Top 10 Best Electric Cheese Graters Review In 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Today we are going to share with you the best of all and highly recommended electric cheese grater options with our readers.

If you often face difficulty while grating and slicing down cheese portions for yourself, then do try out these graters.

They will work great for you.

Even more, they encompass great uses and functionality in them. We have attached the reviews on the top ten electric cheese grater options, buy any one of them and feel free to give your opinion that which one you like the most!

This is a handy product and instead of using manual cheese graters which are time-consuming as well, these electric cheese graters perform on a quick basis.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Electric Cheese GraterElectric Cheese Grater

For all cheese lovers, now grating and slicing cheese will no more be an issue and a major problem for them. Only get these below-mentioned and recommended graters which work and operate electrically and grate your cheese in the least and minimum possible time.

Types Of Cheese Graters

Box Cheese Grater

This grater is used to grate both kinds of soft and hard cheese. These graters comprise a sturdy base as well as a handle on top.

Microplane Cheese Grater

This grater will allow and let you grate hard cheese properly and finally in both of the directions. It is useful in grating down parmesan cheese and also to zest citrus fruits and ginger.

Rotary Cheese Grater

For grating really hard cheeses like that of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Asiago, and Canaria, then this grater is used.

Electric Cheese Grater

These graters work electrically and these days battery powered cheese grater options are available as well. These kinds of graters run on batteries.

10. Omra Electric Cheese Grater – Sturdy and PowerfulOmra Electric Cheese Grater

Here we have Omra Electric Cheese Grater by Aroma option for you. This is one of the sturdy looking and powerful products which you should be trying. Furthermore, it gives out 40 lb. per hour production which is actually and simply great.

Its working speed is extremely high and your job of grating cheese will become a piece of cake.

This powerful and sturdy option can easily grate all kinds of cheese for you, be it they are hard cheese. Even if you want to grate biscuits and dried bread, you should use this reviewed product then!

Its measurements are 11x5x9 inches.

So, we highly suggest this option to you as it is designed in a way so that you can enjoy and receive a maximum performance out from it.

The best part about it is that there is a permanent magnet motor attached and installed in it.

You will get the 1 year USA warranty and this model is made in Italy. If you buy this power cheese grater, then so share and give us your opinion and honest review as soon as possible.

  • 40 lb. Per Hour Production
  • Sturdy and Powerful
  • It Can Grate Hard Cheeses and Biscuits
  • None

9. COLE & MASON Electric Cheese Grater – Stainless Steel ConstructionCOLE & MASON Electric Cheese Grater

Also, we have COLE & MASON Electric Cheese Grater for you which is a great option and recommendation at the same time. This product is completely elegantly designed, you can also this call this product an electronic cheese grating mill.

It comprises a stainless steel construction aspect.

Moreover, it is because of its sturdy resin construction that this cheese grater will remain durable.

It is featured with two grating blades and they work on the mechanism of acid-etched technology. The grating base of this product actually and mainly gets double in the form of a storage container and this storage container can hold 3.5 ounces of cheese at one single time.

Do book this cheese grater for yourself as it is dishwasher safe, all its blades and caps, as well as a reservoir, is dishwasher safe. You need to have 6 AA batteries to run this grater, this is the only requirement asked from the user.

We are sure that you will love this Cole & Mason’s Electronic Cheese Mill as it is elegantly designed.

This electric device steel and resin construction will be going to give you effortless cheese grating job. We know that Cole & Mason has been manufacturing and designing and developing kitchenware items for almost a century. time.

This cheese grater will be double loved by you.

  • Elegantly Designed
  • The Presence of Stainless Steel and To Resin Construction
  • Two Grating Blades
  • It’s Per Hour Production is A Bit Slow

8. Black & Decker GG200 Electric Grater – Easy and Comfortable UseBlack & Decker GG200 Electric Grater

How about using this Black & Decker GG200 Electric Cheese Grater! This is all ergonomically designed so that you can get easy and comfortable usage time. This is a rechargeable cheese grater and the package is included with fine, coarse kind of shaving blades.

Moreover, you will get a flip-top blade holder. This product can seamlessly grate hard cheese and it can conveniently shred semi-soft cheese.

If you want to shave down chocolate curls or any of the coconut curls to sprinkle on cakes, then use this grater.

