Top 10 Best Kitchen Scale Reviews In 2021- A Step By Step Guide

Whether you’re a dieter, baker or cooking enthusiast, a good, reliable food scale is a must-have.

The best kitchen food scale features a user-friendly interface, is (always) accurate and easy to clean. And, because you’ll be weighing your ingredients in different units, it has to support readouts in kilos, pounds, grams, and ounces.

The last thing that you want is a scale that gives you inaccurate readings, more so if you’re on a diet.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Kitchen ScaleKitchen Scale

Types of Kitchen Scales

There are three main kinds and types of scales which are available to be used in the kitchen. You can have a balance or mechanical / spring or you can have a digital scale for yourself. All of these options and main kinds of kitchen scales operate and run on a different range of principles in terms of measuring weight.

The Balance Kitchen Scale

This is an important and primary type of kitchen scale. It operates on the basis of performing comparisons right between known masses and also the object which has to be measured and weighed. On technical terms and basis, this balance kitchen scale determines and show the mass and not the weight figures.

The downside of this scale is that it only shows and report if the measured object is greater or less than that of the known mass.

Mechanical Kitchen Scales

These kitchen scales make use of a platform which is mounted and installed on a heavy spring so that you can measure weight. In actuality, these spring kitchen scales are not an ideal option for you.

They do exhibit and show the property in terms of linear compression. On the other hand, they may change compression rates over some period of time. When they get break, then they do not get back to their original lengths.

The other problem which is shown by spring kitchen scales, it is that small quantities are tough and harder to measure as compared to the large quantities. It is because of the reason that small amount in the spring is difficult and tough to detect.

If you will get high-quality mechanical scales, then they can turn out to be quite precise and they carry a hefty and big price tag as well.

Digital Kitchen Scale

These scales give easy to read measurements to the users and them always high precision and highly accurate results all the time.

Their operation, working methodology, and a mechanism are based on this electrical component which I gave the name of a strain gauge. You can call it with the name of the load cell. Note down the resistance of this strain gauge, it changes upon the basis of compression.

These digital scales are going to update you about exact weight figures in less than a second the minute you will place the item on it.

Most of the digital scales, they have tare function which is going to let the user subtract the weight right from the container if he or she has added the excess of it in the container.

Best Kitchen Scale for Baking

Note down that below we have mentioned for you the best of all kitchen scales for our readers. They are high and extremely recommended to you. You will love the use of these kitchen scales.

If you often face a problem of weighing down food ingredients, then use these scales as they are specifically made and manufactured for this job. The top ten options are given to you and we have mentioned the different and reliable brands which make these scales.

You can give us your feedback if you buy our recommended kitchen scales.

We will more update this list for you. So keep connected and do review these best kitchen scales for baking.

We know when performing a baking job, then sugar content and other ingredients content have to be exact and perfect.

You can only make and bake a perfect pastry if you have added the right portion of ingredients in that pastry. For the reason that, to make your baking job more perfect, try these kitchen scales which are only meant for the baking job.

That said, we’ve analyzed the best food scales on the market based on durability, reliability and customer feedback. Of course, the choice of one scale over the other depends on what you need to weigh and your cooking plan. Even then, there’s everything for everyone whether you want to measure ingredients for you cupcake or parsley for your lasagna.

With any of these scales as part of your cooking regimen, you’ll never have to worry about the small margins of error that make all the difference between a good meal and a finger-licking dish.

10. Greater Goods Kitchen Scale – Calibrate Automatically 

Greater Goods Kitchen Scale

Don’t have money to splurge? Not a problem! Greater Goods will get you sorted with this cheap digital scale. Don’t let the inexpensive price tag fool you. This scale is just as good, more so for everyday measuring of small recipes.

It features a large weighing surface to accommodate up to 11 pounds (5kgs) of weight. And then there’s the 1g resolution screen so that you can see the readouts at a glance.

The Greater Goods food scale will shut off and calibrate automatically to save you both time and battery power. And with a smooth plastic surface, you will wipe out dirt and food deposits with a couple of swipes. The touch-sensitive buttons are not only highly responsive but also easy to clean. In other words, Greater Goods had your hygiene in mind when making this scale.

Other notable highlights include the Tare/Zero function that lets you weigh liquid or messier recipes in a bowl. Every unit comes with .4 precision sensors for optimal accuracy and the scratch resistant feet for stability. See?

Despite being inexpensive, this is indeed a well-built weighing scale.

9. AccuWeight Kitchen Scale – Multi-FunctionalAccuWeight Kitchen Scale

This scale by AccuWeight is sleek, sassy and brilliant. It will give you readouts of the total weight of your ingredients in kilos, grams, pounds or ounces – all you have to do is to set it right.

While it doesn’t have the whistles and bells of high-end models, this kitchen scale is incredibly easy to use, making it a good choice for kids to learn about weight and measurements.

