Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Cases & Covers in 2021 Reviews

Seeing your expensive iPhone 7 incur damage could end up ruining your enthusiasm for the Apple line of high-end smartphones. Having spent a fortune on this expensive gadget, the last thing you would imagine, is it getting even the slightest scratch on the back or screen. This way, protecting your precious iPhone 7 from all forms of damage should be your foremost priority. Fortunately, customer-minding manufacturers continue to flood the market with high-quality and reliable iPhone 7 cases & covers to ensure that any proud owner of the iPhone 7 can shield it from damage and maintain it as new for as long as he/she may wish.

Keeping your iPhone 7 as new should not cost a fortune. With a high-quality case cover on your precious phone, you can always be sure of its safety from scratches, dings, cracks, to mention but a few forms of physical damage.

In this post, we come in to ensure that you get the best value for the money spent on your iPhone 7. We review the top ten best iPhone 7 cases and covers that have been released on the market so far in 2019. Read on below to ensure that you select the best case cover that suits all your needs and budget appropriately.

List of Best iPhone 7 Cases & Covers in 2021 Reviews

Preview Product Price
BasAcc [Crystal Clear] Ultra Slim Hybrid Case with [Anti-Shock Protection] TPU Bumper, [Non Slip] Hard Back Panel Case Cover Compatible with Apple iPhone 8/7 2016 (4.7
MILPROX iPhone 7 iPhone 8 Shiny Glitter Sparkly Case Slim Premium 3 Layer Hybrid Protective Soft Case for iPhone 7/8 Case - Rose Gold
$9.99$15.99 (38% off)
iPhone 7 Case, X-Doria Defense Shield Series - Military Grade Drop Tested Protective Case for Apple iPhone 7, [Space Gray]
Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Apple iPhone 8 Case (2017) / Designed for iPhone 7 Case (2016) - Black
$11.99$19.99 (40% off)
iPhone 8 Case, iPhone 7 Case, Vena [Mirage][Chrome] Dock-Friendly Slim Fit Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 (4.7
iPhone 7 Case, iPhone 8 Case [Scratch Resistant] i-Blason Clear [Halo Series] for Apple iPhone 7/Apple iPhone 8 Cover (Clear/Rose Gold)
MILPROX Glitter case for iPhone 8 iPhone 7 4.7
$9.99$15.99 (38% off)
iPhone 8, 7 Case [Vintage Series], VIFLYKOO Premium PU Leather Slim Fit Lightweight Soft Back Cover Phone Case for iPhone 7 Phone (Coffee)
iPhone 8, 7 Case, Premium PU Leather Case with Credit Card Slot Holder, VIFLYKOO Pretty Texture Ultra Slim Lightweight Soft Back Cover Case (Black)
3Pack 10ft Charger Cable CABEPOW for Long 6 Foot Charger Cord/Data Sync Fast USB Charging Cable Cord (gray)

10. BasAcc [Crystal Clear] iPhone 7 Case
10. BasAcc [Crystal Clear] iPhone 7 Case

This case by the BasAcc manufacturing firm is designed with the aim of extending the lifetime of your hard-earned iPhone 7 by a significant degree. It’s designed from composite materials which result to a flexible TPU bumper and a scratch-resistant hard PC back coating to get the protection job done in the best way. Its four corners feature air cushioning technology which allows your expensive phone to survive the impact and accidental bumps with ease.

It comes with a crystal clear design which preserves the original, stylish look of the iPhone 7 without compromising even the slightest detail. Also included in its making are precise cutouts for the controls, camera, and ports for easy phone operation without removing the case.

9. Milprox SHINY GLITTER iPhone 7 Case
9. Milprox SHINY GLITTER iPhone 7 Case

If you enjoy looking attractive and appealing at all times, then you might fall for this case by the Milprox Company. It ranks among the most beautiful and high-performance iPhone 7 cases available on the market so far. This case features a shiny bling sparkling finish which lasts long to keep your phone looking fabulous for an extended period. Its protective ability is also on point as it comes with a 3-layered hybrid structure which includes an outer TPU shell, a middle flash of silver film, and finally, an inner transparent frosted PC shell.

It’s built to not only shield your phones sparkle but also to protect it from accidental drops, scratching and shocking. It comes with a slim fit design, measuring only 2.0mm in breadth and with a weight of only 36g. Its bumper is raised above the screen and around the back camera to offer maximum protection from all forms of damage to these delicate sections of the phone.

8. X-Doria Case for iPhone 7 (Defense Shield)
8. X-Doria Case for iPhone 7 (Defense Shield)

When it comes to shielding your treasured phone from any possible damage, you can rely on this professionally built case by the X-Doria Company. It’s a military grade case which features a machined aluminum exterior frame, so you can be sure of its impressive performance and durability. The fact that its manufacturer utilizes metal in the place of plastic throughout its making is a guarantee of military-level protection to your phone. It comes with a slim-fit, pocketable design which makes it comfortable to handle.

Its interior comprises a soft rubber material combined with a hardened polycarbonate shell for optimum protection. Also featured in this case, is a raised lip around the screen which prevent the screen from incurring scratches when placed in the face-down position. It’s custom-made for the iPhone7 so you can be sure of its perfect fit on your phone.

