Top 10 Best Cash Counting Machines in 2021 Reviews

When you own a shop or run a business, you have to deal with a lot of cash on a daily basis. Counting currencies or bills could consume a lot of time and energy which you could have used in more production section. Since in one count you can make mistakes, you generally need to count the currencies twice or even thrice to ensure no human mistake in counting. This can make your hands pain and your neck can become stiff as you have to inspect the currencies while counting.

To get rid of this painful manual labor, you can buy a cash counting machine that can count cash bundles instantly and as many time as you want. Most important, the counting is accurate and counterfeit currencies get detected easily. The following is the list of the top 10 best cash counting machines in 2021 that you can consider to buy to save your time and energy and do an accurate counting.

List of Best Cash Counting Machines in 2021 Reviews

10. Royal Sovereign Money Counting Machine

10. Royal Sovereign Money Counting Machine, High Speed Bill Counter, Value Counting, UV and MG Counterfeit Bill Detector, Front Load (RBC-4500)

This cash counting machine can easily detect counterfeit currencies thanks to its advanced detection technology. It checks for dimension validation, magnetic ink validation, security threat detection, and much more. The counting is done at a lightning speed and you can set the speed as per your requirement.

It displays the denomination of the counting notes, total votes and the grand total on the display screen provided. The material used to build the machine is of premium-quality for its higher durability.

9. KKmoon Automatic Multi-Currency Counting Machine

9. KKmoon Automatic Multi-Currency Cash Banknote Money Bill Counter Counting Machine LCD Display with UV MG Counterfeit Detector for EURO US Dollar AUD Pound

This is very compact cash counting machine with which you can count currencies of various countries. There is an LCD screen provided to show the metrics of counting done. There is an additional option with which it can keep adding the counts and show the grand total at the end.

The machine can also detect counterfeit notes and if you have too many foreigners or your business is such that you have to accept international currencies, this is the perfect machine for you.

8. ZENY Bill Money Counter

8. ZENY Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Counting Machine UV & MG Cash Bank

This cash counting machine is suitable for counting most of the currencies in the world. The counting operating is super-fast with 100 bills per minute. There is an automatic detection technique for spotting the counterfeiting notes of various countries.

It is very easy to operate with touchpad controls and the display can be placed in a convenient place for you and your customer to see. It is ideal for restaurants, gas stations, stores, and outlets.

7. Goplus Money Counter Worldwide

7. Goplus Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Bill Counting Machine Detector

This cash counting machine comes with 13-piece rubber wheel design so that the counting is accurate for all the different conditions of the notes. It operates quietly and the counterfeit detection technique is quite advanced. There is an LED screen to show the counting and grand total.

It is tailor-made for counting all the different currencies of the world. It is compact and highly portable and there is an additional display screen for your customers to see the counting conveniently.

6. EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

6. EOM-POS Money Counting Machine - Cash Counter and Bill Detector- Counts and Detects Counterfeit US Money

This is a simple cash counting machine that does not differentiate between different currencies but only counts them accurately. It can detect counterfeit notes by checking through ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared detection. The operation is lightning fast with the capability of counting 1000 notes in a minute. The design is sleek and compact and there is a carrying handle provided for easy portability. It is protected from heat in case you place in such an open area.

5. Teraputics Elite Money Counter

5. Money Counter Elite

This cash counter has advanced detections system which means there are UV, IR and magnetic detection mechanisms available. It blows off an alarm when it detects counterfeit notes. It has a unique energy saving mode and the operation is user-friendly and noise-free.

The machine is capable of working for 6 hours continuously and it will be handy on a very busy day. The company provides a money-back guarantee and it is tailor-made for US outlets.

4. Kolibri Money Counter- Best Cash Counting Machines

4. Kolibri Money Counter with UV Detection and 1-year Warranty

The cash counter has a sturdy construction for regular rough use. It can detect half, double and chain notes effortlessly. The authenticity is also checked with ultraviolet detection. The counting speed is 1000 bills per minute. It is extremely compact and easy to use. You can also clean the machine effortlessly and there are least chances of jamming. The company provides one year of warranty.

3. Cassida Business-Grade Currency Counter

3. Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade Currency Counter- Best Cash Counting Machines

This cash counter has the maximum speed of counting with 1400 notes per minutes. The counting is absolutely accurate and it can hold 400 bills at once. The available functionalities are extremely useful and it can detect the denomination.

The machine also checks the authenticity of the notes and it is tailor-made for businesses where there is a regular supply of notes coming in all the time. The operating is super easy and time-saving as you have to put the notes on the top and it will do the rest.

2. G-Star Technology Money Counter

2. G-Star Technology Money Counter With

This is the bestselling cash counting machine and it comes with energy saving mode. When it is kept idle, the power consumption goes down to 3W from 90W and it is tailor-made for heavy-duty usage of 2 hours continuously. The speed is extremely high with 1000 notes per minute and the operation is quiet.

The counting is accurate and it has the standard counterfeit note detection system. There is an external monitor provided and you can choose between various variants as per your choice.

1. HFS Bill Money Counter

1. HFS Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Counting Machine UV & MG Counterfeit

This universal cash counting machine features under Amazon’s Choice for its extremely high rating and positive reviews from the genuine buyers. It automatically adjusts itself while starting up so that you do not have to reset anything. It can count various world currencies with proper detection like dollar, euro, pound, and various others.

There is ultraviolet and magnetic detection system and it comes with an external monitor for the customers to see the counting simultaneously.

All the above-mentioned top 10 best cash counting machines in 2021 have all the basic features such as high-speed counting, counterfeit note detection, grand total counting and likewise. Each of these machines has their own exclusive features and benefits that are tailor-made for different requirements of the customers. Go through the description and decide the best cash counting machine you should buy for fulfilling all your requirements in the best possible way.

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