Top 10 Best Ring Lights with Stand in 2021 Reviews

Selfie taking has gotten a lot easier, it used to be you needed help getting your photo taken. Now all you need is a smartphone with a camera and you can take all the pictures of you that you want. Of course, to get great selfie shots, it helps to have one of the top 10 best ring lights withstand in 2021 on hand.

These ring lights make sure you do not have any dark spots, and they help draw out fine colors. They are not hard to use or set-up, and once they are ready you should have higher quality selfies to show the world.

You can impress both friends and strangers with your picture taking creativity. Get the best selfies possible when you use one of the best ring lights with stand in 2019.

Best Ring Lights with Stand in 2021 Reviews

Preview Product Price
Selfie Ring Light for Live Stream with iPhone/Android Universal Phone Holder, Dimmable 3 Light Mode with Stand for Makeup, YouTube, Desktop, Bedroom, Kitchen – Stand Version
EACHSHOT ES240 Kit CRI 95+ {Including Light, Stand, Phone Clamp, Tripod Head }240 LED 18
$99.99$149.99 (33% off)
[Updated 720LED LCD Display] 18 Inch Led Ring Light w/Stand for Camera iPhone, 3200-5600K Dimmable Warm/White Video Light, USB Power Output, Camera Phone Holder & Carrying Case for Studio Makeup
LimoStudio LED Ring Light 18-inch Diameter with Tripod Stand, Angle Adjusting Camera Holding Plate, Cell Phone Holding Clip, Color Filter Fabric Cover, Facial Beauty Photo Shooting, AGG1451V2
Neewer 18-inch Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light Lighting Kit with 78.7 inches Light Stand, Phone Holder, Hot Shoe Adapter for Portrait YouTube Video Shooting (No Carrying Bag)
B-Land 7.9
Neewer 18
Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light 14
Neewer Ring Light Kit:18
Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder Stand for Live Stream/Makeup, UBeesize LED Camera Lighting [3-Light Mode] [10-Level Brightness] with Flexible Arms Compatible with iPhone 8 7 6 Plus X Android
$16.89$25.99 (35% off)

10. MeeQee Selfie Ring Light

10. Selfie Ring Light for Live Stream with iPhone,Android Universal Phone Holder, Dimmable 3 Light Mode with Stand for Makeup, YouTube, Desktop, Bed

This gooseneck ring light can be twisted to fit almost any camera taking position you can imagine. Then you can erase dark shadows or spots by using the included selfie holder. Twist both into the right position before you click the control panel for your next photo.

Also, the 3 light modes found on this ring light help you create the right effect for your videos, live broadcasts or still shots. The easy to use control switch and light are powered by the USB cable while staying in a place with the light’s no-slip base.

The cell phone holder adjusts between approx. 2 and 3 inches in size. Plus, the holder is compatible with a variety of smartphones no matter who makes them. Your source of power can come from a variety of different electronic devices and is easy to use.

9. EACHSHOT Kit Adjustable Ring Light

9. EACHSHOT ES240 Kit {Including Light, Stand, Phone Clamp, Tripod Head }240 LED 18 Stepless Adjustable Ring Light Camera Photo

The key to photo success is to have the right attachments available. This ring light kit provides you with numerous attachments including filters, tripod, cell phone holder and a lot more. You can be creative while taking your next selfie photo shoot.

Plus, the 18” ring light use over 200 LED light chips to bring you up to 5500k lumens of illumination. Then its 1 to 100% dimming feature provides you with a multitude of lighting options. With no UV or IR rays, you are perfectly safe when using this ring light.

In addition to all of this, you get 50,000 hours of LED light life. This should provide you with years of ring light use and creative selfies. Also, the adjustable tripod and movable ring light give you lighting height options. This makes sure you get no dark spots in your photos or videos.