7. Spigen [Rugged Armor] iPhone 7 Case
7. Spigen [Rugged Armor] iPhone 7 Case

If you have been using the prior iPhone models, then you might have been lucky to come across a case by the Spigen Company. Any case from the Spigen Company comes with a high-quality build as well as an exclusive style. This iPhone 7 case by them is not exceptional. It’s case that has all it takes to shield the iPhone 7 from any form of physical damage.

It’s custom made for the iPhone 7 so you can be sure that it will fit perfectly on your phone. This case comes with a flexible TPU layer that’s designed to be fingerprint-resistant. It’s making also includes air cushioning and military grade technology for maximum protection. It’s a case built for performance and with your satisfaction in mind.

6. Vena [Mirage][Chrome] iPhone 7 Case
6. Vena [Mirage][Chrome] iPhone 7 Case

Among the highly reliable cases and covers for iPhone 7 is this product by the Vena manufacturing firm. Its making is worth appreciation as it allows it to offer maximum protection to the iPhone 7 with no compromise whatsoever. It comes with an exclusive three-piece design which makes it extremely easy to install or remove when necessary. This case has the ability to provide a 360-degree protection to the iPhone 7 thanks to its polycarbonate shell.

Its slim fit and lightweight nature allow it to offer stylish shielding and add insignificant bulk to your phone upon installation. Also included in it making are precise cutouts for the camera, ports, and buttons for easy phone operation. Its elevations around the screen and camera ensure that the display and camera are protected from any damage-causing elements.

5. i-BlasonClear [Halo Series] iPhone 7 Case
5. i-BlasonClear [Halo Series] iPhone 7 Case

i-Blason is the manufacturer behind the design and development of this blemish-free case for the iPhone 7. It’s custom made to fit perfectly on the iPhone 7. It features a slim, sleek design and comes with a transparent back to ensure that is installed does not block even the slightest exterior detail of your iPhone 7. Through the featured anti-slip technology in its making, this case comes with an ultra but comfortable grip for safe handling of your precious phone.

It’s constructed from an innovative material of 3H hardness rating, so you can visualize its protective ability. Its front raised edge is there to provide protection to the screen when placed in the face-down position. Most noteworthy, its shock resistant wraparound bumper provides maximum protection to your phone from falls and drops.

4. Milprox iPhone 7 Case-Best iPhone 7 Cases & Covers

4. Milprox iPhone 7 Case-Best iPhone 7 Cases & Covers

The Milprox iPhone 7 case is a product that designed with the user’s needs in mind. It boasts a professional build which sets it apart from other competitive products in this category. This case comes with a polished bling sparkle finish style, a sure bet in elevating your look to a whole new level when applied to your phone. It features a three-layered structure which includes an outer TPU shell, a middle flash of silver, and an inner transparent frosted PC shell.

Moreover, it brings your phone ultra-protection from scratching, dropping, shocking to mention but a few damage-causing events. It features a slim fit design, measuring only 2.00mm in thickness. Also included in this case, are precise cutouts for the ports, buttons, and camera for optimal convenience.

3. VIFLYKOO iPhone 7 Case [Vintage Series]

3. VIFLYKOO iPhone 7 Case [Vintage Series]

This is just another high-quality case for the iPhone 7 that’s reasonably priced and features a high-quality construction structure. It comes with a vintage design which is simple but elegant. This case features a high-grade back cover that’s made of a soft high-grade microfiber material with the aim of elevating the iPhone7 prominence and making it exclusive.

The fact that this case is hand-made by experienced professionals makes it durable and gives it the power to provide excellent protection services. It’s an ultra-slim case that also offers easy access to the ports, buttons, camera and other functional components on the phone through its precise cutouts. You will appreciate its easy-to-carry and lightweight nature.

2. VIFLYKOO Pretty Texture iPhone 7 Case
2. VIFLYKOO Pretty Texture iPhone 7 Case

Among the features that allow this case to rank among the best iPhone, 7 cases and covers are its lovely and rare-to-find texture. The back of this case features an impressive texture which makes it exciting to touch when applied to the iPhone 7. Also, this case is not only appealing in design but also in its performance. Apart from protecting the phone, this case comes with a cardholder as an added functional component. You can securely store up to three cards within this case.

Beyond that, this case provides excellent protection for the iPhone 7 through its professional build. It has the power to protect your phone from scratching, dirt, as well as dropping. Its ultra-slim construction also includes precise cutouts for the ports, buttons, as well as other functional components like the camera.

1. Caseology [Skyfall Series] iPhone 7 Case

Best iPhone 7 Cases & Covers

Right from the excellent reviews that this case continues to receive on the primary online markets, a wise person can gauge and visualize its performance in protecting the iPhone 7 from damage. It’s a case that boasts being the number one best seller on Amazon within this category. It comes with minimal beauty as it’s entirely transparent to allow you to showcase the stylish look of your classic iPhone 7 with no hindrance whatsoever.

Its comfortable texture and slim build are among the factors that contribute to its popularity. It comes with the power to offer your phone double protection from drops thanks to included polycarbonate and acrylic materials in its making. It’s a case that will provide you with a reason to always love Apple’s line of high-performance smartphones.

The reviewed top ten best iPhone 7 cases & covers are filtered from the pool of all the available iPhone 7 cases and covers. You can rely on any of the reviewed products to protect your treasured phone from all forms of physical damage with no disappointment whatsoever. You have the power to choose any of the reviewed cases and covers. All the best in protecting your iPhone 7 from damage!

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