The AccuWeight is multi-functional.

You can plug it into your electric socket or use 2 AAA batteries to power it. Sure, the tempered glass looks flimsy, but you may want to know that this is one of the most durable scales in this roundup. In fact, tempered glass is three times stronger than standard glass.

The AccuWeight’s integrated sensors are on point when it comes to giving you precise measurements.

You will get the readouts in seconds even when measuring multiple ingredients in a bowl. Other than that, this unit boasts liquid measurement technology and has a maximum weight capacity of five kilograms.

To wrap it up, this is a great, little scale that will make a great addition to your kitchen.

8. Ozeri ZK14-AB Pronto – Great Features 

 Ozeri ZK14-AB Pronto

The ZK14-AB Pronto is something else! Among its many accolades is that Dana Farber Cancer Institute chose it to measure recipes in a weight loss study. Plus, it has rave reviews to its name, and easily one of the most-sought-after on this list. This uncompromising multi-functional scale features second-generation sensors to reduce the possibility of false readings to zero.

It has a built-in button to convert your measurements in an instant and display them in an easy-to-read LCD screen. Meanwhile, the tare button will give you the total weight of your recipes in case you use a container or bowl.

We love the new, extended weighing platform compete with a graceful chrome finish.

Users hail the two large buttons on either side of the platform with an audible click confirmation so you don’t have to click twice.

The ZK14-AB comes in a host of colors to match your kitchen’s décor and cleans in a snap. And, apart from measuring your ingredients, you can also use it as a scale for kid’s science project or postage mail!

7. OXO Good Grips – Unique Scale

OXO Good Grips

The OXO Good Grips is not only sturdy but also has a generous six by six weighing surface that can hold up to 11 pounds of weight. It is one of the best kitchen scales in its category for baking or batch cooking.

Of course, just as you’d expected, you can seamlessly cycle between kilos, ounces or grams at the touch of a button.

We reckon that it looks like some expensive models but at a super reasonable price. We also love the fact that its innovative display will pull away from the base so that there’s no shadowing from large bowls or plates.

You can even remove the weighing platform and hand-wash it when wiping is not enough. And if you don’t have lots of storage space in your kitchen, you’ll like this scale’s thin profile.

The OXO Good Grips doesn’t have any power cord – it uses 4 AAA batteries. By extension, this means that setting it up is a breeze. Oh, by the way, there’s a bigger model that can handle up to 22 pounds of weight.

6. AmazonBasics Kitchen Scale – The Advanced Sensor

AmazonBasics Kitchen Scale

AmazonBasics outdid themselves on this one – literally speaking. Even though it isn’t the prettiest unit out there, it is undoubtedly one of the best kitchen scales if you want the spotless operation.

With a smudge-proof stainless-steel surface, this little workhorse will stay free of fingerprints to maintain a clean look all the time. You can place up to 5000 grams of ingredients on it, and keep track of readouts through its wide LCD screen.

The AmazonBasics is super fast too, thanks to the advanced sensor technology that delivers fast, accurate results. It is worth noting, however, that this scale will only display readings in pounds, grams, and ounces.

What’s more?

This baby measures 8.7×7.1×1.6 inches to save your countertop space. And when you’re not using it, simply tuck it away in your cupboard or pantry.

The AmazonBasics runs on battery power but it will shut off automatically in about two minutes. Or, you can shut it off manually by pressing the Tare/Power button for three seconds.

Those who have got this scale to term it as an “excellent, simple unit” and we couldn’t agree more.

5. Etekcity Digital Food Scale – World-Class Performance

Etekcity Digital Food Scale

The Etekcity kitchen scale is for you if you’re scouting for a blend of sophistication and world-class performance. Possibly the sleekest model in our best food scales 2018 countdown, this unit features a 30% larger weighing platform for convenience and increased usability.

The Etekcity looks are to die for, but the functionality that it brings to the fore is what makes it stand out against the competition.

It will measure your ingredient in increments of 1 gram.

It makes a great pick if you’re eating towards healthy living or are watching your calorie intake.

For those who may be concerned, this scale runs on 3 GP AAA batteries and has a low-battery indicator so you’ll know when to replace them. It has a total weight capacity of 11 pounds. You can rely on the high-precision strain gauge sensors to give you readouts that you can trust every time you place ingredients on it.

Besides, it has an overload indicator just in case you stack more on the weighing platform than it can handle.

4. AMIR Digital Food Scale – Hassle-Free Measuring Process

AMIR Digital Food Scale


The AMIR is small. In fact, it is the smallest digital scale that we’ve reviewed so far. It is the model to purchase if you’re constantly on the move but wants to watch what goes through your mouth.

The compact size doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on quality and performance – actually it’s quite the opposite.

This scale features three smart buttons for hassle-free measuring. The PCS button allows you to weigh small items such as screws, pins, and beads, while then the T button gives you the net weight of your ingredients. And then there’s the M button for choosing between various weight units.

