Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021

Today, we’re going to review the 10 best portable toilets.

So, let’s get started.

We spent twenty-three hours on analysis, videography, and writing, to review the highest picks for this wiki.

We’ve all created the error of heading for the nice outdoors, commencing on an extended automotive ride, or coming up with daily on a ship while not considering this vital question: wherever can folks move to the bathroom?

These moveable bogs will (almost) create it appear to be you are back reception, on your ceramic ware throne.

10 Best Portable Toilets – Our Top Pickups

Portable Toilets

They are designed for simple transport and easy waste removal. At the same time users get our severally chosen editorial picks, we have a tendency to might earn commissions to support our work.

Nature calls are sudden, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best portable toilets that could very well be your loyal companion when you’re out of the grid. We won’t tell you what a portable restroom is, in all probability, you already know what it is (and how it looks like) so we’ll go straight to what brought you here.

But, before we get down to the specifics, it is worth telling you that the best portable toilet should be easy to set up. The capacity should be reasonable too and of course, painless to use.


Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Toilets

What has to be thought-about regarding commonplace moveable conveniences for sale? the quality moveable restroom is that the trade workhorse.

It’s the unit that’s employed in a range of settings from residential to industrial and even public events. once trying to find commonplace moveable restrooms available, check that they need these essential features:

  • Lightweight, compact style.
  • Tough construction.
  • Easy set-up and maintenance.
  • Maximum ventilation.
  • Roomy interior.
  • Anti-slip floor surface.
  • Sanitary seat deck and floor style.
  • Translucent roof for higher lighting.
  • Occupancy signal latch.
  • Two-roll bathroom tissue dispenser with the lock.

These options area unit all improbably necessary, thus if a passage potty you’re considering doesn’t embody all of them, you most likely higher think about alternative choices.

Once you’ve got a number of choices in mind that embody all the necessities, it’s time to seem for a few “bonuses” which will set one unit excluding the remainder. These bonuses will include:

  • Extra interior house.
  • Design that produces cleansing easier.
  • Model choices that embody recirculating flush and H2O flush.
  • Door-mounted mirror and handle.
  • The aluminum door was upright for value-added toughness.
  • Non-splash plumbing fixture.
  • Separate screens that may get replaced while not exchange the whole facet panel.
  • Numerous color choices.

With that out of the way, let’s now set the ball rolling with our portable toilet reviews. Any of these models will serve your needs whether you’re on a camping trip or looking for one to install in your recreational vehicle.

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10. JAXPETY Porta Potti

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 1

With a 5-gallon waste tank capacity, the JAXPETY is indeed one of the best portable camping toilets. It features an adult size seat, complete with a sturdy lid.

The wall is remarkably thick while the entire structure is robust enough to stand on. And the best part is that you don’t need external water or power connections to use this porta potti. It is completely self-contained.

The JAXPETY comes with latches and clamps to secure it in place as well as a fresh water tank. It doesn’t take much to set it in position. In fact, all you need to do is to find a flat surface and start to use it right away- no tools required.

While we’re not taking away from this toilet, it is essential to mention that you should not expose it to high temps or direct sunlight. Nonetheless, the JAXPETY is a high-quality toilet that offers powerful flushing with minimal pumping.

Campers say it is splash-free and discharges waste efficiently. What’s more? It only takes one push of a button to get it to work!


  • Strong toilet design
  • Large clean water and holding tank
  • Secured clamps and latches


  • No holding tank level indicator

9. Reliance Products Loo


Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 2

One, this portable toilet offers a 5-gallon capacity. What this means is that it can handle the needs of between five to ten people on a hunting, boating or camping trip. Two, it touts traditional bucket design, complete with a snap on, hinged seat and cover.

In other words, it is super easy to use not mention that it will hold waste with zero drips until disposal time. Or, you can use it with a double doodie bag if you’re planning to spend more time in the woods. Note – you will buy the seat and cover separately.

The Loo measures 13.50 inches by 13.00 inches by 15.56 inches. With such dimensions, you can conveniently carry it with your recreational truck while saving space for other items.

