Top 10 Best Shower Chairs in 2021 Reviews – Buying Guide

Under certain circumstances, a shower chair can be a great assistant during bath-taking time. For example, for the disabled and the elderly, a shower chair is a must-have. Yet, distinguishing between low quality and high-quality shower chairs is not an easy task. Therefore, our team has rounded up some of the well-reviewed and top-rated shower chairs in 2021 to aid your selection. Read on to find out about these picks’ beneficial features.

List of Best Shower Chairs in 2019Reviews

10. PCP Padded Bath Shower Safety Seat

10. PCP Padded Bath Shower Safety Seat

The very first recommendation on the list goes to this PCP Padded Bath Shower Safety Seat. First and foremost, for the convenience of the users, the chair allows users to adjust its height. Therefore, you sure can find the right height for your comfort. Adding to that, this shower chair is crafted with the cutout design, making showering much more convenient.

More awesome than this, for ensuring the safety of the users, this incredible chair is attached with the non-slip pad; the rubber tip, which certainly can prevent any slippery from occurring. Plus, the rubber pad offers extra stability for the chair too.

Please also be noted that the width of this chair is 17.5 inches, it offers enough space for your shower with ease. And, the maximum weight that this product can hold is 300 pounds.

9. Comfortable(TM) Deluxe Shower Chair

9. Comfortable(tm) Deluxe Shower Chair

Next, we are happy to introduce to you another bath chair that offers superb comfort while showering. This shower chair is designed with armrests. This nice chair is well-known for minimizing skin infection risks. On top of that, it is well designed for offering the ease of cleaning too, plus it also provides great safety for old patients as well. Due to the fact that it is built in with the non-slip rubber, it can effectively prevent the users from accidentally tripping, slipping and falling as well.

Since this product only wishes to offer the superior quality, the materials used for producing this product is the top grade aluminum. So, this product is guaranteed to be rust-free.

8. Super Buy Shower Chair

8. Super Buy Shower Chair

This medical bath bench has received many great reviews on the fact that it is creatively designed with the 12 drainage holes. It offers 8 level of adjustment for the seat height. Its weight capacity is 300 lbs. The material used is the aluminum frame. Adding to that, with the total dimension of 20”×12”×15”- 23”, taking the shower for the elderly can be done with ease.

Assembly is a breeze. And, if you want to use this one as a vanity tool, that works, too. Lastly, with the non-slip legs attached to it, we bet this chair is very durable and steady.

7. Shower Chair with Back by Vive

7. Shower Chair with Back by Vive

This highly reviewed Shower Chair with Back by Vive is another expert in giving very practical assistance when it comes to showering for the elderly. This product is specially designed for the handicap and disabled people since it comes with the handle for offering the firm grip.

As a result, it is completely safe for the user since the risk of slipping is eliminated. Additionally, if you are concerning about the assembly process, worry no more, this lightweight product requires no setting up tool at all.

More than this, the seat is waterproof, ensuring that you can get the ultimate comfort while using it. For your information, this product is well recognized for the durability that it offers. Last but not least, a lifetime warranty is provided to the product purchasers as well.

6. AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair


6. AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair

The next bath and shower chair goes to the AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair. This product is highly recommended for the elderly. The first superb feature of this great product is it is attached to the non-slip materials on the seat, handle and the legs. Please be noted that, with the adjustable height from 14.2 to 20.9 inches, we guarantee that this chair offers the users the whole new experience.

Plus, it is perfectly safe to use, too. Adding to that, for the sturdiness of this chair, the rubber is attached to various parts of the leg. More awesome than that, this corrosion-free shower chair can hold the weight up to 300 lb.

5. MedMobile® Bath Chair with Back

5. MedMobile® Bath Chair with Back

The nice and durable bath chair called MedMobile® Bath Chair with Back is the best-selling product available for sale today. Unlike most shower chairs on the market, this chair shower comes with the back for giving extra support to the users.

More than this, the sitting area is wide too, with the size of 24″ X 15″, you can comfortably take the shower. On top of that, it offers up to 5 levels of height options that you can freely adjust, too. Please be reminded that the seat height can be adjusted from 16 to 20 inches.

More awesome than that, for the sturdiness and stability, this incredible chair is equipped with the grippy legs and a well-done craftsmanship, too. Lastly, the assembly process of this product can be done with ease as well. And, it is optional whether or not you want to install the backrest.

4. NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Bath Seat

4. NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Bath Seat

Here comes another awesome product you shouldn’t miss out. NOVA Deluxe Bath Seat is designed with the padded arms and a blow molded back, ensuring great comfort always. Besides this, rubbers are added to many parts of this product, too, making this product becomes unbeatably strong.

