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Every kind of exercise includes some of the tools or parts that are major to complete. There are always some tips that are the reason of completion. Just for example, a meal is incomplete without salt. Salt acts as an important ingredient whose presence acts as a necessity in every type of food. You can eat a specific food without pepper but you can not eat a particular mean without salt and this is quite normal for every type of person.

Even when we see recipes on internet, by which we attempt to cook a new dish and experience a new kind of food, the first ingredient that they put in food which adds taste to their dish is always salt. Similarly, when we talk about kitchen, there is one specific tool that comes in our mind which completes a kitchen. That is obviously what hits us, the knife! Yes! A knife is the only thing without which our kitchen stationary is incomplete.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Chef’s Knife

Every female and even chefs require knife for their daily use because knife is actually what makes accomplishes their task in less time!Since, everyone has their own choice when it comes to picking up a certain type. Everyone has their own comfortability level with different products. Same is the case with knives. Today, we tell you which the most sought-after brand of chef’s knives are, features that make each piece tick, and most importantly what choosing one knife over the other means for your cooking experience. But before then, we’ll start by answering this all-important question – what makes a perfect kitchen knife?

Well, a top chef’s knife ought to have the correct weight. The last thing that you want is a knife that’s too heavy to allow you to mince parsley or slice winter squash. The balance has to be on point too. In other words, the handle should feel comfortable in your palm.

The more balanced your knife is, the firmer the grip it provides. The sharpness of the knife matters a lot. Don’t you also think so? It’s important to have a good edged knife so that when it comes to meat (in case you are non-vegetarian) you will be able to use it on every type. It should not be extra ordinary sharp that it cuts off your meat too but must be capable of cutting off the meat properly without any cuts on your hand. It is assumed normal to have cuts and bruises while cutting vegies for cooking purposes but this is actually not normal if you have a good knife.

This all happens because of using an improper knife and not knowing what kin of knife with what kind of properties is to be used for what kind of meals. For giving you a good knowledge, we have brought you a big list of different types of knives that will help you know better about your need.

Consider the size. Most chef’s knives have a blade measuring 8 inches. You may choose one with a shorter blade if you’re after agility. A longer blade, say 10 inches, may look bulky not to mention that it carries unnecessary additional weight. Of course, the blade’s construction materials have to promise months upon months of use. Of course, the larger the size of blade that is unnecessary, the more it is risk of getting unusual cuts on your fingers while chopping and cutting.

These are some small tips that most people do not understand when they stand in kitchen to cook and just continue using the materials they are provided with without thinking by their own brains that what kind of tools they actually require according to their needs. If we start looking in this matter closely, we can get rid of the little problems we go through in our daily routine of not getting the onion cut properly, or the big chopped pieces of garlic and little stuff like this. It is not at all a difficult task to erase such problems from our kitchen life, once you take hold of all the accessories, you will handle the matter within no time.

With that out of the way, here is a rundown of the best chef’s knives for the money. By reading the following types you will understand the solution to your small kitchen problems. Give a look and find what is best for you within the less possible time. We have the best guide for you to understand what serves you the best. Here is the best guide for you:

The Chef knife Best Sellers

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1. Kutt Chef Knife

Top 10 Best Chef’s Knife Reviews In 2021- A Complete List 1

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As understood by the name. It is a knife widely suggested for kitchen use for every purpose.Chop like a master chef with this ultra-sharp knife by Kutt. One of the most versatile knives in this collection, it can take virtually any cutting task in your kitchen from slicing bread, fillet, fish, or veggies. Now this like an offer like thousand need accomplished by buying just one single product. You can use it to prepare Thai, Chinese, French, Asian or Italian cuisine. What could be better than using a simple knife for s many types of food. You don’t actually need to stuff you drawers with different types of knives for different types of food. Now, that’s a knife you’d love to own, right?

The Kutt’s comfort is on another level too. Its combination of exceptional balance, pakka wood handle, and a light body allow you to chop for long without operational fatigue. Easy to handle with the lightest weight is one of it’s most attractive thing. You can easily cut upto large amount of leafy vegetables, as many fruits as you want in as much thin slices as you like! There is no risk of getting your hand swollen or any kind of discomfort later after the cutting because the delicate knife with a good blade makes it easy for you.

