Top 10 Best Humidifiers Review in 2021 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Today, we’re going to review the 10 best humidifiers.

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There must have been times in your life when you had to go through extremely non-suitable weather conditions. If you are a person who is allergic to a dry climate, then this is the right place or you. We have seen how people suffer from bad climatic conditions and this makes their living even tough.

It is not just a matter of your choice, nonsuitable climatic conditions can have bad effects on the body and disturb the functioning of organs. Let us talk about the people who are not dry weather people.

Best Humidifiers Reviews

Best Humidifiers

They are the ones who need moisture in the atmosphere to stay normal. Else they go through many problems. Let us find out the solution we have brought for you to get rid of dryness in the atmosphere.

Humidifiers are appliances which increase humidity or moisture levels indoors. They protect against the effects of dry air as well as improve indoor comfort levels. Parched air can damage wooden structures and furnishings. Dry air is responsible for causing health problems such as bloody noses, itchy skin, cracked lips, throat irritation, and allergy symptoms. Dry air can also cause sinus infections, congestion problems among many other respiratory health problems.

You need a humidifier to maintain healthy humidity levels and control or even eliminate the above problems. Given the fact that there are many humidifiers on sale today, what should you consider when buying a humidifier? To solve this mystery, we have gathered the list of best humidifiers which will make your life easily and dry-less. Don’t believe us? Let us give a look at the following articles.

6 Best Humidifiers Available Today

After taking the three points above into consideration, we have come up with the six best humidifiers for your room. These humidifiers are highly recommended, carefully reviewed and all of them offer great features.

There are a lot of humidifiers out there in the market, but allow us to do the homework, and we have narrowed down to these 6 great beasts for your money. Without further ado, let’s find out why we feature these humidifier in our post.

1. URPOWER waterless Cool Mist Humidifier – The Most Affordable

URPOWER waterless Cool Mist Humidifier

The URPOWER 100ml aroma essential oil waterless Cool Mist Humidifier stands out as one of the best humidifiers on sale today. The air gets easily moisturize and this makes it different from many others.

Now let us see the pros and cons because of these matters a lot when you step in the market to buy any kind of product. It helps you in knowing whether the product is good in use and if it is similar to the promised features or not. It gives you a better understanding level and makes you see at the product with a close view. The following are the pros and cons which you should definitely not miss out.

Top Pros

  • Cheap But Packed With Features

The humidifier is the most affordable in the list but comes with amazing features such as; 7-color changing lamps, programmable on and off cycles, automatic shut-off, and a nightlight.

  • Great Operation Time/Mist Setting

The humidifier also comes with an impressive operation time of up to 6 hours and adjustable mist settings (continuous and intermittent).

  • Quiet

The humidifier is also whisper-quiet and durable.

  • Durable

The URPOWER waterless Cool Mist Humidifier is made using PP hard plastic which is capable of withstanding unmatched abuse.

  • Safe

The URPOWER waterless Cool Mist Humidifier also comes highly recommended as safe and healthy. The humidifier is BPA free (doesn’t leak harmful chemicals into the air). The humidifier also utilizes pure essential oils which are safe, healthy and aromatic.

  • Multipurpose

The URPOWER waterless Cool Mist acts a humidifier and air freshener.

  • Sizable & Portable

The humidifier is also sizable; measures 3.1″ by 5.5″ making it ideal for use anywhere at home and in the office. The humidifier can be moved around easily and placed anywhere.

Stylish: Last but not least, this humidifier is stylish. When you buy the URPOWER waterless Cool Mist, you are buying a humidifier as well as an elegant accessory for your home/office.


  • Size

The only thing people are complaining about is the size of the product because the purpose it is used for does not serve well according to the bottle size.

2. Pure enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Worth the Money

Pure enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This is another great ultrasonic cool mist humidifier on sale today. Although this humidifier is more expensive than the URPOWER waterless Cool Mist, you are assured of getting value for your money. The stylish bottle is really attractive for all the users and not only this but the use is quite well.