The chair also comes with a number of drainage holes to prevent accidental slipping. For your information, despite its lightweight, the chair has the capacity of holding up to 275 pounds without any problem.

On top of that, the material being used for producing this product is the top grade aluminum, that’s why this product can resist corrosion very well. Last but not least, we also wish to remind you that, the assembly and assembly process can be completed without any tool as well.

3. Medical Tool-free Spa Shower Lift Chair

3. Medical Tool-free Spa Shower Lift Chair

The perfect helper for showering the elderly and disabled people is this Medical Tool-free Spa Shower Lift Chair. The product carries many great features which are very useful for giving the users an unassisted, relaxing shower. Medical Tool-free Spa Shower Lift Chair is a heavy duty product made of the superior quality aluminum frame.

Adding to that, the total weight that this product can withstand is up to 300 lbs, this is very safe to use. More than this, with the back support and padded armrests, we bet you will find this product convenient and awesome. Assembly is a snap. Finally, you can conveniently carry this chair everywhere too since it is very light. This lift chair will turn your shower into a lovely spa.

2. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower

2. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower

We are happy to introduce to you the product, which also receives the greatest ratings among other shower chairs. This is the Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair. First and foremost, this nice chair is designed with the back part and a helpful armrest, ensuring the whole new experience in taking showers as well as giving showers to the elderly people.

More than this, you can freely adjust the right height to meet your comfort too – thanks to the various height options. Plus, while the height is already indicated in the chair, adjusting to the right height can be done quickly.

If you are concerned that this chair won’t suit your size, we can guarantee that this chair can accommodate the users of all shapes and size. Please also be noted that this lightweight product is attached with the non-slip rubber on the legs, as the result, stability, and safety are always reinforced.

1. Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

1. Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

As always, we wish to keep the best to the last. Right now, the wait is finally over; we are happy to give the very best recommendation on this adjustable shower chair. This is the Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest. As its name has suggested, this nice product is designed with a backrest. So, we bet taking showers for the elderly and the disabled will be much more convenient. We would like to remind you that, all the parts of this product are guaranteed to be both strong and durable.

More awesome than this, the installation process can be completed without using any tools at all. Adding to that, this top-rated seat/bench has the total dimension of 18.5” x 26” x 17.5”, so the users can comfortably take the shower. Last but not least, the height of the chair can also be adjusted to meet the user’s preferences and needs as well. With this product in your house, it will offer a whole new independent showering experience for the elderly and the handicapped.

Provided above are the very best shower chairs, which have received stellar reviews on their performance and qualities. Hopefully, the article provided above serve you well in choosing the right product for yourself as well as your beloved ones.

Search no further because no other shower chairs will be any better in terms of comfort and convenience. Secure your purchase soon while stocks last.

Buying Guide

We are truly aware of the fact that choosing the right product requires customers to take many aspects into consideration. To aid your shopping for the ideal shower chair, we are happy to offer you some tips in this buying guide below.

– Armrests and back support

For the convenience of the users, getting the product that comes with the armrest and back support is highly recommended. This feature provides added stability along with increased comfort for the users, especially the elderly. More than this, depending on different types and models of the chairs, you can freely choose between the removable and non-removable options of the armrest and back support based on your own preference.

– Height

The chair should be tall enough, so that your feet can be placed flat on the floor, with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. More than this, choosing the shower chair that offers the chance of adjusting to the right height is also ideal, too. While the users have different needs, choosing the product that offers you choices is certainly a wise decision.

– Legs

Since the legs of each chair offer the sturdiness to the chair as a whole, you should look for a nice chair, which is attached with non-slip rubbers. Therefore, safety is increased, and the chances of slipping are eliminated, too. Moreover, it is also a wise choice to choose the product that holds firm to the floor. So, the elderly can easily hold the chair for giving them the balance.

– Seat

A good shower seat should be comfortable, slip-resistant and wide enough to fit the user. Padded or contoured, most bath seats have drainage holes to prevent water from building up as well as prevent unforeseen accidents. The waterproof seat in a chair is highly recommended as well, so you don’t need to worry if the water can corrode any part of the chair. Furthermore, the seat should be wide enough to support the users of different, preferred sizes, too.

– Weight Capacity

A good bath seat definitely needs to support the user’s weight. We would like to suggest you check the capacity that the product can hold before making the purchase, as the chair that isn’t compatible with the user’s weight is very dangerous. Since the chairs available on the market today mostly are capable of supporting the weight of up to 250ls, we still insist you check it clearly before making the purchase.

– Compartments

Bath chairs may come with various compartments for easier and safer access to the essential materials such as shampoo or other toiletry product. Some bath chairs also include convenient slots to hold a handheld showerhead. If you wish to get the shower chair that carries such features, please carefully check the descriptions of the product.

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