Top 10 Best Magnetic Car Mounts Reviewed 2021 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Today I am gonna share some of the best magnetic cars mounts lists with you in the market.

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Car mount holder is a standout amongst the most adored gadgets for the general population who like to travel. It is a significant aggravation and dangerous to pick up the telephone calls every so often while driving and it is additionally badly designed to haul out the telephone from the pocket.

It very well may be hazardous also to take your eyes off the way to look down at your telephone.

The attractive car mount holder encourages you to hold your cell phone or GPS gadget safely at eye level.

These car telephone holders make your life a lot less demanding while you are behind the wheels by mount your gadget in an ideal area. These car mount holders are convenient and give strong insurance to your costly cell phones.

When you’re out on the road, your phone is more than just a means of keeping in touch. It’s your GPS, your favorite DJ, and personal assistant. However, common sense and safety dictate that you mount it to your car so your hands are always on the wheel and eyes on the road.

But with all the different options out there, just how do you find the ideal car mount? It may seem difficult sometimes to get something you are need of.

A Step By Step Guide To Choose The Best Magnetic Car Mounts

Magnetic Car Mounts

Perhaps, no more! We are here to bring you the solution to your problem right in front of your eyes.

All you have to do is just give a thorough read and decide yourself. Let’s just say you’re in luck because we’ve compiled reviews of some of the leading brands in the business and a few of their bestselling car mounts all in one place.

So, what makes Wiz Gear one of the best car mount companies in the world?

Simple; it’s their unyielding mission to provide the highest quality products for total customer satisfaction. Their entire line up of resourcefully manufactured products, boast of simplicity and convenience without having to ask too much from the user.

So, which Wiz Gear mounts do you want in your car?

The Magnetic Car Mount Best Sellers

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1. WizGear Universal Minimal Rate

WizGear Universal Air Vent 2 Pack Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

When it comes to car mounts, there’s a reason why this brand’s products fly off the shelves faster than hot wings. Thanks to the complementary design, the Universal air vent car mount is 10 times easier to use than any other magnetic holder. The reinforced magnetic front produces a firm yet gentle force or attraction that holds any smartphone in place even through rough roads.

This includes iPhones, Android, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft devices, and pretty much any other phone. This huge range is a plus point when you view the features of the gadget because this makes it accessible and operable with all the kinds.

Another feature that makes the Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount from WizGear a winner is a unique and creative construction. The unit comprises of a high quality, robust rubber base that is both unique and functional.

Not only does it guarantee that the bottom holds on solidly to the air vents, but it keeps your phone in place regardless of impacts or road vibrations.

Similarly, there’s a swivel function at the center that allows you to rotate your phone as you please. Isn’t that wonderful to have it in your own way? This is useful for checking out maps, using the GPS or any other purpose.

So you don’t have any fear of getting lost or even if you miss out on a track. Let’s not forget that everything has a good and bad side, we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on its’ too!


  • Its Carrying Process is Easy and Comfortable
  • It Protects The Device From Overheating
  • Available At a Minimal Rate


  • Not User-Friendly with HTCs

2. WizGear Universal Holder – Fits Well 

Magnetic Car Mounts

That’s right, WizGear went and did things so nice, we just had to feature them twice. They released yet another best seller with a new innovation for even more security.

The Universal Twist-lock Air vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder is quite similar to the previous model, except for a few minor adjustments. For starters, there’s the unique, twist lock design that lets you securely lock in the car mount so it doesn’t come off no matter what. And all you have to do is twist it one way or the other for locking and unlocking.

Much like the previous universal air vent car holders, this particular one also incorporates all the basic essentials.

This includes the classic ease of use that makes it 10 times easier to use than all other models, a sturdy yet functional base that just shouts of high quality and durability, and a swivel mount that lets you rotate your smartphone any way you like.

There’s also the powerful magnetic holder that uses a strong force of attraction to keep your phone in place through rough and unstable roads. The grip just goes fine if you are worried about the loosening of your phone.

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, TechMatte is an innovative and fast-growing technology company with a unique goal.

That’s right, not only is this brand invested in the creation of new products, but also in the continued improvement and development of available, affordable and reliable products. 

Some of their popular products include high tech stylus pens, protective cases for your devices and now their flagship TechMatte brand that offers a lengthy array of high tech portability accessories.

Their bestselling car mounts include:


  • A Good Device with Simple Features
  • Portable Device
  • Pocket-Friendly


  • Blocks An Air Vent

3. TechMatte CD Slot MagGrip Holder – Strong Grip

Top 10 Best Magnetic Car Mounts Reviewed 2021 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide 1

If you have a CD player in your car that often goes unused, then the boy will you love the CD Slot Car Mount from TechMatte. This cool device fits snugly into your car’s stereo CD player slot and places the screen in a comfortable position so it doesn’t obscure your view while driving.

