Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide

Whether you’re a professional, student or a gaming enthusiast, there isn’t a shortage of options when it comes to LED monitors. But, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. When scouting for the best LED monitor, you’ve got to be sure about a couple of things including the size, refresh rate, resolution and response time. You’ll need to think about the contrast and the brightness too, depending on your needs.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best LED Monitors

To help you pinpoint what you want, we’ve compiled a list of the ten of the best LED monitors for gamers, Netflix ninjas, business persons, graphics pros, those on a tight budget and more.

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10. Samsung IT C27F398 – Best for Streaming

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 1

Streaming addicts, the Samsung IT C27F398 is for you. Featuring the brand-exclusive AMD FreeSync technology, this 27-inch monitor allows you to enjoy smooth, crystal clear images, even for fast-paced action. With a response time of 4ms, you’ll get images with less blur, ghosting, and judder. Plus, the iconic response time ensures steady visual for a better watching experience.

The 1800R curved design of this monitor provides big, bold and beautiful panoramic views to keep you glued to your screen. Other than that, the C27F398 touts integrated Active Crystal Color technology for a perfect balance between colors. The contrast ratio stands at a remarkable 3000:1. That way, this unit can deliver bright white and deep blacks for clear images even in the brightest or darkest of scenes.

You don’t have to worry about soaring power bills with the Samsung IT C27F398. It comes with a built-in Eco-Saving Plus function to reduce screen brightness automatically and save power. Meanwhile, be sure to use the Eye Saver mode to minimize flickers and blue light emissions at the press of a button. In this setting, you can stream for long without straining your eyes.

9. Dell UltraSharp U2414H – Best for Image Editing/Graphics

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 2

The name says it all, doesn’t it? The Dell U2414H sports a stylish 6.05 mm, 23.8-inch screen, complete with full HD display for brilliant images. We love the 178 degrees viewing-angle that keeps your pictures as clear as possible. You can even pivot the monitor from left to right up to ninety degrees, a function that allows you to create multiple screen displays with seamless imagery between two or more monitors.

Unlike most models, this one is color calibrated-ready so you can start to use it right off the box. And with more than 96% of sRGB color display, you can be sure that it will give you a perfect color balance right from the moment you switch it on. The Dell U2414H five-star performance goes beyond the screen. You can connect it to your favorite digital tech. It also supports USB charging.

Speaking of performance, this monitor comes with a mobile high-definition link (MHL) port to let you view graphics straight from your tablet or smartphone. And then there are the three USB ports for faster data transfers. To top it off, the U2414H meets Energy Star regulatory requirements.

8. ViewSonic VX2452MH – Best for Multimedia Entertainment

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 3

We reckon that this is indeed one of the best LED monitors if you’re looking for a jack of all trades. With the brand exclusive ClearMotivll technology, the VX2452MH can deliver up to 2ms response time for blur-free images whether you’re gaming, watching your favorite movie or graphic designing.

In the meantime, the HDMI future-proof port ensures that you enjoy true digital picture while the two built-in 2-watt stereo speakers make this the ultimate multimedia package. What’s more? You can count on the ultra-high 50M: 1 contrast ratio to provide sharp, crisp color. Besides, the full HD 1080p resolution enhances the quality of your multimedia content.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to install the ViewSonic VX2452MH. This monitor features a unique VESA mountable design, to give you flexible placement options as per your entertainment needs. And for those may want to know, this screen is anti-glare proof and Blu-ray compatible. It is available in 22, 24 and 27-inch options.

7. Acer G276HL Kbix – Best for Pitch-Perfect Resolution

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 4

The G276HL Kbix by Acer packs a mind-bending 100 million: 1 contrast ratio! It is undoubtedly the monitor to go for if you want amazingly sharp images. Its HD ratio stands at 16:9 to deliver digital content with zero imaging distortion. And as if that’s not enough, you get 1920 by 1080 resolution, making this an exemplary screen for productivity applications.

It will also catch your attention to know that the G276HL Kbix supports VGA and HDMI input for increased versatility. Moreover, it takes a mere 4ms for this monitor to deliver immersive graphics and image when you press the On button. Fans love the eColor Management function that lets you optimize the appearance of your content in different viewing environments.

You don’t need to have a lot of space to mount the Acer G276HL Kbix. This 27-inch monitor boasts a ridiculously slim build with an X-shaped stand to fit nicely into your spaces. Additionally, the one-of-a-kind pilot style brings forth widescreen cinematic view, further enhancing image sharpness. For its cost, this is an excellent screen with an inspiring ability to match.

6. ASUS VS248H-P – Best for Video Playbacks

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 5

The VS248H-P is a beast. It features the patented Splendid Video Intelligence technology that balances the sharpness, brightness, and contrast for superior viewing. You can even select preset video modes between standard, night view, game, theater, sRGB and scenery on the strategically onboard menu. In other words, you can fiddle with the quality of your images for the best possible output depending on what you’re doing with the monitor.

The VS248H-P supports 1080 full HD, so there’s no question about the image quality. And with 50 million: 1 smart contrast ratio, this monitor will give you lifelike images no matter the task at hand. Even more intriguing is the fact that it can adjust color parameters automatically thanks to the Smart View technology.