On top of that, this toilet is forest green in color so it’ll blend in well with surroundings.

Also, you’ll love the fact that’s it easy to set up this toilet and that you can use with most pails. So, if you’re in for something more simple and portable than the JAXPETY, the Loo will serve you well. In fact, we recommend it if you’re a frequent traveler thanks to the no-frills design.


  • Large water capacity (5-gallon / 20-litres)
  • Great for hunting, fishing and camping expeditions


  • Material quality is very poor

8. Reliance Fold45; To45; Go

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 3

The Reliance Fold deserves mention among the best portable toilets. One of the cheapest models on the market, it thrives on simplicity. For starters, it is collapsible and incredibly lightweight. I

t will fold down to just about 5 inches and weighs a mere 4.5 pounds.

In essence, this means that you can take it with you anywhere. You can even toss it in your backpack as you head out to the woods for camping.

It also has an integrated handle so you can lug it around with ease. We couldn’t help but notice the clever leg locking system that brings forth some impeccable sturdiness.

Due to its minimalist design, the Reliance Fold is ideal for boating, hunting, and RV’s. Plus, there’s no problem if you add it to your pile of emergency survival kits.

Sure, the Reliance Fold doesn’t have a flushing function but you can always use a Doodie bag. Did we tell you that it comes with a free Double Doodie bag? Well, now you know!


  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design
  • Five-year warranty against manufacture defects


  • May not entertain most people

7. SereneLife Portable Toilet

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 4

First things first; the SereneLife has a waste capacity of 5.3 gallons – the largest so far. It also has a brand-exclusive Bellows Pump with a 3-way flush nozzle.

The best part? Its 3.2 gallons fresh water tank allows you to flush over 50 times. And yes, this toilet will rinse the bowl every time you pull the flush lever. The product can easily clean with any type of plunger.

The holding tank is easy to access for effortless waste disposal while the double-sealed drain valve prevents leakages and bad odors. The SereneLife seat features an attached cover. When you’re no using it, just place the cover down to ensure that the water doesn’t splash, more so when traveling.

Moreover, the lid helps keep your toilet tidy and hygienic.

The SereneLife is expensive, but deservedly so. It has a rugged body for months upon months of use. The hardwearing design, by and large, allows it to handle the beatings of frequent use. This toilet is corrosion resistant too, thanks to the high-density polyethylene construction material. Reviewers say it is easy to clean as well.

In our verdict, we reckon that despite being somewhat expensive (in comparison to other options here), this toilet’s robustness and usability indeed offer value for money, which makes it a worthy purchase.


  • Three-piston flush system
  • Compact, portable and comfortable design
  • Double-sealed drain valve to prevent against leaks and bad smell


  • Hard to clean the bottom tank

6. Dometic Portable Toilet

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 5

You’ll love what the Dometic can do if you’re an avid camper or long distance truck, driver. This toilet is amazingly powerful and practical. While it doesn’t have the whistles and bells of high-end models, it comes with a highly responsive button for a pressurized flush.

And, unlike most portable camping toilets on the market, the Dometic sports an easy-view prismatic tank with a level indicator. In other words, this feature allows you to know when to add fresh water before it runs out.

For those asking, this unit has an adult size seat and a lid for your comfort and safety.

You may also want to know that the Dometic uses less than a pint of water per flush. It is a great model if you don’t have a lot of fresh water in your campground.

If you care about aesthetics, then you’ll be glad to know that this toilet is as sleek as they come. Its trendy matte finish is scratch-resistant and it only takes a few wipes to keep it looking as good as new. Awesome!


  • Pump-action flush
  • Easy tank level monitoring with tank level indicator
  • Pivotal discharge spout


  • Small height

5. Zimmer Comfort Portable Toilet

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 6

If you’re in the market for a portaloo usable by both adults and kids, then this is it. While it has a full-sized seat, it can accommodate children as well, making it a good choice for family and social gatherings.

Don’t be swayed to think that the Zimmer will not meet your expectations if you’re hosting a large crowd.

It comes with a three-gallon freshwater tank and a five-gallon waste holding capacity. With a bellow pump attached to it, this toilet will give you up to 70 flushes before it requires a refill.

