Top 10 Best Foot Files to Buy in 2021 – [ Advanced Guide ]

So you want to flaunt your feet? Start by getting the best foot file! Seriously speaking, unless you’re Kylie Minogue or Ashley Benson, your feet could indeed make do with some exfoliation.

Heck! Isn’t that the reason you’re reading this in the first place? Fret not! You’ve “arrived.”What you’re about to read is a comprehensive roundup of the most in-demand foot files on the market.

We have penned down the top ten products for you and we are sure that these products will make your feet extremely smooth, amazing and beautiful looking.

Many of us avoid cleaning our feet because it looks a tiring task.

10 Best Foot FilesOur Top Picks

10 Best Foot Files - Our Top Picks

By using these foot files, your job will become easy. Now, you can flaunt your feet on a daily basis upon using these foot files in a correct way.

The complete reviews are shared for the readers. Moreover, the complete guide with respect to buying is pen down. Get an ultra amazing foot file and freely flaunt your feet for all day long.

We tell you what choosing one file over the other means for you, your feet, and your wallet. Don’t worry; we’ve made a side comparison of the most outstanding features to make our compilation as in-depth as possible. Our list covers everything from manual to electric callus removers and top brands.

In simpler terms, your hunt for the best foot file is a click away! Read on!

Things to Consider Before Buying Foot Files

Below-mentioned we have written down some of the important, paramount things which will help you in buying a correct foot file for yourself:


The foot file should be inexpensive, avoid buying a foot scrapper which has a high rate attached to it. If the package is included with a coarse file, callus shaver as well as a  fine file, and a blade then that is amazing.

Extensive Features

The reliable versions of foot scrappers should be packed with extensive features too. Like your chosen scrapper should have red coarse grains so that you can remove calluses.

And then it should have this black coarse texture so that you can easily bring a smooth and sleek look on your feet. High-quality foot files will make sure that your feet will remain callus-free.

Faster Results

If your scrapper has a large file surface, then it will automatically give you faster results by putting on a little effort. Moreover, if foot files have surgical grade stainless steel heads as well as appropriate blade sharpness, then they will surely be going to work instantly and quickly on your feet.

Smooth Handle

The handle of your foot files have to be smooth and at the same time firm looking. This way, the user will get absolute control over the scrapper.

Most noteworthy, the handle design has to be angled. Such an angled design is going to give you superior leverage and a superior amount of control.

Salon-like Results

The trustworthy foot scrapper option will always give you salon-like results. If it has a one-in-two design then you will always get such results. Do buy such a foot file which comprises two surfaces.

Like by using its one surface, you will be able to buff away the rough surface. On the other hand, the rougher surface is going to exfoliate your dead skin seamlessly and gently.

A Compact Size & Increased Portability

Both these elements have to be present in your foot file. If it is compact then automatically you will enjoy increased portability. Lastly, if it supports both of the wet and dry operations, then that is an absolutely great foot file for you.

From all of these mentioned and pen down reviews, you will get the idea that which foot file will work great for you.

So, always make sure that this essential has to be present in your bathroom, Whenever you take a shower, it is must for you to use this foot file.

If you cannot afford to see dull looking feet of yours, then grab this product and share your reviews.

10. Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Nobody does it better than Amope Pedi! Beauty enthusiasts love this brand’s products, and for some good reasons. Take this electronic foot file, for instance.

A highly effective unit, it has found its way into more than two thousand homes and beauty parlors – judging by these numbers, that’s indeed a foot file that delivers what it promises.

It has a roller packed with micro-abrasive particles to buff away hard skin with a few swipes.

While the roller’s surface is somewhat rough, it doesn’t have sharp, protruding particles so you don’t have to worry about hurting your feet. The head spins at three sixty degrees and will only take about four seconds to get the job done.

This unit is compact too.

Do you know what that means?

Well, you can tuck it in your travel bag whenever you’re on the move. In other words, with this electric file as part of your beauty regimen, there’s no reason to walk around with cracked feet – home and away.