This is an easy to clean automatic cheese grater, for the reason that, you should buy it. You will get a versatile storage option upon using it. Give us your feedback for sure if you use and buy this option for yourself.

No doubt this Black & Decker Cordless Gizmo Cheese Grater three blade accessories are smoothly and easily interchangeable and this product can easily meet and complete all of your grating needs.

  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Comfortable Use
  • It is Rechargeable
  • Limited Guarantee Time

7. Grandma Ann’s Electric Cheese Grater – Extremely User-Friendly

Grandma Ann's Electric Cheese Grater

Another great cheese grater we have for our readers, it is Grandma Ann’s Electric Cheese Grater. No doubt it is beautifully designed. Most importantly, it is simple to use and it is extremely and utmost user-friendly.

There are no tools required to operate and use this grater. Most probably, you will give your complete thumbs up to this grater because it is commercially rated and praised at the same time.

It works up to the range of 550W Peak Power and apart from grating cheese, it can shred coconut for you.

Even if you want to shred and grate Parmesan cheese, horseradish and the other kinds of hard vegetables, then this same cheese grater should be used.

Run and order this option for yourself. Use it and share your reviews immediately. Once you will use this Grandma Ann’s Electric Cheese Grater, you will explore more great qualities in it.

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Simple To Use
  • User-Friendly
  • Expensive

6. FMA Omcan Electric Cheese Grater – Cast Iron ConstructionFMA Omcan Electric Cheese Grater

Moving to the other best cheese graters we have, it is FMA Omcan Food Machinery Electric Cheese Grater. It is all made in Italy and you will see the highest quality side in it. Its cast iron and stainless steel construction side makes this cheese grater 100% reliable in terms of quality and usage.

It is designed and made in a way so that you can easily clean it up as well. You need to have a power range of 110v to start and operate this electric parmesan cheese grater.

Most noteworthy, this Stainless Steel Professional and Electric Cheese Grater will make your hard cheese grating job so much quick and fast. Many people find it tough to grate bread, biscuits and hard cheese.

Now, this job has become quick because this FMA Omcan Food Machinery Electric Cheese Grater is here for you. Lastly, this model is accompanied and featured with the presence of cast iron grating drum and stainless steel basin and also a hopper.

Its dimensions are (LWH): 10.35 x 11.4 x 11.75 and its weight is just 16lbs. You will get a full 1 year manufacturer warranty time.

  • Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Construction
  • Easy Clean-Up Process
  • Made in Italy
  • None

5. Fama Electric Cheese Grater – Masterpiece

Fama Electric Cheese Grater

Fama Electric Cheese Grater is a masterpiece when we talk about high-quality design and mechanics. This Fama Cheese Grater manages to give 66 lb. per-hour production and this model is also made in Italy.

It is all polished with aluminum and made of stainless steel.

This professional cheese grater is attached to a 1.2-liter stainless hopper at the same time, This is a perfect option for grating hard cheeses and bread crumbs and even biscuits. We suggest you try this user-friendly machine which is ideal and best for home usage.

Certainly, you will love this cheese grater as it is a masterpiece of high-quality construction, design, and mechanics. For home and even for semi-professional use, this is a great product.

Try out this heavy-duty, useful and stylish looking cheese grater and share your reviews with is.

On the last note, it is equipped and installed with a motor thermal protection feature and comprises a presser safety interlock and stainless grid as well.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • It Can Handle 66 lbs of Cheese
  • A Masterpiece of Design
  • Limited In Stock

4. Oster CG100 Electric Cheese Grater – Easy To Use

Oster CG100 Electric Cheese Grater

Oster CG100 Electric Cheese Grater is given the fourth spot from our side. This Oster CG100 rechargeable and electric cheese grater are one of the perfect accessories which are going to enhance and simplify your cheese grating job.

This is the product which should right now be picked out by you. If there is a dinner party coming at your end and you need to make some cheese filled dishes, then your cheese grating job will be completed in less time with the help of this grater.

With just a single push of a button, this machine is going to start working. You will be served with freshly grated and shredded cheese in less time. This machine is available in the form of an elegant looking vertical style shape.

It will be going to take minimal space in your kitchen.