8. CroLED 18inch LED Ring Light

8. Stand, 720 LED 3200-5600K Warm,White, Digital Display Dimmable Video Light, Camera Phone Holder & Carrying Case, USB Power Output for Studio Make

The 720 LED light chips included on this 18” ring light ensures that you will have enough light no matter the lighting conditions around you. Plus, with their dimmable and adjustable modes, you can achieve between 3200 and 500K of illumination.

Also, with its digital display, you can make sure you get the right light feature to fit your next photo session. A cell phone holder places your cell phone in the middle of the light to help cut down red-eye and other photo issues. An adjustable tripod gives you lots of lighting options.

In addition to this, you can get USB connection to make sure your smartphone’s battery stays charged all the time. A hot shoe camera attachment uses a ¼ thread to secure itself to your ring light. The soft light should not harm your eyes.

7. LimoStudio LED Ring Light

7. LimoStudio LED Ring Light 18-inch Diameter with Tripod Stand, Angle Adjusting Camera Holding Plate, Cell Phone Holding Clip

This ring light’s 18” diameter and 360-degree adjustment make sure you can position the light where you need it. Along with those features, you also have an adjustable tripod to make sure the light shines where you want it.

Once you are set up, all you have to do to snap your picture or shoot your video is the Bluetooth equipped remote shutter control. Then the adjustable cell phone holder gives you the perfect placement locations you need for great shots. No matter who makes the cell phone, this cell phone holder will hold it.

3 filters are apart of his kit and give you create opportunities. They work with all the other accessories to help you produce great image clarity. An AC 120v power supply keeps the power running to this light. Then a carrying bag protects the light when not in use.

6. Neewer Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light

6. Neewer 18-inch Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light Lighting Kit with 78.7 inches Light Stand, Phone Holder, Hot Shoe Adapter for Portrait YouTube V

Filters and dimming capabilities on this ring light give you create opportunities. Design the look of your photos before you shoot your selfie. Then the AC power supply makes sure you do not run out of energy in the middle of your video or photo shoot.

After you are set up the over 200 LED lights provide you with more than 3200K or brightness. You can dim the lights as well as use the filters to create your special effects. Plus, the adjustable tripod brings the light and your cell phone into the right position with ease.

Once everything and you are in place, just use the handy Bluetooth shutter to capture your selfie moment. The remote makes selfie picture taking a lot more fun. Its cell phone holder rests in the middle of the ring light.

5. B-Land 7.9″ Ring Light

5. Ring Light with Tripod Stand for YouTube Video and Makeup, Mini LED Camera Light with Cell Phone Holder Desktop LED Lamp with 3 Light Modes & 11

The ring light may measure small, but it brings big accessories with it. Not only do you get an adjustable tripod and cell phone holder. You can use the 3 light modes and 11 brightness levels to get the right mood for your photos.

An easy to use in-cord control switch allows you to access those features with ease. Plus, the cell phone holder sits in front of and just below the light ring. It should not cast shadows onto your image. The holder should hold most smartphones made today.

Then to get the right light effect, the tripod will move between 16 and 44 inches in height. Also, the cell phone holder and the light ring adjust to various positions up to 360 degrees. A durable and tough carrying case holds all your equipment when it is not in use.

4. Neewer Un-dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light

4. Un-dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light -75W 5500K for Portrait Photography, Youtube Video, Make-up, Selfie (Only Light)

While you can’t dim this ring light, you till get up to 5500K of illumination with every use. The 18” light comes with an adjustable arm to help you get it into the right position. Then the extra-long cord provides you with the mobility you need to capture the right light effect

Also, the fluorescent style of lighting should reduce your dark spots while letting you work in a variety of low light conditions. This package includes the ring light only. Your accessories, tripod and camera holder need to be purchased separately.

Once you get this ring light, you should be able to enhance your selfie-taking a hobby and get great results. Just make sure to read the instruction manual before using this ring light. The information should only improve your shots not make them worse.

3. Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light

3. Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light 14 outer,12 on Center with Light Stand, Soft Tube, Filter, Carrying Bag for Makeup

The outer dimensions only measure 14 inches in size, but that should still be enough space to capture great photos. With the added accessories, adjustable tripod, camera holder, AC power supply and the Bluetooth shutter, you are on your way to professional results.

Plus, the over 200 LED lights produce up to 5500K of light. Low light conditions should easily be vanquished when you turn to this light for help. Once you are set up, the 1 to 100% dimming feature adds a touch of creativity to your photo project.

For added help, the light stand extends to about 61 inches in height. It’s aluminum construction makes it durable and strong. Orange and white filters enable you to set the tone for each individual phot. After you are ready the Bluetooth shutter makes snapping the picture easy.

2. Neewer Ring Light

2. Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, Light Stand, Carrying Bag for Camera,Smartphone,YouTube,Self-Portrait Shooting

With the orange filters, you get to stay in control of how much light and what type of flight reaches your subject. Then the 20 LED lights can be dimmed between 1 and 100%. This enables you to further stay in light control of your surroundings.

Plus, the aluminum alloy ring light holder adjusts up to 61 inches in height. Combine that with 5500k illumination and you can find the right light scenario for all your videos and still shots. An adjustable smartphone holder and easy to use control panel makes filming simple and easy.

The cell phone holder should be compatible with most cell phones on the market today. It sits in the center of the ring light to cut down on bad photo issues. To make snapping your pictures simple and easy, a Bluetooth shutter is included with your purchase.

1. UBeesize Selfie Ring Light

1. Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder Stand for Live Stream,Makeup, UBeesize LED Camera Lighting

Nothing really beats a gooseneck design in the adjustability factor. You can twist it in any direction and not worry about security knobs coming loose or not tightening enough. The 24-inch length gives 360 degrees of angles for both the light and your cell phone.

Also, the clip-on base provides you with a lot of ring light holder protection. It should stay in place no matter where you clip it on. Plus, a USB cod brings you your power and has the easy to use controls built right in.

In addition to all of this, 3 light modes and 10 brightness levels help you get the lighting you want. 3 light filters are included in your purchase. The cell phone holder is compatible with a wide variety of modern cell phones. A non-slip rubber back protects your phone from scratches.

Why use a ring light for your selfies

There are a lot of advantages that come with selfie ring lights. There are probably more advantages than disadvantages to the top 10 best ring lights with stand in 2019. We shall only deal with the positive reasons why you should use a ring light with your selfie-taking photo sessions.

Here are those reasons:

  • Flexibility- they are portable. You can use them just about anywhere there is a proper power source
  • Adjustment- the ring light, the cell phone holder and the tripod, if included, are all adjustable. You get a multitude of lighting positions to get the right angle and the right light for your next selfie pose.
  • Accessories- most ring lights come with a lot of accessories to help you perfect your photographic skills
  • LED lights- these lights last you a long time. Some will go up to 50,000 hours before they wear out. Then these lights produce a lot of light to make sure low light conditions do not stop you from taking your photos
  • Features- with most ring lights, you get 3 light modes and a lot of brightness levels to capture that perfect image. You can adjust the lights to fit your purpose. Then the 1 to 100% dimming feature on some lights add to your creative light options
  • Filter- these also provide you with control over your lighting and make taking selfies more fun
  • Easy to use- with the in-cord controls or the Bluetooth shutter snapping a selfie is easier than ever
  • Cost- depending on the type of ring light you buy, you should not break the bank when you purchase a ring light for your selfie-taking fun

Capturing your next adventure or an image that will help keep your memories alive is not difficult. When you use one of the top 10 best ring lights with stand in 2019. You get powerful LED lights that have multiple light modes and brightness levels.

Plus, you can control the brightness through included filters. Your selfie images should be a lot better and display deep rich color you thought were not possible. The included accessories also work to make sure you get near professional results with your smartphone or camera. Using the right equipment is one way of improving your photo imaging taking skills.

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