Top 10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021 Reviews

Are you looking to buy a gift for your child? If Yes, then you should get a smartwatch for your kit. A smartwatch helps your child to get introduced to the technology. This also helps your child to stay connected as most of the smartwatches available in the market have a slot for inserting sim card. But, you need a great product that can satisfy your child’s curiosity and this is the reason we have specially curated this list of the top 10 best kids smartwatches in 2019.

List of Best Kids Smartwatches in 2019

10. ICooLive Smart Watch with SIM Card for Kids with SOS Anti-Lost Alarm

10. Kid Smart Watch GPS Tracker Wrist Phone Game Watch for Kids Child Boys Girls SOS

Give your champ the best gift for this season. This is a fully functional smartwatch loaded with many features that include LBS and GPS tracker so that you can know where your kids are at any time of the day. In these difficult times, this smartwatch is loaded with SOS emergency service that calls 3 phone numbers once the SOS key is pressed for 3 seconds.

Other than these features, your child can have a voice chat, math game to play in the leisure time, camera and remote voice recorder. The best part is that parents can remotely control the settings of this watch through an app. Its do not disturb mode forbids the usage when your child is in the classroom.

9. GreaSmart presents Smartwatch with Camera, Anti Lost Alarm to be Controlled by Parents for iPhone and Android

9. Kids Smartwatch for Boys Girls - GPS Tracker Phone Remote Monitor Camera Game Anti Lost Alarm Clock App Control

Featuring ultimate look and modern design this smartwatch is loaded with many specialties. With high definition touchscreen, you can easily access all the functions of this watch. It has a built-in SIM card slot so that you can connect it to your Bluetooth device and start making voice calls. Parents can know what their children are doing by remotely watching through the camera in the smartwatch.

Your child can be more secure than ever before with the SOS emergency button that sends an emergency message when pressed for a long time. Apart from all these features, this smartwatch has a torch, voice chat function, stopwatch and a do not disturb mode that blocks phone calls.

8. GBD presents Smart Watch for Kids with GPS Tracker for iPhone and Android and SOS

Now you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety when your child has this smartwatch. One press SOS emergency button will make a call to the emergency number giving the fastest of the help to your child. With GPS+LBS positioning technology that sends you the real-time location of your child. By dialing the voice monitor number you can secretly listen to your child’s gossips on the app.

An easy operating system for children with camera, album, quick learning and flashlight. Its electronic fence helps you to gain control over your child’s smartwatch where you can choose the activity areas for your child and can restrict usage in some areas.

7. KKCITE presents Bluetooth Smartwatch with Android and iOS Phone Connectivity

7. Smart Watch KKCITE Sweatproof Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone With SIM 2G GSM

Looking for a smartwatch for your child that is loaded with lots of features? Then you cannot resist this premium quality smartwatch that is packed with many such features. Your child does not have to carry a mobile phone with him in order to call you. You can install a micro SIM card in this smartwatch and can call your child at any time of the day.

Keep track of your child’s sleep monitor and the number of steps your child has walked with the passometer and sedentary reminder assistant to notify you to move after a certain time. With a 1.54-inch screen protected by OGS laminating ensures that it extends the durability of your smartwatch. You can connect this smartwatch to your Android or iOS smartphone and access its functions.

6. YNCTE Smartwatch for Kids

6. Kids Smartwatch,Smart Watch with Games

Bring a new smile on your child’s face with this smartwatch inspired by the latest technology. This smartwatch is specially designed to be used by children of age 3 to 12 and it includes a lot of features like alarm clock, built-in learning game, and many others. Its high-capacity rechargeable battery lasts in standby mode for about 5 to 7 days.

Teach your child about time with the colorful clock that features 20 different kinds of clock displays. You can also inculcate in your child the habit of rising early by setting an alarm on the smartwatch. With the built-in camera let your child enjoy the great experience of photography right from a small age.

5. IFUNDA presents Bluetooth Smartwatch with HD Touchscreen, Camera and Fitness Tracker

5. Bluetooth Smart Watch With Camera Touch Screen Smartwatch Unlocked Watch Cell Phone

Packed with a lot of features this is one of the best smartwatches that is perfect for your child. Specially designed operating system for easy and quick access to all its functions this smartwatch has a pedometer, sedentary reminder, calory calculator and sleep monitor to keep track of your kid’s health.

Sync this smartwatch to your smartphone and you can access many functions like answering calls, sending and receiving messages, accessing your social media account and many more.

High capacity battery ensures that it lasts for about 2 days. The soft and comfortable grip of the strap lets you feel the comfort while the lightweight and compact design ensures that you wear the watch without a bit of hesitance.

4. WJPILIS presents A1 Bluetooth Smartwatch with iPhone and Android Connectivity, SIM Card Slot

4. Bluetooth Smart Watch A1

Premium quality design, wide compatibility and lots of features are some of the special specs of this smartwatch. With dual connectivity, you can insert a SIM card into the smartwatch and can make calls, send and receive text messages and do all that you do on a phone. While on the other hand, you can connect this smartwatch to your smartphone and access the functions of your phone on the watch.

Track your child’s activity with the built-in activity tracker that has a pedometer, sedentary reminder and sleep monitor. Fully confident of the quality the manufacturer offers 90-day money-back guarantee and 100% lifetime warranty with this smartwatch.

3. Qui Feng presents Smartwatch with SIM Card Slot, Bluetooth Connectivity DZ09

3. Qiufeng DZ09 Smart Watch Smartwatch Bluetooth Sweatproof Phone with Camera

This smartwatch has all that you need in this time of digitalization. Packed with a lot of features your kid can stay connected to you without carrying a mobile phone by inserting a SIM card into the smartwatch and accessing functions like phone calls, message, listening to music, capturing photos from the camera etc.

You can also access the functions of your mobile phone on the smartwatch by connecting it to through Bluetooth. This smartwatch has all that your child needs in this modern age to stay connected and make the most out of the technology.

2. VTech presents Blue Kidozoom DX2 Smartwatch with Frustration-Free Packaging

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 Blue (Frustration Free Packaging)

This smartwatch features a convenient operating and easy to access features for kids. Help your kid learn about technology right from the young age with this perfectly designed smartwatch to teach your kids about understanding time in a digital and analog clock. A built-in game keeps your child busy while you’re working with some other things.

With a motion sensor and a pedometer, your child can play actively with games. Wide display, cool colors and frustration free packaging is the specialty of this smartwatch. A rechargeable battery can be charged by connecting to a USB cable.

1. ADHOPE presents SMartwatch with Bluetooth Connectivity to iPhone and Android Phone

1. Bluetooth Smart Watch Touchscreen with Camera- Best Kids Smartwatches

A real smartwatch has all the functions that you need today in this era of modern technology and this smartwatch is just like that. Insert a SIM card in this smartwatch and you can call and speak with your child at any time of the day. Keep the track of your child’s fitness with the built-in features like a pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, and calorie calculator.

You can also add some recreation into your kid’s life with the music player that lets your child listen to his favorite music. Don’t worry to lose your smartphone as when this smartwatch is connected to your smartphone the intelligent anti-theft will command your phone to vibrate if it’s within 10-15 meters.

Technology keeps changing over time. Hence, you need a great device that has all the features common today. To make the selection easy for you we have sorted out the best of the smartwatches that are the best choices for this year. You can make a wise decision and choose one of the top choices from this list give your child the reason to celebrate and be joyful for this year.

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