People who have used this or are currently used it have given their honest reviews according to their criteria and this is something we don’t want you to miss out on. It is essential to learn from the pros and cons that is basically the experience of people. So why not gain benefit from these points? Let us give you a closer look at the pros and cons listed below without wasting your time.

Top Pros

  • Lengthy Operation

First and foremost, you get more operation time with this humidifier, i.e., 16 hours of continuous operation. The humidifier can work uninterrupted for hours allowing you to rest and breathe easy.

  • Superior Speed/Direction Settings

This humidifier also stands out for its speed and direction settings which make it easy to adjust mist speed and direction to match your comfort level. You don’t have to move this humidifier to enjoy unmatched room comfort.

  • Multipurpose

The Pure enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier also stands out for being multipurpose. This humidifier has a 1.5-liter water tank which is big enough to humidifier bedrooms, offices among other medium-sized rooms.

  • High-tech

The Pure enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is high-tech. The humidifier has a shut-off feature which turns the power off automatically when the water levels are low.

  • Multifunctional

This humidifier also works as a relaxation device. Features such as an optional night light offer a soothing glow that maximizes relaxation. The humidifier is also easy to use.

  • Great Warranty & Customer Support

The humidifier also comes with an industry-leading 2-year warranty. Owners also enjoy unmatched customer support 24/7.

  • Great Brand

 Pure enrichment is a reputable appliance brand trusted by millions of customers globally.


Leakage Issue: People have been found complaining about the leakage problem and this might not be possible in all cases. Ones who are complaining about it must have got some bad piece.

3. VicTsing 300 ml Essential Oil Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Stylish Design

VicTsing 300 ml Essential Oil Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If you are looking for an affordable but incredibly stylish and functional humidifier, look no further. The VicTsing 300 ml Essential oil ultrasonic cool mist humidifier stands out for its unique design among many other things. The major reason for people liking this one is its stylish design and it is an amazing performance.

Let us not forget how important it is to always get to know about the pros and cons before you move to the conclusions. You should definitely take a closer look at the list mentioned below and read all of them carefully. This will help you in better understanding and will help you in making the right choice. Let us not waste a single minute and look at the following pros and cons:

Top pros

  • Stylish/Unique Design

The VicTsing 300 ml cool mist has a classic wood grain finish that makes it a decorative piece for your home, office, hotel room, yoga room, etc. In fact, most people prefer this humidifier over many others because of its aesthetic appeal. The natural wood grain is striking and can match any room décor style.

  • Multiple Timer Options

Many people who have bought this humidifier also love it for its 4-time options/settings, i.e. (one hour, three hours, 6 hours or continuous operation). You can create the internal environment you want with this feature.

  • 10-Hour Operation

The VicTsing 300 ml cool mist also works longer than your typical humidifier. You can humidify your home or office continuously for 10 hours. The humidifier has a 300 ml water tank that can last for 6 to 10 hours depending on the mist setting (weak or strong).

  • Soothing Features

(LED light, aromatherapy, ultrasonic): Many people who have bought this humidifier also love its seven soothing LED lights. The humidifier can change color accordingly to offer the desired mood/feeling.

The humidifier also has ultrasonic technology and works as an aromatherapy diffuser to offer unmatched relaxation. The VicTsing 300 ml cool mist won’t disturb you while working, studying or sleeping. You can dim or brighten the light as well as add drops of your preferred essential oil to fill your room with a lovely fragrance.

  • Portable

The humidifier has also been praised for its compact and portable design by many owners.

  • 1-year Warranty/Lifetime Support

You also get a one-year risk-free warranty and lifetime technical support.


Delicate: By far the design is concerned, it looks very pretty but it is equally delicate when we talk about the strong built. It must be handled by care for a long-lasting experience.

4. URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Humidifier – Affordable & Functional

URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Humidifier

This humidifier also stands out for offering unmatched value for money. The URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy humidifier is cheap and functional although it may not be as stylish as the VicTsing 300 ml Essential oil ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.