Once you mount the VS248H-P, the Kensington security slot will help keep it sturdy and stable. We bet that you’ll love the matte finish that works to reduce glare on this monitor. With this 24-inch unit in your home or office, you’ll never have to complain about ghosting or haziness of your video playbacks.

5. LG 34UC80-B – Best for High Performance

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 6

The LG 34UC80-B has got you sorted if you’re in search of a monitor that will deliver highly accurate color. This 34-inch UltraWide display has a large pixel area for sensationally sharp image quality. More specifically, it is roughly 2.4 times bigger than a full HD 16:9 screen and 1.8 times wider than a full HD 21:9 monitor.

Apart from the display, the other stand-out highlight of the LG 34UC80-B is its sRGB. In fact, it is the 99% sRGB spectrum coverage, which makes this monitor a perfect choice for graphic designers and photographers. It even has four picture-in-picture options so that you can split, resize and display more than two windows at a go. This function, by extension, allows you to multitask so you can get more work done.

The LG 34UC80-B is all about keeping you in charge. It features on-screen controls to let you fine-tune the brightness, volume and picture mode presets with a few clicks of the mouse.

There’s also the brand-exclusive AMB FreeSync capability that reduces the stutter and tear between the monitor’s refresh rate and the graphics card’s frame. This promotes fluid movement of images without having to upgrade your graphics card. There’s so much to the LG 34UC80-B, the best way to experience what it can do is to own one!

4. LG 32MA70HY-P – Best for Professional Needs

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 7

LG continues to dominate our best LED monitors reviews for all the right reasons. If you’re a professional, this could be very well the monitor that you’ve been waiting for! For starters, it is VESA-compatible. Do you know what that means? Well, it gives you the freedom to take it off your desk and hang it on the wall. In simple terms, its design seeks to liberate your viewing. And that’s not even the best part!

This 32-inch monitor gives you plenty of room to arrange your displays while the convenient on-screen controls allow you to personalize your viewing preferences. You can even split the screen up to four times in 14 different configurations for enhanced productivity. And for those who’re asking, this unit offers a 1080p resolution for stellar clarity.

When you want to take a break from making PowerPoint presentations, switch to the Reader mode and peruse through your favorite book without eye fatigue. In this setting, the 32MA70HY-P will turn out to be your beloved companion whenever you want to spend long stretches in front of your monitor. See? This unit is as functional as they come and for its cost, it is indeed a steal!

3. Acer XFA240 – Best for Gaming

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 8

Any gamer out there will appreciate the Acer XFA240. Our pick for the best LED monitor for gaming, it plays as hard as you, aided by the innovative features. First off, it offers full HD for incredible resolution. It supports AMD FreeSync technology for optimum functionality of the graphics card too.

Did you know that response time is a primary consideration when choosing a gaming monitor? This one has an admirable 1ms response time to enhance your in-game experience. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re riding your GTA Pegassi Tempesta, you’ll always enjoy smooth transitions without ghosting or smearing. The beauty of it is that you can tilt this 24-inch unit from -5 to -35 degrees as you try to find the most comfortable view.

The Acer XFA240 is flicker-less for a better viewing experience. And if you can’t get off your screen, the EyeProtect technology will ensure that you don’t suffer from eye strain. And then there is the Blue Light filter to reduce any light exposure that can cause long-term eye damage.

2. HP FHD IPS – Best for Work

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 9

This 23.8-inch monitor is highly adjustable, allowing you to make the most of your work desk. It comes with pivot adjustments to let you tilt the display or fiddle with the height to reduce strain on your neck during use.

If you like to listen to soothing ballads as you work, you’ll love the HP FHD IPS’s integrated connectivity and audio. The powerful built-in speakers with a sound output of 2 watts per channel will keep you entertained all day. Furthermore, the HMDI, HDCP and VGA ports ensure that you stay connected to your external devices.

The FHD IPS offers a contrast ratio of 2 million to 1 to guarantee vibrant visuals and images. A monitor for work should be as safe as possible on your eyes. This model features a mercury-free LED backlight reinforced with arsenic-free glass so you can spend time on your screen without your eyes getting sore. The large display lets you set multiple-monitor to accomplish more in lesser time.

1. HP Pavilion IPS – Best for Everyday Tasks

Top 10 Best LED Monitors In 2020 Review – A Step By Step Guide 10

First things first; the HP Pavilion IPS is the most affordable LED monitor on this list. It is for everyone who’s scouting for a top-notch model without spending too much.

It has a 7ms response time with overdrive to deliver incredibly smooth pictures with a crisp and fluid appearance, free of blur. The low halogen design is not only energy efficient but also enables you to handle every day computing in style. And yes, the HP Pavilion IPS is adjustable so you’ll always find the best angles depending on what you’re doing.

Other notable features include an anti-glare panel and a sleek, 3-side micro-edge design. Those who’ve used this monitor say you can connect it your MacBook Pro via the HDMI or VGA port. Needless to say, the compact construction means that you’ll have room to spare on your desk for other accessories and tech.

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