With this kind of usability, it makes a brilliant fit for a busy restaurant, eatery or kitchen. The FDA-approved German stainless steel blade is not only durable but also rust resistant. This means you can wash the knife as much frequent as it needs and there is no necessity to always dry it. Even if you are not in a hurry, you can just put it with your rest of the utensils and not worry about rusting anymore. Plus, the edge retains sharpens for months, further guaranteeing you of reliability. Sharpened edge increases the usage life of the knife and you are able to use it as long as you want.  

While the Kutt is a stellar kitchen knife, it is essential to note that its blade tends to retain odors. So be sure to clean it with a deodorizing soap more so when you cut food items such as garlic, onion or fish. Don’t keep it unclean for a longer period of time unless the smell will not go and you will find the same smell in other things cut later. So make sure you dip it in good amount of soap and clean it properly when you can used it for cutting.

2. Utopia Kitchen Multipurpose Chef Knife

Utopia Kitchen Multipurpose Chef Knife

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Who said that the best chef’s knife has to somersault past your budget? Not Utopia Kitchen! One of the most affordable knives in this roundup, this one is an excellent choice if you don’t have lots of cash to spend. The best knife with affordable amount of money is the biggest attraction for your kitchen! Isn’t it? It features a brand exclusive ABS+430 handle for a comfortable grip and effortless maneuvering. The blade measures a mere 2.5 mm in thickness for smooth, seamless cuts. Nice and smooth cutting process made with cleanliness and no mess. Once you have bought this, we assure you, your all problems of cutting different items will be solved instantly.

Despite its affordability, the Utopia Kitchen has an inventive design for consistency. You can trust the stainless steel blade to maintain your knife’s usefulness even with extended usage. All you have to do is to sharpen it accordingly. The steel is easy to sharpened according to your needs. As it can be used for every kind of material so you can now just use a knife sharpener and blade it according to your choice! As sometimes knives are handed over to kids for cutting bread and the edges of bread so don’t you worry now! It is kids friendly and will cause no harm to them.

What’s more? This knife is dishwasher safe. In essence, this means that cleaning it is a breeze. Cleaning knives sometimes is not a good process and we often end up having small cuts that we actually are unaware of while washing it. It is easy to wash and there is no harm it causes.

Word of caution though – always wear protective gloves if you have to dip your hands in the dishwasher. Whenever possible, rinse your knife with warm water and a cloth to avoid unnecessary injuries. Because if the knife is having some kind of garlic taste is onion taste, it may cause you irritability which may lead you to see a doctor later. As the infection can start and a whole new story takes place.

3. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife

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Numbers don’t lie! The Victorinox has found love among thousands of cooking enthusiasts, and for some very good reasons. Those who’ve used this knife hail it’s ergonomic, non-slip, textured handle, designed to reduce wrist tension while giving you a comfortable grip, irrespective of the size of your hand. The soft and at the same time hard grip enables you to have a strong grip over the knife with a smooth cutting process. Besides, the textured handle enables you to use your knife even when wet or greasy which translates to precise cuts. There is damage to your hands when you use items that can cause a slip because it is actually not going to slip due to it’s amazing blade.

The one thing that makes the Victorinox stand out against competition is the stellar performance. Its European steel blade can slice onions, crush garlic, chop herbs and shred cabbage, making it the to-go-to knife whether you’re a beginner or experienced cook. Just go and get this one if you are not a pro at it because it’s not hard to get control over this knife. It provides you firm grip and good cutting in no time!

At 0.55 lb, the Victorinox is super light, providing the handiness and maneuverability you need to complete small and large tasks quickly. In the meantime, the blade’s sloping curve combines with the flat spine to reduce pressure on your palm when cutting through hard-skinned items such as butternut squash or acorn.