Other than all this, now let us move forward towards the most important section known as the pros and cons section where you will get the answer of all the unanswered questions. This will give a closer look at the product details and will tell you everything about the functions and structures. We are sure this will prove to be helpful to you once you go through every point thoroughly and keep all these in mind even if you think of buying this.

Top pros

  • Multipurpose 

Many people who have bought the URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Humidifier love the fact that it works as an aromatherapy diffuser, night light, and humidifier.

  • Highly Advanced

The URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Humidifier also stands out for having high-tech features such as an advanced ultrasonic diffuser which vibrates at the rate of 2.4 million vibrations per second breaking essential oils and water into fine particles without using heat.

Considering heat can destroy or alter essential oils, this humidifier comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a great aromatherapy diffuser. Ultrasonic diffusing maintains the integrity of essential oils as well as allows easier absorption in the body.

  • Long Operation

Customers also love the fact that this humidifier can work continuously for 10 hours. The URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy humidifier has a half-liter water tank which is enough to last a day during moderate use

  • Multiple Timer Options

You can also set this humidifier to work for an hour, two hours, three hours or continuously by pressing the mist button. Unlike most humidifiers on sale today, you can control how the mist is released.

  • Safe

Customers also love the automatic shut down feature which powers the humidifier off when there is no water.

  • Effective

Many customers have also attested to the fact that the URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Humidifier is effective in improving breathing, boosting mood as well as relieving stress.

Now let us give a look at the cons also, as they are important for the buying of a product too.


Diffuser issues: The biggest flaw in the structure is the diffuser. This is one of the most delicate parts of this product type. People who have this are highly recommended to clean the diffuser correctly exactly according to the instructions else it does not work well.  Once it stops working, you might then want to buy a new one.

5. URPOWER 5L Whisper-quiet Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier – High-tech, quiet, large capacity

URPOWER 5L Whisper-quiet Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

If you are searching for a high capacity cool mist ultrasonic humidifier that is high-tech, the URPOWER 5L Whisper-quiet Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is a great pick. This humidifier is perfect when you want longer operating hours, silent operation among other notable humidifier features and you aren’t afraid to spend a bit more.

Now let us have a close look at the pros and cons without forgetting how important they are when you step in the market to buy any product. You will feel that you have known the complete details once you go through the following pros and cons. Let us have a look at the following list:

Top Pros

  • Large Capacity, Long Working Time

This humidifier has a 5 liter water tank which offers an impressive working time of 14 to 17 hours.

  • Great/attractive design

The humidifier also comes highly recommended for its attractive matte black design which blends perfectly with most spaces.

  • Multipurpose

Customers also love the fact that this humidifier has been made for both residential and commercial spaces. You can use this humidifier in your office as well as your baby’s room.

  • Safe

The URPOWER 5L Whisper-quiet Cool Mist Ultrasonic humidifier has an automatic shut-down feature that prevents short circuits and overheating when the humidifier runs out of water.

  • Easy-to-Use

Has a one power button that controls everything. Long-press the power button to select the sleep mode (moderate mist output) while all indicator lights are off. Short-press the power button to choose a higher mist output. The humidifier’s design also makes it ideal for placement anywhere, i.e., countertop, tabletop, on the floor, etc.

This humidifier may be larger than your typical humidifier at 16.2 by 10.1 by 7.8 inches; however, the features are perfect for superior high-capacity performance.


Touch issues: The on and off switches, the power switches, in short, are very sensitive to touch. If the fingers are not clean or wet, it does not work properly. Same is the case when you try to use the switching mode key. It does not switch modes easily if hands are not clear.

6. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier – Affordable

TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier is the best humidifier for you when you want a humidifier that is extremely safe, quiet and affordable. To get a more close idea to let us look at the pros that are mentioned below. They will definitely help you in making the right choice and once you go through them thoroughly, you won’t leave with any queries in mind.