This way, you can gracefully say goodbye to your unused cd player and hello to a brand new car mount.

TechMatte MagGrip car mount is a widespread cell phone mount which can anchor practically any sort of cell phone to a dashboard or windshield. It can rapidly anchor to windshield or dashboard with a suction container gel cushion.

It gives solid suction and deserts no buildup. The car mount is developed with solid and tough plastic and elastic which holds the gadget safely set up.

There’s really no other way to say this.

The CD Slot Mount is designed with drivers in mind. Thanks to features like the cradle-less phone holding system, it doesn’t get any simpler than this. All you have to do is just place the included MagGrip plate between the case and your device to give the magnetic mount a strong attractive surface.

Likewise, the cradle-less feature lets you rotate your smartphone without any distractions. Let’s give a brief look towards the pros and cons that this product brings for its users:


  • It is Quite Easy To Use
  • The Grip is Quite Strong
  • The Phone Sits Easily and Securely


  • Wireless Charging Is Not Performed Due To The Magnet

4. TechMatteCar Mount – Car-Friendly

Top 10 Best Magnetic Car Mounts Reviewed 2021 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide 2

That’s right; TechMatte heard your pleas for something more affordable and created the MagGrip Car Mount. This little holder boasts of a minimalist design that allows you to directly attach it to your air vents in one quick action.

The quality is as high as they come. The base is quite sturdy and locks on tightly to the air vents for a secure fit.

As always, with simplicity and minimalism comes high levels of user-friendliness.

This particular unit is exceptionally easy to use even for those new to car mounts. For starters, the mount makes use of strong neodymium magnets that give it an edge over the rest.

This produces an intense magnetic attraction that holds most smartphone brands like glue. The mount is compatible with iPhone 7 through 3, Samsung Galaxy, edge, and note, HTC one, X, S, M10, and LG. Similarly, you can also rotate the smartphone thanks to the swivel function.

A little history about this company; Originating all the way back in the ’80s, Scosche industries were founded by Scotia and Roger Alves with an initial focus on high-end car audio.

Seeing significant potential in the automotive audio industry, the brand began developing dash kits, CD storage accessories, streaming solutions, and many other products. Today, the brand is a renowned leader in the production of car mounts, and we’ve got their best seller right here.


  • Affordable
  • Easy To Use
  • Suitable For GPS While Driving


  • Blocks The Radio

5. SCOSCHE Universal Mount – One Hand Usage

Magnetic Car Mounts

The SCOSCHE MAGDM MagicMount Universal Mount for Mobile Devices makes mounting your smartphone or device super easy. Thanks to the adhesive backed surface, there’s no need to add on any unique accessories.

All you have to do is stick your device on the back and enjoy the quick adhesion. But what really makes the adhesive stand out is the fact that it is resistant to both heat and cold, unlike your regular adhesive that weakens with temperature change.

SCOSCHE MAGDMB enchantment mount is a general mount for a wide range of cell phones and GPS gadgets. Simply float your gadget close to the attractive surface, and your gadget will be right away secured safely.

This is a smooth and flexible car mount which has high power magnets to anchor your gadget. Warmth and cold safe plan which withstands extraordinary temperature for safe use in your car. The mount can be put in the car, home or office so you can appreciate the hand’s free experience anyplace.

That’s right; the SCOSCHE MAGDM MagicMount car mount might make use of adhesives, but it’s as versatile as these babies come. The manufacturer wanted to make sure that you are free to use your phone any way you like.

For starters, there’s an adjustable cradle-free design for even more access.

Secondly, the swivel head allows you to rotate, spin, angle, rotate and tilt your phone any way you like. Okay, so let me see your hand up if you’ve never heard about Koomus?

For a relatively young company, the brand has done pretty well for itself. Started back in 2010, Koomus began with the belief that a little does indeed go a long way, and that something small can have a much greater impact than expected.

Koomus endeavors to provide a thorough catalog of mounting solutions. It’s their high standards of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction that’s made this brand a favorite for many car owners. And yep, we’ve got their best seller all wrapped up and reviewed below.


  • Security Ensured
  • Easy On off Accessibility
  • Easy One Hand Usage


  • The Tape Loosens The Grip

6. Koomus Pro Universal Holder – Secure Your Phone

Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Introducing the only car holder of its kind, the Pro CD-M Magnetic car mount from Koomus provides every ounce of stability and security you need without getting in the way.

This is all thanks to a sleek design that makes the mount easy to carry, mount and even adjust. What’s more, it blends seamlessly into your dashboard like it was built in straight from the factory.