4. IDEELAND Professional Kitchen Knife

IDEELAND Professional Kitchen Knife

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This chef’s knife by IDEELAND is as elegant as they come and would indeed make an appealing addition to your kitchen. With the incredible aesthetics comes a five-star performance to match. The IDEELAND features a 440 C, razor-sharp blade to cut through your food items with ease. The sharpness, by extension, ensures that food doesn’t stick to the edge. So in short, it cuts the vegetables, fruits, even leafy ones into smooth form where there is no mess created and no sticking of the material with whatever thing you are cutting, providing cleanliness without any fuss created in your kitchen. Moreover, the 18% chrome used to reinforce the blade makes it a great pick for heavy duty tasks. Like if the meat is a bit frozen or you are to cut large slices of meet, you can easily purchase this knife for the purpose. The heavy cutting is found suitable for this knife where you can easily cut in whichever for you like without any hurdles and unnecessary injuries.

The five-inch wood handle reduces numbness from continuous use while the edge retention minimizes the number of times that you have to re-sharpen, thus increasing your knife’s durability. The IDEELAND uses FDA approved stainless steel, just like our top pick but with higher carbon content. The unique build makes this knife two times stronger and sturdy when pitted against other knives in its class.

Other notable highlights include balanced weight and anti-tarnish blade. You may also want to know that the IDEELAND’s package comes with a deodorizing soap bar. That way, it is ready to use right out of the box!

5. J.A. Henckels International CLASSIC Knife

J.A. Henckels International CLASSIC Knife

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Even though the choice of one knife over the other is somewhat a personal preference, there’s every reason to presume that this one by J.A. Henckels is one of the most universally attractive knives on the market. So, if you want to spruce up your kitchen’s countertop, you’ve just found the right pick!

Other than the looks, the CLASSIC is a workhorse that can accomplish a variety of tasks from dicing to mincing, slicing, and chopping. So this one is always recommended when cutting in cubes or chopped form is required that often is needed for garlic and chicken purposes. It is especially built for the same purpose so if you looking for the small cut knife, you are at the right type! The sharp, German stainless steel blade is the feature behind this knife’s iconic usability and performance. Washing is made easy with an elongated process of drying it up quickly with a risk of stain.

Unlike most knives that we’ve reviewed so far, this one has a fully-forged design (seamless transition from the blade to handle), giving you an operational balance that equates to the traditional triple-rivet handle. For those who may be concerned, the J.A. Henckels is dishwasher safe, complete with a satin finished blade for long-lasting sharpness. One more thing; it comes in 6, 8, and 10 inches blades to cater for all of your cutting needs. And this is definitely the best quality and ranges it provides!

6. Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife

Top 10 Best Chef’s Knife Reviews In 2021- A Complete List 2

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Ushering in our second half of the best chef’s knife is this piece by the renowned German brand Wusthof. It features a full tang design, backed by a high-carbon stainless steel blade for all-purpose use. While this knife can handle simple, day to day chopping, dicing or shredding tasks, the heavy edge also makes it ideal for cutting thicker food items. This is considered as one of the best knives when thought about daily routine. Kitchen always needs stuff that is used for daily purpose and this one is the right one! It is essential to note that the blade requires regular sharpening to keep performance at its peak.

The Wusthof also uses the patented precise edge technology to give a 20% sharper blade with longer edge retention. The riveted polymer handle is not only durable but also seamless for an utterly hygienic fit. Fans hail the knife’s high handle clearance that helps prevent injuries. In fact, this is one of the few pieces on the market with a finger guard for safety, control, and comfort. A good grip ensures n o slipping of your hand while you use it for cutting and therefore, your hands are safe while using it.

While the Wusthof may not be one of the cheapest chef knives out there, its durability and outstanding cutting prowess. The hardness of its blade stands at 58 degrees Rockwell, which is quite impressive for a kitchen knife.

7. DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Chef Knife

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Chef Knife

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The DALSTRONG is ah-mazing! One of the highly rated cooking knives on the market, it is near perfect if the love and praise from users are anything to go by. Everything about it from the design to the usability brings out the feel of a well-thought-out piece of cutlery. The blade is remarkably sharp, water resistant with a Rockwell rating of 55 degrees. So just be a little careful while using it because the smooth and sharp blade is actually amazing while cutting.

