Top 10 Best Espresso Machines In 2021 Reviews – Step By Step Guide

Today, we’re reviewing the 10 best espresso machines.

So, let’s get started. 

Are you on the market for a new espresso maker for home or commercial use?

While it is tempting to buy the cheapest machines in the market, the model you buy should have the following desirable attributes, for best results: no matter which espresso machine you choose, quality is an essential attribute that you must never Preview Changes sacrifice at all costs.

10 Best Espresso Machines – Best Picks

Espresso Machines

The product you choose should be functional. It should also be easy to use and made of premium quality components that last long.

If you do not have enough time to research and a good product that meets this threshold, here are the 10 best espresso machines to buy in 2019:

10. Philips Saeco RI9366/47 Venezia Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines

For espresso lovers that are looking for a durable high-performance espresso machine for use at home, Philips Saeco RI9366/47 Venezia is a well-built functional model with several innovative features.

Its patented filter holder, for instance, pressurizes its brewing chamber well for greater extraction of espresso.

It also has easy to read control lights, a steam wand with pannarello attachment, a special filter basket, and a removable 68-ounce water tank. All components are durable. They are also washable, durable, and offer users value for money.

9. Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines

Gaggia 14101 Classic is a stylish brushed stainless steel espresso machine with a well-designed grouphead for temperature stability and brass portafilters that work well. It is durable.

It is also easy to use, has a large 72-ounce removable water reservoir, and a high voltage boiler that brews delicious espresso in a short time.

This espresso machine has a durable frothing wand and a hot water dispenser. You also get a stainless steel filter basket, a measuring scoop for accurate measurements, and a 17-1/2-inch bar pump for dispensation. It is 14-1/4 by 8 by 9-1/2 inches, power efficient, and is attainable cheaply in may web stores.

8. Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000 Cafe Barista Espresso Maker

Espresso Machines

A popular product in the beverages niche, Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000 Cafe Barista is a functional professional-grade accessory that comes with a built-in automatic milk frother.

Instead of spending hefty amounts on lattes and cappuccinos in your local bar, you can make creamy one at home effortlessly with this espresso maker.

Other desirable attributes are its One Touch Control Panel for preparing double and single shot espressos, its adjustable tray that accommodates a range of cup sizes, and its removable and washable BPA-free water reservoir. You also get a drip catcher, durable filters, and a measuring cup.

7. Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines

As its name suggests, Mr. Coffee ECM160 is a steam driven espresso machine that makes up to four caps to the delicious espresso at a go. It is also an excellent cappuccino maker and has an automated milk frother for making rich, creamy lattes at the comfort of a home.

This machine is sturdy and very easy to use. It has an easy pour carafe that serves approximately four shots of espresso per tilt, a removable and washable drip tray, and a large drip catcher.

6. Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines

Breville 800ESXL is a 15-bar triple priming die-case espresso machine made of durable stainless steel. The material is aesthetic. It is also rustproof, stylish, and has an innovative ThermoBlock heating system that prepares delicious espresso.

This machine has 15-bar Italian triple prime pump for easier dispensation of espresso. It also has a stainless steel frothing pitcher, a 75-ounce removable water tank, and a purge function that automatically adjusts the water temperature for optimal coffee extraction.

5. De’Longhi BAR32 Retro Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Espresso Machines

If you are among millions of people that enjoy drinking cappuccinos and espressos and want a functional espresso maker that you can use at the comfort of your home, this retro-style BAR32 model by De’Longhi never disappoints. It has dual thermostats for controlling the temperature.

It also has a patented dual function filter holder that accommodates ground coffee and pods, a self-priming operation for faster preparation of espressos, and a swivel jet frother for making creamy latte and cappuccinos. De’Longhi BAR32 is cheap and easy to use.

4. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

Espresso Machines

A regular in top 10 best espresso machines reviews, Nespresso Inissia is a compact espresso maker that works with coffee capsules only. Its well-designed system heats in less than 25 seconds.

Its high-pressure pump generates approximately 19 bars of pressure for perfect extraction of coffee, while its dual programmable buttons ease usage. For a few dollars, you also get a removable and washable 24-ounce water tank; a folding cup tray that fits tall recipe glasses; and a class-A-rated energy efficient system with auto power off feature.

3. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines

This new model of the renowned Breville BES870XL line of barista espresso machines is a functional stainless steel machine with a durable conical burr grinder, a 67-ounce removable water tank, and a purge function that optimizes water temperature automatically for optimal espresso extraction.

Its 1600-watt thermal coil heating system is fast. It is also power efficient, built to North American electrical standards, and is among the most durable models around.

2. De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Espresso Machines

Do you enjoy drinking cappuccinos and espressos at home? Are you tired of the long waiting time you contend with while brewing with your current machine?

If you are planning to buy a new cappuccino make, consider buying De’Longhi EC155 for the following reasons: it has a self-priming operation that eliminates the annoying startup time many people grapple with.

It also has a patented dual function filter, a swivel jet frother, and a stainless steel boiler.

1. Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

Espresso Machines

For cappuccino and espresso lovers, this six-cup stovetop espresso maker by Bialetti is our pick for the best in 2019. Its compact stovetop design is innovative.

It is also fast, made of durable polished aluminum, and has convenient side and flip-up top spouts.

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