We are sure your overall dining experience will get enhanced and seamless if such a cheese grater will be made available in your kitchen. There is a coarse shredding drum attached to it and you will be able to see the remaining amount of cheese left right in the hopper with the help of a clear window.

  • It Serves and Gives Out Freshly Grated Cheese
  • Easy To Use
  • It Carries A Vertical Style
  • It is Cleanup Process is Tough

3- NutriChef Electric Cheese Grater – Space SaverNutriChef Electric Cheese Grater

Moving on to the details of some more high-quality cheese graters, we have NutriChef Electric Cheese Grater for the readers. This electronic cheese grater and shredder are one of the convenient tools which will be going to instantly slice, chop, shred and grate your cheese and the rest of the ingredients.

Its cleanup process is complete and quite easy. It is all stain-resistant and you can wipe off this grater in less than a minute. This grater is a lightweight and space-saver option for you. It is not similar to the rest of the food processors.

In fact, it is compact and lightweight and it can be easily placed on your countertop, tabletop or on your kitchen top.

So, what have you decided regarding buying this cheese shredder?

Are you going to buy this NutriChef Electric Cheese Grater for yourself?

This is the right machine which is going to offer a large number of uses and functions to you.

This is a slicer, cutter, shredder and a grater.

It has five interchangeable cone attachments and by using these attachments, you can grate cheese, shred lettuce and even chop carrots with just and a simple one-touch control button.

  • A Convenient Tool
  • It is Stain Resistant
  • Space Saver and Lightweight
  • None

2. Presto 02910 Electric Cheese Grater – InterchangeablePresto 02910 Electric Cheese Grater

Presto 02910 Electric Cheese Grater is given the second spot from our experts and professional side. This Presto 02910 Electric Cheese Grater shoots the food right into a bowl without creating any mess.

It comprises interchangeable slicing shredding cones and this is the best part about it!

These attachments are interchangeable on a seamless note.

This product comes from China, moreover, 100% high-quality elements are present in it. Make sure that the voltage output needed to run this cheese grater, it is 125 Watts.

This cheese grater offers you one of the fastest and convenient ways to grate hard and soft cheese. You can even shred vegetables, slice down fruits, grate all varieties of cheese any time.

Lastly, it ca grate chocolate and chop nuts as well as make bread and cracker crumbs fastly ad quickly for you.

What have you planned then? Will you get this Presto 02910 Electric Cheese Grater, do let us know.

  • Interchangeable Slicing Shredding Cones
  • The Product is Made in China
  • The Fast and Convenient To Use A Machine
  • None

1. Epicureanist Electronic Cheese Grater – All-Time Best

 Epicureanist Electronic Cheese Grater

Lastly, we have Epicureanist Electronic Cheese Grater for you. This is a perfect and handy option for the job of grating cheese and also nuts and spices. If you want to enjoy some freshly grated shredded cheese in front of you in less and quite minimum time, then try out this option.

It works on a cordless operation and all composed of TPR coated plastic feature. There is a coating of transparent plastic attached to it and it is manufactured by using stainless steel.

The USP point of this grater is that it is easy to clean. Many of the cheese graters are tough to clean but this grater has this special specialty that it simply offers an easy and quick clean up process.

We have strongly reviewed this product and we also suggest you try this shredder machine.

  • Cordless Operation
  • TPR Coated Plastic
  • Easy To Clean
  • None

Best Electric Cheese Graters – Buyer’s GuideElectric Cheese Grater

Per Hour Production Capacity

Your chosen cheese grater per hour production capacity has to be maximum. Like it should grate 60 lbs of cheese maximum.

Easy To Clean

Your picked out cheese grater should be easy to clean. It needs to be dishwasher safer and its blades, cups, and reservoir should be completely dishwasher safe.

High-Quality Construction

The high-quality cheese graters are always made of stainless steel construction materials. They are stain-resistant and remain durable.


Apart from grating cheese, your bought grater should be able to slice, shred and cut down coconut curls, nuts, biscuits, bread, fruits and vegetables, hard and soft cheese.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!!

Keep connected with us and we will share more of the variety with you with respect to these electric cheese graters.

Which option you will choose now? This list will be further extended and all updated and you will continue be getting great and the best options in the form of reliable cheese graters.

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