Top 10 Best Breast Pumps In 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Breastfeeding all the time your baby is hungry is hard even for the most dedicated mothers. Sometimes you have multiple errands to run at the same time, and your baby still needs to be fed. Other times you are out in public, and breastfeeding even for the most confident mums becomes difficult. That is why breast pumps exist. Breast pumps allow you to express your milk into bottles and feed it to your baby any time of the day or night. They even save you on times your breasts are dry, and on occasions, you want to take the day off and leave your baby with a babysitter.

This article looks at 10 of the best and affordable breast pumps in the market.

A List of 10 Best Breast Pumps

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10. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump 4oz

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump 4oz

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This breast pump is the company’s best-selling breast pump. It is made from silicone and is recommended by magazines, celebrities, nursing mums, and even doulas. By using the natural suction, the breast pump lets you express your milk naturally. The breast pump is cordless and cleans by boiling in water for 2-3minutes. You only have to squeeze the suction, and your breast expresses milk into the bottle.

With this breast pump, you get a lightweight, portable pump that you can carry anywhere. You can also get any let-down from the lateral breast while breastfeeding with the other one. The plump flange is made to suit all sizes and types of breast. The silicone material is made from high-quality food-grade material and BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate-free.

Key Features
  • The breast pump is made from high-quality food-grade material
  • The pump works manually
  • The pump is easy to clean

9. Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Breast Pump

Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Breast Pump

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The Ameda breast pump is lightweight with a compact pump body the size of your palm. Though this pump is electrical, the motor operates at 45db, making it quiet and peaceful for use around a baby. Without an electrical outlet, the pump’s rechargeable battery will give you two hours of use before you need to recharge.

This pump has a customizable double pumping. It has an adjustable 2-phase suction mode with ten unique levels of Expression Model and five levels of Massage mode. The package includes an Ameda small Tote carrying one Hospital grade double electric breast pump, two dual milk collection system with 24mm flanges, extra valves, an AC power adapter and an instruction manual.

Key Features
  • This pump is electrical thus quick and easy to operate
  • The pump’s motor is quiet and peaceful while running
  • The pump comes with a customizable double pumping feature
  • This pump can be charged and used away from an outlet

8. Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump

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With this smart pump, you get a versatile and efficient breast pump that uses Bluetooth technology. The pump connects with the Lansinoh app to track breast pumps and ease the breastfeeding process. This pump does come with three pumping styles and eight suction levels to match the baby’s feeding patterns.

After pumping, the milk is collected in the pre-sterilized Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags for hygienic pumping. Lansinoh is a company that was founded by a mum, hence its goal to provide efficient, clean and convenient ways to pump milk, breastfeed and care for breasts and babies.

Key Features
  • The pump has comfortable flanges in 2 sizes
  • It connects to the Lansinoh app for efficient milk pumping
  • The breastmilk storage bottles come with lids
  • The FSA and HAS certify Lansinoh products

7. Medela Harmony Breast Pump

Medela Harmony Breast Pump

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This manual pump is easy and convenient to use. Though the pump doesn’t allow for long term storage of breast milk, it feels soft on the skin. The handle is made of an ergonomic swivel handle to ease the process. The pump works with a manually controlled suction by pressing on the ergonomic swivel. By utilizing modern technology, the company has designed the pump to resemble a baby’s natural nursing rhythm for increased efficiency.

The manual pump is lightweight and easily portable. It also allows for an increased level of discreteness for those that want to pump milk in private. On purchasing this pump, you get two 5oz breastmilk bottles, bottle stand, one valve, two membranes and a user manual.

Key Features
  • The pump is easy and convenient for use
  • This pump is lightweight and portable
  • The suction is designed to resemble a baby’s natural suckling

6. Evenflo One-Handed Breast Pump

Evenflo One-Handed Breast Pump

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With this manual, you don’t have to spend so much money, and yet you get a fancy looking breast pump to use for your baby. This pump is one of a kind being electric with a closed system. The closed system is so that no milk flows into the pump’s motor system. This works towards preventing bacteria, viruses, or germs from getting into the milk. The pump has two flange sizes to ensure that you get the best fit for your breast and avoid any unnecessary pain while pumping.

The breast pump has an angled flange design that allows you to remain comfortable while pumping. You can sit back and proceed with pumping. This pump is small, and compact hence can be carried anywhere. It can also use 3 AA batteries when there is no power outlet.

Key Features
  • This pump comes with a closed system
  • It has two flange sizes
  • It can be used with 3 AA batteries when no power is available
  • Its angled flange allows for one to sit back while breastfeeding

5. Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

Philips Avent Single Electric

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Though it comes at a high cost, this breast pump is in a comfortable and efficient design. It has three expression settings that maximize output while you sit back and rest. The flange has a soft massage cushion with a separate power function to add on suction. It suctions the milk quietly to prevent rousing the baby. The product comes with a Philips Avent Natural bottle and nipple.