Disconnecting the freshwater and waste tanks is a cinch. Both tanks have removable caps for straightforward filling and dumping. Besides, the Zimmer has a convenient carry handle so moving it from point A to point B shouldn’t much of problem.

On top of that, the built-in integrated valve on this toilet opens easily to let the water in and closes tightly for seamless functionality. The valve also helps seal odors and leakages to keep your environment clean and fresh. Tip – be sure to buy deodorizing tablets for the best results.


  • Good clean water and holding tank capacity
  • Sealed valve assures leak and smell-proof use
  • Arrives fully assembled. No tools required


  • No holding tank level indicator

4. Thetford Porta Potti

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 7

Ideal for healthcare, vans, RVs and off-the-grid lifestyle, this portable toilet by Thetford combines durability and ease of use in one compact unit. It has a 4.2-gallon fresh water tank and a 3.2-gallon waste tank.

Even though it is not the largest on this list, it is big enough to last you up to 33 flushes with a single refill.

It is a expensive option that offers the convenience and comfort you need to have a stress-free camping excursion. The Thetford is easy to maneuver when full, thanks to its small size and ergonomic carrying handle.

We also love the fact that the waste tanks have a level indicator and the special Pour-Out to ensure that there are no backlashes as you empty it.

The Thetford is pleasing to the eye too, so it will bring some swag to your camping ground. It flaunts a refreshed, up-to-the-minute look complimented by a smooth seat and cover design.

Get it- there’s every reason to believe it works as advertised – after all, the portable toilet reviews it has to its name say so.


  • Flusher helps clean bowl
  • Comfortable and shiny shape
  • Odorless and leak proof


  • Flushing requires turning another valve

3. Palm Springs Outdoor Toilet

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 8

This little nugget comes at an erthat won’t burn through your purse. And, it doesn’t fall short when it comes to helping contain waste either. It has a 3-gallon freshwater tank and a relatively big 5-gallon waste tank. Both tanks feature a high-density polyethylene, leak-proof build.

The Palm Springs measures 17 x 16 x 14.1 inches to fit into your recreational truck without taking a lot of space. It comes fully assembled so you can start to use it right off the box.

Its total weight (with empty tanks) stands at 9.75 pounds. You don’t have to worry when it gets filled with waste; the integrated handles allow you to move it to the emptying point in a breeze.

Other notable points of this camping toilet include a double sealed drain, a sturdy full-size set (with lid) and an easy to press flush button. A glance at user feedback shows that Palm Springs can meet the needs of up to 12 people in a day before it requires emptying.

Now, that’s quite commendable for a toilet of its size. And oh, you can choose to use toilet waste bags with this unit (if you so wish that is).


  • Near to standard toilet size
  • Large clean water and holding tank size
  • durable matte finish to help conceal scratches


  • Hard to clean

2. Thetford Curve Portable Toilet

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 9

This award-winning camping toilet is as versatile as they come and a worthy pick if you’re scouting for a unit to use frequently. It is slightly smaller than the one we reviewed earlier from Thetford. Even then, this one has a capacity of 4 gallons of freshwater and 5.5 gallons of wastewater tank.

The one thing is that sets this toilet apart from every other model that we’ve reviewed so far is the battery power flush. In fact, it is arguably one of the most powerful units on this list. Its bowl is large and the seat height incredibly comfortable.

The curve design is elegant and contemporary with the homelike look. Also, the curve separates to give you easy access to the holding tanks whenever you want to empty, refill or clean the toilet.

The Thetford has a toilet paper holder, strategically placed below the seat. It even has a compartment to lock away the tissue paper when not in use. And just so you may know, this toilet averages 56 flushes with every refill.


  • Integrated toilet paper holder
  • Easy pour-out spout
  • Holding tank level indicator included


  • Low-quality pump

1. Camco Premium Portable Toilet

Top 10 Best Portable Toilets Reviewed – Best Picks of 2021 10

At the pinnacle of our best portable toilet reviews, 2021 is this unit by Camco. And there are many reasons we vouch for this top camp toilet. It has a larger seat size when pitted against close competition and an increased bowl size to match. It also uses an efficient flush action to rinse the bowl quickly.