The edge is meticulously shaped to provide a striking balance between the endurance and sharpness. Meanwhile, you can count on the knife’s tall height to give you the knuckle clearance you need for quick chopping and food preparation. It can be used with different angles for different types cutting procedures, this makes it significantly different from all the other ones.

The DALSTRONG’s handle has a beautiful, polished satin finish, complete with contours for a comfortable grip. We couldn’t help but notice the oval-shaped hollow divots dotted on either side of the blade. The divots help reduce suction and create air pockets, giving way for quick, frictionless chopping. We also bet that you’ll love the full tang and the protective fingers bolster that combine to bring forth quality and robustness to an already outstanding knife.



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The makers of this knife know their trade! It is for anyone who’s after value and pitch-perfect performance in the kitchen every day. The ZELITE comes with a rare, tapered bolster for perfect control and total balance. It is stylish, razor sharp and with minimal cutting resistance. With such characteristics, this knife would indeed make an excellent gift for any professional or home cook. So if any of your friends is not happy with the cutting and chopping. You can think of buying and gifting them this!

The ZELITE’s quality is legendary. It has a ThyssenKrupp high carbon stainless steel blade for top consistency. And because the blade is rust, corrosion and stain resistant, maintaining your knife shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Your comfort is well taken care of to by an ergonomic, rounded handle. The craftsmanship of this knife is one of a kind, which makes it unique. The edge is hand-fished using a three-step method known as Honbazuke to create a 15-degree cutting angle. That way, you can rest assured of maximum sharpness and edge retention and therefore precision cuts every time.

ZELITE may be a relatively new in the market but is quickly gathering moss and is already competing with other well-established brands. So just keep an eye on this amazing.

9. Kuma Japanese Damascus Chef Knife


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Kuma says that their cooking knife has specs to respect and we couldn’t agree more! Its blade features 67 layers of premium Japanese steel to deliver terrific cutting strength. It is the very innovativeness behind the Damascus that makes it one of the most versatile chef’s knives you can get. So sharp is this knife that its makers claim it can cut through meat, tomatoes, and veggies like butter! It can even chop through a thin bone! How about that!

The Damascus also combines a blend of modern and ancient technologies to craft a perfect cutting too. It uses the V shape sharpening methods and 8 handmade engineering processes to create a scalpel-like cutting edge. With an almost nonexistent bolster, this knife offers a fatigue-free slicing experience.

And if you thought that the Wusthof has a hard blade, then you’ll be shocked to know that the Damascus boasts a hardness of 60 Rockwell. The deluxe Micarta handle is durable, ultra-comfortable, lightweight, and with traces of Japanese inspired design to ensure that you stay on top of your dicing or chopping. Meanwhile, the soft, hand polished spine allows you to cut without applying too much pressure on your palm.

10. Shun Premier Chef’s Knives

Shun Premier Chef's Knife

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Wrapping our top 10 best chef’s knives list is this piece by Shun Premier. It comes with a layered Damascus steel blade that gives it a striking yet classic look. The hand-hammered, Japanese Tsuchime finish adds to the beauty. This one is considerably light and would make a great purchase if you cut solid food items regularly. Even then, it is an all-purpose knife that can take care of most slicing, shredding or chopping chores in your kitchen.

The elongated handle will rest easy on your palm for absolute control and security during use. Just like the knife we’ve reviewed above, this one has a hardness rating of 60 Rockwell, so there’s no doubt about its durability. The blade has a 16-degree angle, making this one of the sharpest knives on the market.

The Shun Premier packs 16 layers of stainless steel on each side, for flexibility and strength. The frame is corrosion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. We also can’t fail to notice the microscopic air pockets on the blade for less friction as you cut. 

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

The above guide is a big help if you read the reviews carefully. It will definitely help you find the one according to your needs. So just pick one and make your kitchen and cuttings complete with less time. You must have now be able to choose the best type of knife for your safe hands. Grab one and make the incomplete set complete by an addition of useful utensil in your kitchen! It is always important to get the knowledge if any product before buying it and we are sure you must have got a good knowledge of the knife you are looking for according to your need!

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