Moreover, you can set the switch time between these buttons to 60, 20 and 180 seconds.

The AMIR is built to last. It has a high-quality stainless steel weighing platform and an ABS plastic frame for years of use.

It can convert readings between grams, ounces, and kilos in a flash. With all that it has to offer, it is important to mention that this scale will only weigh your ingredients and other items up to 500 grams.

3. American Weigh Scales 600-BLK – Portable and Handy

American Weigh Scales 600-BLK

A good on-the-go food scale, the AWS-600-BLK is portable and handy.

It will accommodate 600 grams of weight and even has a flip-open lid to protect the delicate weighing surface. American Weigh Scales, the makers of this model understand travel measuring needs.

Other than the standard ounce and gram modes, they’ve equipped this scale with tarring, troy and pennyweights modes.

That way, you can use it to weigh up other bits and pieces during your travels. Think of it as a small, all-inclusive scale that can fit into your pocket.

The AWS-600-BLK has three buttons below the bright LCD screen so you can move back and forth between measuring modes easy. The weighing platform, though small, features stainless steel construction for painless cleaning. And, you don’t have to worry about accidental battery drains.

This unit will warn you in advance when it’s the time change the batteries not to mention that it will switch off on its own after a few seconds of idle time.

2. Etekcity Food Scale – Built-In Sensor 

Etekcity Food Scale

Etekcity makes a return to our best kitchen/food scales roundup with this model that has a removable bowl.

A perfect choice for bakers, it is a super convenient unit to measure solid and liquid ingredients. You can even build your batter right inside the bowl and continue to tare as you mix your recipe.

The bow can accommodate up to 11 pounds and you can set your scale to read out the results in ounces or grams on the LED screen. It will also catch your attention to know that this unit comes with a built-in sensor and an alarm timer to let you measure as many ingredients as possible in less time.

Bakers love its hard-wearing stainless steel body for months upon months of use.

Even though this scale has a somewhat classic design, it will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen’s countertop. And the best part is that you can place other containers on it.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the included bowl. Now, that’s a food scale that allows you to cook beyond limits.

1. Etekcity Multifunction Weight Scale – Meets CE Standards 

Etekcity Multifunction Weight Scale

This crafty kitchen scale is a good alternative if the one we’ve just reviewed doesn’t do it for you in terms of design.

It comes with a 5kg bowl so you don’t have to worry about messy ingredients spilling over. And in case of spills, just give the smooth, stainless steel body a couple of wipes and it will be as good as new.

Choose the measurement unit that best resonates with you and let the display help you out with the readouts.

You can place your recipes in divisions of 0.1 ounces as long as you don’t go past the 27 ounces mark. This food scale meets CE standards for safety and has auto-zero/tare functions so that you can use it with other containers.

It will convert between units fast and even has milk and water measurement models for refined accuracy. And just so you may know, you can place your ingredients directly on the measuring platform without using the bowl.

You may also choose to use the bowl as a space-saving protective cover whenever you’re not using your scale.

Best Kitchen Scales – Buyer’s Guide

Below you can get an idea that how best kitchen scales can be bought for your kitchens, check out the guide:

Large Weighing Surface

You have to keep in mind that you are chosen and selected on kitchen scale should have large and big one weighing surface. Like it should be easy to accommodate 11 pounds of weight at one single time.

On the other hand, your selected scale should have a big resolution screen. In this way, you will clearly and easily read the weight measurements at a single glance. Time-saving and battery power saving:

Try to shop for that kind of kitchen scale which is a time saving as well as battery saving option for you. It should be able to get shut off automatically. Such an automatic shut-off mechanism will save both of your time and battery.

Plastic Surface Construction

A high-quality kitchen scale should be made of plastic.

It should have a plastic surface construction. In this way, you will easily clean and wipe off the scale and easily remove all the food deposits presents on it.

Touch-Responsive Buttons

Try to pick out the kitchen scale which has touch-responsive buttons. Such buttons are highly and extremely responsive. They are easy to clean at the same time.

Meeting CE Standards

The reliable kitchen scale option should be meeting all CE standards.

It is for the safety purpose that these CE standards should be fulfilled. Moreover, if your food scale comprises auto zero-tar functions then take it as a bonus and plus point.

Extensive Warranty

Choose that kitchen scale which offers the extended warranty to you. It has to be backed with extended warranty and to guarantees, time and reliable customer service have to be offered from its manufacturers.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So which kitchen scale you are going to pick?

Let us know which kitchen scale you are using these days and which one you are about to buy for your baking job. Become a perfect baking professional by getting these scale on an immediate note.

From now onwards, your pastries and other baking stuff will be prepared with perfection because you are going to weigh and measure the baking ingredients on this scale.

Keep in touch with us and we will recommend you more of the high-quality, outclass and extraordinary kitchen scales in the near time.


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