Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide

When we take our children for a walk or to school, the best kick mats we usually place them for safety in the back of our car.

Many of them are restless and start kicking the backs of the front seats endlessly, ruining the upholstery and filling it with the grime found in their shoes.

In order to prevent our seats from spoiling, it is best to always buy a car seat back protector.

Best Kick Mats Reviewed

Kick Mats

The best kick mats will not only keep your car’s seat spotless but also free of spills, scratches, marks, and more.

In fact, a car seat protector mat could very well be the only upgrade you need to keep your auto and its occupants clean. And, it doesn’t take much to find a kick mat that serves your intended purpose.

All you got to do is to ensure that the size is right (of course, the mat has to fit snugly on the seat) and that the material is durable, non-slip and waterproof.

Even better, our best kick mat reviews will help you make an informed buying decision. Scroll down our list to discover top kick mats for your auto.

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10. Sleeping Lamb Kick Mats

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 1

You’ll love having these mats in your car. First of all, they measure 18.3 by 26 inches to cover the entire back of your seats.

They’re ideal for SUV, minivans, and sedan seats. Sure, the bottom is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about stains, ice, scuff marks, mud, dust, and dirt.

Other than that, the Sleeping Lamb comes with easy-to-access storage pockets. That way, it doubles up as a back seat car organizer for your phones, purse, tables and other personal effects.

This mat also features an iPad holder and two elastic mesh pockets to store your DVD player, snacks, toys, and magazines.

And then there’s the PVC touchscreen pocket with a great angle for convenient access to your 10-inch tablet as you travel.

To wrap it up, the Sleeping Lamb sports a dual layer of guard fabric for durability.


  • If what you need is an organizer case for the car that is useful and looks elegant, this is the right product for you


  • The purchase includes only two sets of backrests

9. Ohuhu Kick Mats

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 2

These kit mats by Ohuhu promise to protect your saloon, SUV, and truck’s seat from mud and stains caused by dirty boots thanks to their universal fit.

The PVC construction not only keeps water at bay but is also easy to clean – a few wipes with a damp towel is all you need to get rid of accumulated dirt.

Baby toys or gaming console can really cram your car. With the Ohuhu mats, however, you shouldn’t worry about such items stuffing your vehicles space or glove compartment.

These mats boast durable mesh pockets that allow you to store accessories within reach. Moreover, the meshed lining ensures that you can see everything in the pockets.

By extension this lets you scan the pockets for unsafe objects such as nail clippers and scissors way before you dip your hands into the pocket. Awesome!


  • It is made with materials of excellent quality and thanks to its black color
  • It combines with all cars and integrates with its interior


  • It does not fit easily to the desired length

8. Lusso Gear Back Seat Protectors

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 3

These top-rated cat seat protector mats are stylish as they are functional. They’ll complement your auto’s interior while extending the life your backrests at the same time.

We love the waterproof oxford fabric material, complete with a smooth finish that’s really attractive to the eyes.

And, apart from the modish looks, motorists say that these mats are excellent when it comes to protecting your seats from the elements of everyday use.

Installing the Lusso Gear mats is a breeze. Just place them over the seats and use the top straps to put them into position in less than a minute.

Another notable highlight of these mats is their versatility.

Apart from their long-lasting design, they spot large pockets to bring forth some additional space to ensure that your car’s interior stays organized.

Did we tell you that they’re machine washable? Well, now you know.


  • It is easy to clean with a sponge or wet towel


  • The quality of the materials are improbable

7. Best Kick Mats with Backseat Organizer Pocket Storage

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 4

The name couldn’t be more appropriate. These are indeed first-class kick mats that will offer the protection your car seats need to remain free of scuff marks, mud, stains and so on.

But that’s not the only reason you’d want to buy them. They have a smooth, robust vinyl finish that prevents water from messing your seats.

Fans applaud the black, glossy coating that brings a luxury appeal to the interior of your auto.

Of course, just like any mats work your money, these have deluxe pocket storage organizer for your books, keys, phone and host of other small items.

And for those who may want to know, these mats have a Velcro strap that attaches at the bottom of the seat for a snug fit.

As for the dimensions, the Best kick mats measure 18 by 22 ½ inches.


  • It is perfect for families who want to accommodate children’s toys and also for executives who do not know where to put all their documents


  • It has not many pockets as normally a family needs

6. Tike Smart Kick Mats

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 5

The Tike Smart mats feature a brand-exclusive Clean-Edge semi-stuff upper edging design that gives it a flawless, clean look with ZERO wrinkles.

Undoubtedly one of the best kick mats on the market it is also one of the most innovative. Additionally, it is available in gray to match virtually any car’s interior leather or upholstery.

The Tike Smart also has an “invisible strap” that keeps it neatly tucked away from the view of those in your vehicle’s front seat. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to clean these kick mats.

You can easily swab the surface with a soggy sponge to maintain a spick and span look every day

. While these mats don’t have organizing pockets, they’re brilliant when it comes to making sure that your seats back don’t lug stains and dirt.

With these as part of your automobile’s interior, you’ll be sure to carry kids and have a nice car too!


  • It is perfect for children who kick


  • It has no support for a headrest

5. MyTravelAide Kick Mats

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 6

Graceful, super-practical and remarkably long lasting, these kick mats by MyTravelAide are an accessory you wouldn’t want to miss in your car.

They come with extra-long, highly adjustable straps and quick-release buckles for a fast, a universal fit in any seat (with dimensions of 24 by 18 inches).

The MyTravelAide mats tout high-quality fabric, reinforced with double stitching to hold well against the demands of everyday use.

While most mats on this list have meshed pouches, these have dedicated deep pockets with Velcro straps to hold big items such as laptops.