Regarding capacity, the Camco comes with a 5.3 detachable waste holding tank and a 3.75 flush tank.

The surface of the waste tank is slick which not only makes it easier to empty but also to clean. Plus, you can remove the flush tank with one hand by toggling the locking latch. Meanwhile, the integrated spring on the latch provides automatic re-attachment.

The Camco will last long enough to give value in return for your money. It features a heavy-duty ABS body for longevity. And just like any highly-rated camping toilet, it will lock unpleasant odors to give you a pleasant experience at the camp, truck or during a fishing trip.


  • Integrated handles for portability
  • Sealing valve locks in odors and protects against the outpouring
  • Strong construction


  • Hard to clean the waste water tank

10 Best Portable Toilets – Buyers Guide

Portable Toilets

Ease of Waste Disposal

Ease of Waste Disposal

No matter the potency of the transportable bathroom, you’d have to be compelled to empty it at some purpose. Some individuals have an answer to the current issue, however what area unit you to try and do after you don’t have any resolution.

This is one in every one of the explanations why the lava bathroom is additional convenient, although they need some special sites wherever they’re empty. the reality is, evacuation a transportable bathroom, particularly within the wild or on outings, is a bit tough.

This can be as a result of their area unit plenty of areas that have set restrictions on such wastes.

This is why you’d think about shopping for perishable sacks that area unit designed for the most effective transportable bogs. These sacks create the waste easier to lose by turning the liquid waste into solids.

If you wish any transportable bathroom to figure its wonders for you, then you ought to think about obtaining perishable sacks and toilet tissue.

Container Volume

Container Volume

This is important, and it’s been about the period of the campout. A campout for one night wouldn’t need one thing as massive as a campout for a per week would need.

Some transportable bogs also are bogs that flush well, and that they tell you the number of flushes you’ll be able to create before evacuation it. this can be a good thanks to telling you the way abundant the instrumentality can take before obtaining full.

Ease throughout Use

Ease throughout Use

The major downside with transportable bogs is that the proven fact that you have got to line them up after you get to your destination. those that area unit on hiking journeys or one thing that involves moving from place to put wouldn’t be too happy regarding the actual fact that they need to line it up whenever to induce to an inhabitation spot for that day or time.

A major criterion in choosing a transportable bathroom is to make sure it’s terribly simple to line up to be used and dismantle when use. Although, it’s conjointly wise to think about the situation that the restroom goes to be used.

Toilet Dimensions

Toilet Dimensions

There are a unit flush and bag kinds of transportable bogs and that they each are available completely different dimensions no matter the number of their waste containers. If you employ a ship or AN RV, guarantee to live the scale of the previous bathroom as a sample for the new one. this {can be} terribly crucial as a tiny low increase or decrease long can cause plenty of issues.

Also, attempt to make sure that there’s enough area to get rid of waste containers to empty them simply. Moreover, hiking may need that you just specialize in the dimensions of the restroom, whereas the load capability could be an awfully vital thought for big individuals.



Portable bogs area unit sometimes exposed, apart from those who associate with some covering. bogs with no covering is a bit little bit of embarrassing particularly in times of picnics and alternative outside events.

This is why transportable bogs just like the Clean waste GO anyplace Complete bathroom System could be a nice choice thanks to its privacy shelter. However, you’ll be able to purchase a privacy shelter for your transportable bathroom as an adjunct. It doesn’t have to be compelled to be a part of the whole transportable bathroom package.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

There square measure heaps of reasons for you to urge a transportable restroom, and not simply any rest room however the simplest transportable restroom you’ll realize. there’s little doubt that you simply would like one since you scan the whole article to the present purpose.

All you wish to try to is to travel over the guide higher than and seek advice from the merchandise descriptions for a more robust understanding of the merchandise and the way it works.

This would not solely assist you to get a product, however, the simplest product you’ll get! currently, you’ll persist that campout or road trip you’ve continually wished while not cutting short on snacks and different treats that build the whole event great!

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