The magnetic feature makes it even more convenient since you can rotate and turn your phone in any direction you like.

When it comes to user-friendliness, there’s a reason why Koomus is king. Their newly patented push-button system allows for the easiest, effortless installation and removal.

You can forget about struggling and fidgeting with your car mount forever. Just push, fit, release, and enjoy all the benefits that come with a well-made car mount.

What an explosive name, am I right? Mpow has fought and clawed to make a name for itself in the industry. And the way things are looking, they are almost all the way on top of the food chain. Mpow specializes largely in consumer electronics as well as car accessories designed to make life easier.

Order this Pro CD-M Magnetic car mount from Koomus for yourself as this one is a handy option in front or you. If your current car mount holder does not work properly, then try this car mount as it works quite and extremely reliably.

This car mount is suggested from our expert’s side, for the reason that, we have recommended this to you.

Do keep yourself and your phone secure while you drive by installing this CD-M Magnetic car mount from Koomus as soon as possible in your car.

Today, we’ll be talking about two of their bets car mounts. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of the product:


  • Instant Locking and Unlocking Provided
  • The Holder is Also Easy To Mount and Unmounted in The Car
  • The Changing of Direction Is Easy


  • The Back Camera Will Be Covered

7. Mpow Magnetic Phone Holder – Easy Installation Process

Mpow Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder for Car

Thanks to the easily attach mechanism at the back, the Mpow Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder offers a universal fit for almost all types of air vents. Once you get the mount on the car, you can use it to attach your cell phone, tablets, or any other devices.

Thanks to the magnetic force, you don’t need any cradles, brackets or clamps.

Just good old magnetism to keep your gadget in place throughout the journey.

That’s right; Mpow included an extra mount to give you one of the best 2 for 1 deal you’ll ever come across. Now, you can decide to bring along several devices to attach to the mounts. Alternatively, you could store one back at home and use it as an instant replacement in case you lose the first one.

We highly suggest you get and buy this Mpow Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder for yourself. Its promising part is that its attachment and installation process is quick and fast.

No techniques or technical procedures are involved in it. Just bring your device near to this holder and your phone or device will instantly and immediately get locked into it.
Feel free to give your feedback to us on this Mpow Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder.

This holder does not require any of the clamps and brackets because it has enough amount of magnetic force attached to it. Book this phone holder for yourself and do share your reviews over here.

Let us look at the merits and demerits of this particular holder:


  • Designed with A Sturdy Rubber Base
  • Easy Installation
  • Multi-Compound Mode


  • Not Good with Unusual Shape of Vents

8. Mpow CD Slot Car Mount – Great Grip

Magnetic Car Mounts

If you’re all about unshakable protection and security for your phone, then you’ll love everything about the Mpow CD Slot Universal Car Cradle Mount. This bad boy offers unmatched levels of sturdiness that could hold on to both the car and the phone even in the event of a collision.

Not only does the CD holding system guarantee an unyielding grip, but the three side grips grab your phone in a tight but gentle vice.

Don’t be fooled by the robust nature of the Mpow CD Slot Universal Car Cradle Mount. Just because it offers a solid grip doesn’t mean it’s entirely rigid. This particular holder revolves a full 360 degrees and even pivots through a series of angles to give you full adjustability.

So not only is this mount out of the way, but you can also tilt it through different dynamics to get the most comfortable view.

How neat is that? The usage is made much easier with its amazing features enabling you to handle it with no difficulty. The guide makes it even easier and new users never face any kind of hurdles.

As they aptly put it, Aukey is a team of techies joined by a shared appreciation for the utility of great products and the finer details. By combining over a decade of hardware expertise with state of the art technologies, Aukey has managed to build solid and reliable consumer electronics and tech accessories.

Today, we look at their most popular car mount.

You can let us know any time that whether you will get and be buying this Mpow CD Slot Universal Car Cradle Mount for your car or not! As this option is recommended from our expert’s side, so feel free to try it.

This is a great looking car mount option and will serve and fulfill your multiple needs at the same time. This is the state of art technology and it is built on the quality reliable terms.

Well, we should not forget that every product as mentioned above has its own pros and cons and so does this must have.


  • Installation Process Is Easy
  • The Mounted Phone is Easy To Use
  • Good Firm Grip


  • After Installation, It May Cover The Stereo

9. AUKEY Magnetic Phone Holder – Lightweight

Top 10 Best Magnetic Car Mounts Reviewed 2021 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide 3

To ensure that your phone or device remains securely in place, the AUKEY Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder incorporates a strong magnetic front. This guarantees that your phone won’t slip even in rough, bumpy road trips.

The intense magnet keeps a strong hold on the phone without letting it slip or fall. This also secures your phone and you can develop a good trust over the device. However, the manufacturer was clever enough to include metal discs for mini tablets as well as heavier devices.