In fact, most reviewers love the additional storage room which makes them great if you travel a lot with your kids.


  • It adapts very easily thanks to the fixation that it has in 4 different parts


  • It is not very rigid

4. Oasser Kick Mats

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 7

These mats are for you if your teenage boy loves carrying his iPad in the car. They have a clear iPad holder and nylon fastener tape on both ends to ensure that your devices don’t slip.

You can even open any side of the tape to plug and earphone or charger.

Apart from the revolutionary design, the Oasser doesn’t fall short when it comes to serving its primary purpose – which is to keep your car seats clean.

These mats are thick (thanks to the 600D oxford, clothing material) so no dirt, dust, grime or water will come in to contact with the seats.

They measure 9 by 5 by 2.5 inches so they’re big enough to fit most cars. Even though the Oassesr is relatively expensive in comparison to other mats in this roundup.


  • It has a transparent pocket ideal for the Tablet of your little ones and has one large opening for other objects


  • On this kick mat you will have to worry about the mud of Childs

3. lebogner Back Seat Protectors

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 8

Grippy, smooth and easy to clean, the lebogner mats have found love from happy users and it’s not hard to figure out why.

Featuring double-layered fabric, these have what it takes to keep your car seats clean, even when carrying the most active little feet.

That way, you can rest assured you won’t have to deal with dirty footprints, moisture, and scuff mark every now and then.

Don’t worry about the size of your vehicle’s seat. The lebogner measure 19 by 27 inches so it’ll cover the whole seat in addition to giving it a comfortable fit.

Other notable highlights include the back seat organizer and the simple, hassle-free installation. Moreover, these mats come at a reasonable cost so they’re a great pick if you’re a frugal shopper.


  • This can all help you organize everything in this product


  • The net at the bottom is very weak and can easily break

2. Enovoe Kick Mats

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 9

The Enovoe back seat car protector mats combine elegance and utility. They’re both sleek and luxurious to complement your Subaru’s interior while providing, a clean, subtle finish at the same time.

The materials are as tough as you’d want them to be, translating to months of use. Again, these are a good choice if you find the back pocket organizers messy.

The other aspects of the Enovoe are as you’d expect for premium kick mats from the ease of cleaning to waterproof design and a tight fit.

It will also catch your attention to know that each purchase comes with an eBook on games and activities to keep your little ones entertained during car rides.

No more boring road trip with the Enovoe!


  • It is durable and economical


  • It does not cover the seat completely

1. Brica Deluxe Kick Mats

Top 10 Best Kick Mats Review In 2021 – A Definitive Guide 10

These are the best kick mats on the market – hands down. To start with they are one of the largest mats you can get.

More specifically, they’re 100% larger than their previous version. A popular choice for sedan owners, they can also fit most SUVs and mini vans.

Fans love the fact that you can adjust the upper and lower coverage, using strategically placed buckle attachments.

Meanwhile, the elastic strap undertakes to fasten the Brica firmly on your back seat for a universal fit with tailored look.

The grime guard fabric adds brilliance to an already remarkable kick mat. To cut to the chase, these mats are kid-tested and mom-approved! You’ll love them!


  • This simple cover is ideal to repel dirt from children’s feet after a day of games between mud and dirt


  • For some the quality was not what was expected from this brand?

Best Kick MatsBuying Guide

Best Kick Mats

When choosing a seat protector one of the first aspects to study is the compatibility of it with our baby chair. Some models cataloged as universal are the most sought after because they adapt too many chair models without problems.

There are models and brands that are only compatible with the chairs of the same brands, so the best idea is to choose a protector model that suits the chair we already have, avoiding compatibility problems.

Quality is another important aspect, since the protector is in contact with the chair of your child, and even with your skin, so it must be of a higher quality.

These materials should encourage comfort, as well as warm during the winter season and cool in the hot season, avoiding adding heat to the baby and making it easy to clean in the event of an accident with food or drinks.

It must be integrated into the chair and not remain as an alien element. It should be easy to install, even simpler than your own chair, although you can find models with a greater or lesser degree of difficulty.

The chosen model must be easy to install so that when it is removed it does not present problems or a lot of time invested.

In the same way, it is important to study our budget since in the market we can find a great variety of prices between brands, always ensuring quality for safety and proper functioning.

Sometimes babies can be much more problematic than children of other ages. They are noisier, they require attention 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week and they are also very fragile.

Most of these problems have little to do with car seats but many of them, if they are quite linked, such as when they kick incessantly and spoil the upholstery leaving it dirty and full of prints.

However, this annoying issue can be solved very easily with a rear seat cover that in addition to maintaining neatness inside your vehicle, can also help you organize everything you have inside; all this will depend on the brand and the model you want to choose.

These elements are specially designed to be used against kicks, spills or against the inclemencies of the sun that could also spoil our seats. The reason for this type of cover is that it has the ability to protect the rear of the front seat.

In the market, there are models available that can differ in things such as design, durability, the material with which it is manufactured, the measurements and whether or not they have pockets to organize the belongings.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

The above mention kick marts are very important because it allows you to store small toys, your documents, or whatever you have on the floor of your car.

The appearance is another factor that we must take into account when buying a kick mat because if in addition to organizing our belongings and protect the seat against kicks can look good, the result will be even better.

Unlike many other items for children who travel by car, a rear seat kick mart does not compromise your safety in any way.

However, for each rule there are exceptions. It is not about the danger that the kick mart itself represents, but about the organizer-type models and the elements that you can get inside.

Keeping this in mind, we do not recommend storing objects that could pose a danger to a child in the event of a car accident.

Potentially dangerous objects include glass, items with sharp or pointed edges, items that can break and have hot contents, or some very hard, high-volume items.

Except for these exceptions, the kick mat for rear seats of cars does not represent any danger.

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