This package has a breast pump body, base unit tubing, large massage cushion, power cushion, natural 4oz bottle, travel cover, sealing disc, and two breast pad samples. Due to the pumps’ compact nature, it is easy to clean. All the parts that come into contact with your expressed milk are BPA free.

Key Features
  • The pump has three expression settings
  • The pump has a soft massage cushion
  • It has a bottle of 4 oz. capacity
  • Parts that come into contact with the milk are BPA free

4. Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

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This breast pump comes with four sucking modes for you to pick out what works best. There is also a further nine levels of suction to mimic a baby’s suckling. It is an electric breast pump that has a large capacity battery, 2200mAh, for when there is no power outlet. It produces little to no noise when pumping.

There is no mention of a return policy, and the device does seem to have a short lifespan. It works on a closed system; the expressed milk doesn’t come into contact with other parts of the suction. The product comes with two milk storage adapters and ten pieces of storage bags. To induce expression, you only have to press on the sensitive touch panel. This breast pump is lightweight and easily portable.

Key Features
  • The pump has four sucking modes
  • It also has nine levels of suction
  • It has a large capacity battery at 2200mAh
  • The pump is lightweight and easy to transport

3. BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump

BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump

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This particular breast pump is both lightweight to transport and safe for use on your baby’s milk. It is highly portable as it comes with a lanyard for hanging around your neck. The company has developed a new technology to ensure that the electric pump is quieter as compared to other pumps in the market. It also has a closed system avoiding any flow back of the expressed milk.

On the flange, this breast pump has a soft cushion to make your expressing experience better. The soft cushion, combined with their ideal suction, feels like a baby suckling. The pump’s anti-back-flow design eliminates the need to lean forward while expressing. There are also multiple modes of suction and breast massaging to increase the amount of milk expressed.

Key Features
  • The pump comes with a lanyard to ease portability
  • This pump is small and compact hence easy to carry around
  • It pumps milk quietly by utilizing its specialized mechanisms
  • The pump has an anti-backflow feature

2. Spectra Baby USA

Spectra Baby USA

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The Spectra Baby breast pump may seem expensive, but this id due to its efficiency. On purchasing, you will get either the double or single breast pump according to your choice. It also comes with a 12 volt Ac power adapter, a detachable power cord prong, 2 Spectra wide neck bottles, 2 Spectra backflow protector, two spectra duckbill valve, 2 Spectra tubing, two 24mm flanges, and two 28mm flanges.

With this pump, you do not have to worry about backflow, for it has a closed system. The Spectra S1 also simplifies cleaning closed pumping system that keeps the tubing dry. You can also customize your settings according to your preference and flow. The material used for the device ae BPA/DEHP free.

Key Features
  • This pump allows you to choose between their double or single breast pump
  • On purchasing, you get a wide array of breast pumping equipment
  • A fellow mom founded the company
  • Easy to clean

1. Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

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This breast pump is specially designed for mothers that are always on the road. It is a compilation of several pieces of equipment that make breast pumping easy and comfortable. The size of the pump is small enough to fit comfortably in your purse or baby bag for easy access. It has a double electric feature that allows for increased milk expression in no time. It caters to mums who have to pump several times a day due to their active lifestyle.

The closed system avoids any backflow, ensuring your milk is uncontaminated. This pump has a rechargeable battery allowing for up to two hours of use in between charging. It is increasingly lightweight and hence easily portable. It weighs less than 1 pound.

Key Features
  • The pump is small and portable
  • The pump has a double electric feature for increased expressing of milk
  • It is suitable for active mums who are always on the go

Factors to Consider before Buying Breast Pumps

Buying a breast pump should be increasingly simplified with these critical things to consider.


There are several types of breast pumps. The most basic variation is the manual or electric models. The manual types require you to press the lever for the suction to happen. The electric ones only need you to turn it on, and the pumping will occur on its own. The electric type also has a further division of single or double breast pump. When it comes to the model, it all falls on your decision. Choose a breast pump that you are comfortable with because you will be using it for a while. Be sure to go through the product description to ensure it fits all your preferences.


Most mums buy breast pumps for when they are on the go. The portability of a breast pump will determine your experience. Breast pumps weigh differently, and hence portability differs. Some breast pumps have numerous cords making transportation difficult. Others are lightweight and cordless, thus easy to ferry around. You should pick a breast pump according to your needs. If you are always on the road, you should consider a highly portable breast pump. The good thing is that the product description has most of the information about their breast pump.


As you can see, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to breast pumps. All you have to do is to decide on what you want according to your budget. With our reviews, you can see a sample of the ten best products in the market. We hope that the buying guide will simplify the process of deciding which breast pump to buy.

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