The only thing you’ll need to do is to make sure that you replace the roller head after a while to get the desired results every time.

9. Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

Want to upgrade your pedicure kit? This foot file by Microplane would make a great addition. Undoubtedly one of the most popular (and highly rated) files you can get, it promises to eliminate thick callused skin on your feet in an instant.

And the best part is that you don’t even need to soak your feet in water to soften the dead skin – just grab it and file, simple!

The one thing that makes the Microplane tick is the large file surface for hassle-free corn and callus removal. Those who’ve used it say it is lightweight and easy to move on your feet. Some hail it as the number one ticket for getting rid of cracked dry heels.

The positive vibes keep trickling in and perhaps the best way to experience what this file has to offer is to own one.

Word of caution – the large surface scrubs away dead skin fast, so be gentle and don’t use a lot of force when filing. The last thing that you want to get rid of “too much” skin as it would do more damage than good.

So, it is important for you to carefully use this foot file. You only have to use it in a gentle way.

By using this file in a harsh way, your skin will get damaged. Smoothly use this product on your feet and only remove and take off the dead skin from your feet.

8. Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

We reckon that this is one of the best callus removers if you don’t have money to spend and still want to keep your feet looking sexy. The affordability aside, this model doesn’t fall short when it comes to performance. Its manufacturer claims it packs three times more power than its closest competition and the fans seem to agree.

It comes with an integrated rechargeable battery that offers a mind-boggling 750 hours of use. A single charge will give you up to 45 minutes of continuous use. Meanwhile, the innovative, smart precision roller will cover 11% more surface area, so you’ll never have to miss a spot.

Plus, the pressure sensitive technology reduces the risk of cut and irritation to zero.

And as if that’s not enough, this callus remover also has a safety switch lock to prevent accidental starts. To sum it up, the Own Harmony foot scrapper is “small but mighty”. Its performance is trailblazing, with the roller rotating at 360 degrees at a speed of fifty rotations per second.

Are you ready to use this small but might foot file, share your feedback with us if you buy it.

This great product has all the features and performs superb functions which you want and all expect to see from any foot file.

7. SUPRENT Trilogy Foot File

SUPRENT Trilogy Foot File

If you’re struggling with dry scaly feet, this file by SUPRENT Trilogy is what you need. It features a special, ergonomically designed handle for a tight grip and straightforward operation.  The friendly construction makes perfect sense more so when you consider that you’ll use it to plane callus on the bottom of your feet.

Other than that, the value that is file brings to the fore is ah-mazing! Despite its inexpensive rate, the package comes with a coarse file, callus shaver, fine file, and a blade. That way, you don’t have to buy anything else to make your pedicure complete.

It even has a storage drawer that can fit up to five replacement blades.

With all that the SUPRENT Trilogy has to offer, it is ideal for home and professional use, whether you want to remove corn, hard skin or cuticle. The only gripe among users is the fact that it doesn’t come with a manual.

So on that front just fit the blade in the files head and you’re good to go. Be sure to use the other tools in the package accordingly as well.

As no manual is given with the product package, so the buyer has to carefully use this foot file. You can read and see the other tutorials which are about using foot files. You just have to remove your hard or dead skin present on your feet and do not move on the further note.

6. Diane European Foot File

Diane European Foot File

This foot file by the renowned Diane is indeed pleasing to the eye. It is the file you’d want to carry along during your holidays or add to your beauty spa. It finds its appeal from the European beech wood which also makes it incredibly durable.

This piece comes in twos. One file features red coarse grains to remove calluses. The other has a black coarse texture to smooth out your feet after you’ve gotten rid of callus. While the Diane will ensure that your feet stay callus-free, you have to maintain it well to keep it working. So, use a salon disinfectant to it clean after every use.

Also, it is essential to note that the red coarse side is only for dry feet. You have to use a rapid back and forth motion too. The black coarse side works well with wet feet and only used for buffing. We love the hanging hole that allows you to hang your foot file easily during and after use.  The Diane is remarkably easy to use and would make a great choice if you don’t have a lot of dead skin on your feet to remove.