Top Pros

  • Very Safe & Healthy

The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier has fine ceramic filters which filter out harmful bacteria, bad odor, and water impurities at molecular level leaving water that is unmatched in regards to cleanliness.

(It is not advisable to add essential oils with this humidifier since essential oils may have impurities.) This feature makes the humidifier effective in dealing with many respiratory health problems.

  • Very Quiet

Many owners attest to this humidifier’s silent operation. You can work and sleep comfortably with this humidifier.

  • Superior Nozzle 

Many TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier owners also love the 360-degree nozzle which releases mist simultaneously in any direction fast (0.08 gal/h) filling a large area in a short time.

  • Long Operation

Customers also love the fact that this humidifier can run for 10 hours continuously without a refill. The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier has a 3.5-liter water tank which is larger than most tanks found in conventional humidifiers today.

Best Humidifiers – Buyer’s Guide


Type of Humidifiers

1. Type of Humidifiers

Humidifiers are normally classified according to the process they use to add humidity. The name is particularly based on the meaning it reflects. There are several types and each type fits according to the people and their needs. There are two main types of humidifiers in this regard, namely: cool mist and warm mist humidifiers.

Cool mist humidifiers emit a room-temperature mist covering a larger area. The humidifiers are preferable largely because they consume less power. And this is actually considered a really good thing because anything which consumes less power is considered good as compared to those which consume more power.

As the name suggests, warm mist humidifiers emit a warm mist. The humidifiers feature a heating element which heats water to release warm moist air. This takes away the dryness and helps in getting the atmosphere of your choice.

Warm mist humidifiers tend to consume more power. However, they produce better/healthier moisture because the water boiling process gets rid of impurities and germs. This is one big advantage of getting the humidifier of this type because according to its properties, it is healthier for us too.

There are other types of humidifiers, i.e., ultrasonic humidifiers. These types of humidifiers stand out for being quiet. They, however, tend to be a bit more expensive. Ultrasonic humidifiers can be a cool mist or warm mist.

Type asides, humidifiers can be classified according to style. For instance, there are humidifiers built for use on tabletops (tabletop humidifiers). These types of humidifiers are compact and designed for use on countertops, tables, etc. Console humidifiers are made for large-scale applications. These types of humidifiers are designed to sit on floors and humidify large spaces.

In a nutshell, you need to understand the different types of humidifiers for you to be able to choose a humidifier that will serve you perfectly.


2. Features

Besides type, you need to consider the features of the humidifier you want to buy. The best humidifiers today have automatic features. You should buy a humidifier that can shut down automatically when the internal environment reaches the preset humidity level.

This feature is important for preventing condensation on windows as well as overheating and short circuits. It can be difficult trying to monitor indoor humidity levels manually using a hygrometer.

The humidifier you buy should also be programmable, i.e., have features like timers to ensure the humidity levels of your room are perfect ahead of time. The best humidifiers also have easy-to-use and easy-to-clean features.

Features such as wicks present in evaporative models should be easy to replace. The controls should also be user-friendly allowing you to monitor settings and humidity levels easily. It should also be easy to remove and clean features like the water tank.

Online Reviews

3. Online Reviews

Last but not least, you need to consider the online reviews of the humidifier in question. Reviews offer firsthand information on what it’s like to own a certain product. It’s good to check if the humidifier you want to buy is as good as advertised.

Doing this can save you precious time and money. You should, however, beware of the fact that there are many biased reviews online. You must confirm the authenticity of the reviews in questions first before you use them to make a buying decision. Ideally, you should stick to verifiable reviews only, i.e., reviews written by real people.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

These were the basic reviews provided by us which will help you in making the right decision easily. So, before spending your money, you should read this first in order to have a better picture of the product you want to buy.

This will give you a good understanding and the habit of reviewing products before buying will be beneficial in future too. Just think twice before you invest your money. Because money is important and you should spend it wisely before making the decision. Good luck with your choice!

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