will help you with fitness and sizing during the process of setting up. This product’s main line can hold a maximum of 300 lbs without fraying or snapping.

Major Features:

  • 50 foot by 2 inch main line.
  • 2 ratchets that have flex bands.
  • Overhead training line.

What We Think Is Good

  • Convenient carry bag.
  • Long lasting main line.
  • Easy to clean.

What We Still Consider

  • Some ratchets are difficult to release.

Final Thought

This brand makes balancing of skills better by ensuring that it offers you fun and safety in 1 package. The storage bag that is included in this product helps you to store the slack line neatly.  Additionally, the additional training line included in the product gives you something that you can grasp. This product is also convenient to use and set up because of ratchet tensioning.

Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline Complete Kit

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Top 10 Best Slackline Reviews 3

This slack line is ideal for anyone willing to learn about slack lining or more advanced people willing to try out yoga on the line. In addition, the rebound capacity and proprietary weave of this baseline makes it a good line of earning some slackline tricks. The other great thing with this product is the fact that it includes 2 different lengths.

One can either choose the 50 feet or 85 feet long line when buying this kit. If you’re purchasing the kit for young kids or you’re just starting out, we would recommend that you begin with the fifty (50) footer. On the other hand, experienced users can buy the eighty five (85) footer. However, both footers have a width of 2” and are made with the proprietary weave of SI for excellent rebounding and support.

In addition, the kits comes with two tree protectors and a ratchet to protect the tree you are using as the anchor. The handy bag included in this slack line makes it easy to carry this kit around. The complete detailed user’s guide in three language (French, Spanish and English) clearly guides you through all the assembling steps and how you can get started.

What We Think Is Good

  • Detailed manual for users.
  • Easy to carry around.

What We Still Consider

  • The ratchet doesn’t’ have flex-bands.

Final Thought

This fun and durable product can be used by intermediate users or beginners. This product’s versatility makes it fun for different people. In addition, it can be set up with ease and can be broken down without any problem. The fact this slack line exceed the set safety standards makes it safe to use at any particular time.

Slackline-Pro 52 Foot Classic Trickline Slackline Set

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Top 10 Best Slackline Reviews 3

This is the best rope for improving your overall core strength and honing the balancing skills. It’s ideal adults and kids.

Some of the things that are included in this product include a travel bag and a training line.  The training line has a width of 2 inches and a length of 52 feet. It also has a ratchet that is easy to set up on the trees.

Major Features:

  • Has a width of 2 inches and a length of 52 feet.
  • Made with polyester.
  • Suitable for kids and adults.

What We Think Is Good

  • Ultimate trick line.
  • Ideal for all ages.
  • Improves core strength and balancing skills.

What We Still Consider

  • Needs professional maintenance.

Final Thought

No one needs a product that will bother or stress them up when setting it up. Therefore, most people opt to buy product that can be set up with ease so as to avoid unneeded stress. This is specifically why we recommend this Slackline-Pro product.


Types of slack lining

This refers to any slack lining style that is done over the water. Although there are particular waterlines, any kind of slack line may be used in this type of slack lining. Waterline are specifically designed for resisting tear and wear that can occur to the lines because of water.

This is the standard type of slack lining and basically involves walking across. Although some people might apply small moves and style in this form of slack lining, it’s nothing close to trick lining that includes more bouncing and it’s more active.

This refers to the type of slack lining that involves an extremely long slack line. While most slack line are about 25 to 50 feet, long lines are approximately 30 meters or 100 feet long. It may involves all the other styles/ types of slack lining, provided the line is long. Long lines usually tend to sag a bit when you’re walking of them and have lesser tension because of length. As a result, the tricks that can be done on the long lines are fewer. However, a famous move on the long lines known as surfing involves swaying back & forth.

The only limitation of the long line is the ratchet rigging process that can’t typically work. Therefore, you’ve to rig it manually using the pulley system. That pulley system isn’t recommended for starter because setting it up is more challenging.

This type if slick lining involves busting out some sick moves and includes various types of tricks like flips, jumps and spin moves. Because of band elasticity, trick liners alternates several times starting with landing on the stomach, feet and knees. Usually, trick liners are made up of a lining that is more elastic and are bouncier.

This type of slack lining may be done using any slack lining type. It’s commonly done using a long line rigged to a pulley because of the height. This type is mostly for thrill seekers and daredevils. When high lining, it’s always recommended that you’ve a harness and a leash in the case that you fall.

Final Verdict

Since you are now familiar with the best slack liner on the market as well as the basic types, choosing the slack line that will perfectly meet your needs will be an easy task. If you’re new in this field of slack lining, we recommend that you start with the slack lines that have been specifically made for beginners. Nevertheless, if you are tired of just walking on a rope or looking for some advanced tricks that you can perform, a trick line is the best option.  It’s now up to you to try out thus fun and interesting sport.

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