5. Pro FootCare Rasp Foot File

Pro FootCare Rasp Foot File

Just like you, we love everything that sparkles so this file by Pro FootCare has to appear in our best foot files reviews. Moving away from the fancy design, this piece works excellently, in the words of those who’ve used it to smooth their dry, calloused and cracked heels.

This one, just like the Microplane comes with a large file surface for faster results with little effort.

The surgical grade stainless steel head has the appropriate blade sharpness that works instantly on contact with your feet.

It is relatively lightweight too, allowing you to work with ease. With such dexterity, the Pro FootCare would be a good choice if you run a busy beauty spa with lots of pedicure going on.

The striking difference between this file and the Microplane is that you can use it for both dry and wet feet based on your preference. Apart from the foot file, the package also comes with a cloth bag for easy and convenient storage.

Just remember to clean the surface with warm water wipe away dead skin deposit and to keep your file’s usability intact.

4. DaBee Pedicure Foot File

DaBee Pedicure Foot File

This is arguably one of the best callus shavers on the market. It could very well be the foot file to go if you’re just starting out or don’t like the power that comes with electric callus removers. The handle is smooth and firm to give you absolute control over your file. We also love the handle’s angled design, for superior leverage.

The DaBee features a one in two design. One surface buffs away the surface while the rougher one exfoliates the dead skin gently. There are no sharp blades, scrapers, or graters. You don’t even need to use a caustic gel to get salon-like results.

Of course, the compact size means increased portability. The lack of weight also makes this a stellar callus remover when you need to do a quick retouch up before you walk out in a pair of open shoes.

For those who may be concerned, the DaBee supports both wet and dry operation. One more thing – this file comes in a pack of two (read more value for your money).

). So, it is up to you that whether you want to go for a wet operation or you want to go with the dry operation. This is a recommended product and no doubt it offers amazing results. Get your hands and immediately grab this foot file and let us know about your reviews on it.

3. Shappy Curved Foot File

Shappy Curved Foot File

Get your groove on with the Shappy curved foot file that undertakes to add up to 200% shine on your feet. As you may have already guessed, this one sports a unique warped shape to cover a large surface of your feet’s underside. The shape contours to your feet so that you don’t have to scrub for long remove the creaked skin.

This file seeks to give you a complete callus remover experience with its two select grain surfaces.

You can use it on wet or dry feet as long as you clean it thoroughly after use. We bet that you’ll love the durability it brings forth – some users say that they’ve owned it for more than six months.

While it will get the job done, it only works well with soft calluses. You may consider using it together with the Microplane or the Pro FootCare for better results.  You ought to know that you can’t replace the coarse surface.

However, six months is a relatively long time. Moreover, this foot file comes at a pocket-friendly rate so getting a replacement shouldn’t be much of a problem.

You do not have to worry about money factor while buying this foot file. As it is a pocket-friendly option, so instantly buy it.

2. MAKARTT Coarse Callus Remover

MAKARTT Coarse Callus Remover

The newest foot file from MAKARTT comes spunky and spotted! It is the only manual piece in this collection that has a replaceable head. The 304 stainless steel surface will live up to your pedicure expectations and leave your feet feeling smooth, with no dead skin to complain about.

Its surface has big sharp holes to remove even the most stubborn calluses in both directions. Think of it as a greater tool that you can use to eliminate dead skin on your feet without visiting the salon.

The head’s surface measure 11 inches for better usability.

We love the contoured handle for a tighter grip.

The head will never rust and because this is a manual foot file, you don’t have to worry about recharging. Who needs exfoliation scrubs, pumice stones, gel for the heel, callus remover gels or balls of feet with the MAKARTT?

Certainly not you! This file is the only tool you need to give your feet a home spa at a rate that almost next to nothing.

1. Homeve Professional Pedicure Foot File

Homeve Professional Pedicure Foot File


Last but not least, our foot file reviews wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning this piece by Homeve. For your money, you get one file and up to 10 filing pads, making this rasp a great choice if you exfoliate your feet often, say on a weekly basis.