This is not what every device is capable of. It is a huge favor for those who do not always use their phone for GPS and other purposes in their cars.

Those who are looking for something different must try this one and surely they are going to love its new available features which are provided due to its large range of holding even tablets.

Mounting the AUKEY Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder is so easy that it literally takes seconds. And not forgetting to mention, the device you are using even comes off easily without any tripping.

This is all thanks to the universal mechanism at the back that allows you to install it at the nearest vent in your car. The unit is also small enough o carry with you and can be disassembled for use as smaller components.

This way, you can attach just the magnetic base to your phone and use it anywhere in the car as a stand.

You can share the decision with us that whether you are interested in trying this AUKEY Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder option or not.

We hope that after reading out all the features details and extensive properties of this car mount holder, you will like it as well.

Review this product for us too so that your other fellow readers can know and be able to decide the real caliber of this product option.

Following are mentioned the merits and demerits of this product:


  • It is Packed With Four Powerful Magnets
  • A User Guide
  • Safe To Handle


  • Limited Compatibility

10. CAW Universal Magnetic Car Mount – MultifunctionalCAW Universal Magnetic Car Mount

CAW.CAR Universal Magnetic Car Mount is the last recommendation from our side. So, this magnetic car mount holder is out and out and all in all a universal product. We do mean by this statement and you will agree with us as well.

This mount suits a large number and variety of cell phones and compatible with the extensive number of GPS gadgets. Its installation process is easy and it can be easily and smoothly installed in all kinds and range of cars.

It is because of the 3M VHB adhesive as well as Extra Strong Magnet that your pan hone will be given great stability. No matter you have installed and mounted a lightweight tablet on it, it will remain safe and secure.

But make sure that your tablet has to be under 8 inch in its dimensions.

Do you know that this Car Mount can keep your gadget or device visible and just near at hand, it is true! Just install this mount on your car dashboard and easily access and use your phone or GPS while you are driving.

You only have to bring your phone right to the mount and then it will get locked on its own.
The mounting and installation process is just one second.

It is the magnet attached to this mount that your gadget or device will get stick in less than one minute. Your device will not require any clamp or cradle because this mount and its magnet will securely lock down your phone.

This mount is going to give your phone 360-degree rotation option, You will get the viewing angle freedom at the same time. You will be given full access in terms of controlling operations and also the ports.

This is a super handy and super tight car mount holder so do give it a buy and share your feedback with us.


  • Easily Installed In Any Car
  • It Keeps Your Device Visible
  • No Clamps, No Cradles


  • None

Best Magnetic Car Mounts – Buyer’s GuideMagnetic Car Mounts

Great Stability

Great stability

You are chosen and picked one magnetic car mount holder should give your phone a great and extensive range of stability. It should show universal features and properties in it.

Your selected car mount holder has to be compatible with all kinds of smartphones and GPS gadgets and it should be able to get fixed and installed on all cars.

Make sure that it should be encompassed with an extra strong magnet so that your phone remains stable while you drive.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use and Easy Installation Process

Whatever car mount holder you are buying, it has to be easy to use and user-friendly. Furthermore, its installation process has to be always quick. Pick out and buy that mount which requires one hand use only.

Its mounting process has to be just one second as well. Choose that car mount holder which has already magnets attached to it so that you will not require clamps, cradles, and brackets for the further installation process.

360-Degree Rotation

360-Degree Rotation

You can plan to buy such a kind of car mount holder which offer and serve 360-degree rotation option to you.

Being a driver, you should receive a complete viewing angle. Moreover and this is the most important buying guide point that the user should be given complete and proper access to the ports.

Multifunctional and Stylish In Design

Multifunctional and Stylish In Design

Both of these factors and elements count a lot if you want to shop a car mount holder for yourself. Its operations have to be multifunctional and such a design of your car mount which looks stylish and super amazing in your car too.

Its design and color, style and overall shape should match with your car decor too.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Now that you have read all the reviews say the pros and cons, you must be aware of the best holder according to your need. There are many factors which are the same in all of them but still, they differ in small specifications from each other.

Some are very expensive and some are very affordable. This is not a major issue because now you have gone through a list of the best holders available in the market.

Most of which are used by the majority of people. Be careful before spending your money.

The one you choose may not be compatible with your vehicle or may not be shipped in your country (in case you are looking for online purchasing). We want your money to be spent on buying the right product that provides benefits to you for a longer period of time.

Therefore, we have set the priority list for you and we are quite sure it must have helped in choosing the right one for you.

So think wisely before making any decision because it is your choice now.

We believe our research must have created easiness in your selection process so don’t let your precious time go in vain. Go now and shop the one which you think is best for you!

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