We couldn’t help but notice the large pad surface for faster results with minimal effort. Plus you don’t have to worry about the pads coming off during use, thanks to the strong adhesive that keeps them in place.

By extension, this means that you can use the Homeve for hard, dry, cracked calluses and corns.

The handle is corrosion resistant and with intuitive design for better control when filing. It is smooth too for easy disinfecting and cleaning. And, the handle’s length is such that it will fit in your palm comfortably.

The Homeve’s weight is on point too, an excellent feature if plan to use it in a spa full of pedicure activity.

10 Best Foot Files – Buyer’s Guide

Foot Files

Below you can check out the complete guide that how the best foot files can be purchased and bought. If you end up getting a low-quality foot file, then read out this buying guide and make your job completely easy and smooth.

Here are the important buying guide tips and elements for you which will guide you in choosing a reliable and high-quality foot file for yourself:

Micro-Abrasive Particles

Micro-Abrasive Particles

The fist crucially important buying guide point is that your chosen foot file should have micro abrasive particles on it. In this way, the product will be able to buff away and remove all hard and thick skin from your feet.

These micro-abrasive particles will let you perform a few numbers of swipes and then you will ultimately see that your feet get a flawless and smooth sleek look. Most of the low-quality foot file options make your job tough and extremely harder.

No matter how much swipes you make on your feet, still dead skin remains to stay on them. On the other hand, a reliable foot file option will make this cleaning quick and easy for you.

No Hurting

No Hurting

Make sure to check this element beforehand as well. Your chosen and selected foot file should not hurt you at all. Do double check its roller surface. It should not have any sharp and protruding particles on it.

If its particles are extremely sharp enough, then avoid buying such a foot file. Do not buy such a product which hurt and damage your feet. Moreover, you also have to notice how much its head spins!

Like your foot file head should spin at three sixty degrees. In this manner, the cleaning and grooming job of your feet will take about a few of the seconds to get this job done.

Compact & Large File Surface

Compact & Large File Surface

Moving to the other important elements of buying the ide, your opted and purchased foot file has to be always compact, lightweight and it should accompany a large file surface.

This large file surface will offer you hassle-free corn as well as callus removal job.

It has to be innovative and offer smart precision properties. Try to pick that foot file which can easily and quickly cover 11% more of the surface area so you does not have to miss any of the spots.

It has to be easy to move on your feet at the same time. Its lightweight and compact nature will make it quick and easy for you to carry this foot file product anywhere.

Integrated Rechargeable Battery

Integrated Rechargeable Battery

Your shortlisted option should have an integrated rechargeable battery installed in it. Its single battery charge working time has to be maximum.

Like if you have completely charged the battery of your foot file, then its single battery charge should give you 45 minutes of use on a constant and continuous basis.

Pressure Sensitive Technology

Pressure Sensitive Technology

Your foot file option selection shall be great if it is packed and installed with a pressure sensitive technology. Such a technology induction will not give any cuts on your feet.

You will get zero irritation while moving this roller on your face.

A large number of rollers do not possess this pressure sensitive technology. For the reason that, in such low-quality foot file options, there is always a risk of irritation and getting cuts.

Most importantly, your callus remover should have a safety switch lock present in it so that the user can prevent any of the accidental starts.

Offering fifty rotations per second: Your foot scrapper should offer fifty rotations on a per second basis.

This is the maximum rotation speed which any of the foot scrappers have to offer and serve. Though this is a small tool if its manage to offer this much rotation speed then it turns out to be a mighty tool for your feet.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!!

This is the end of our discussion and all reviews about the top ten foot files are mentioned to you. So, are you ready to exfoliate your feet, are you ready to give it a makeover!

Try these foot files and give a perfect exfoliation treatment to your feet. First of all, notice the quality of your feet and see how much treatment, makeover, and exfoliation they are in need of!

Notice that how much dead skin and hard skin patches are present on them and what type of foot file you will primarily need. More of the best options in the zone of foot files will be mentioned to you, always stay connected with us.

Sharing is Caring!