Top 10 Best Bluetooth/Wireless Mouse In 2021 – Complete List

For those that use computers at work or school and looking to improve their overall experience, one of the most essential accessories to purchase is a well-made Bluetooth mouse.

Even though slightly expensive than traditional wired models, they are durable, have sensitive systems that connect reliably to computers, and durable and ergonomic designs that fit comfortably in the hand.

Some PC and tablet makers may reveal to you that the best mouse is a stylus, however, we simply don’t concur.

There’s nothing very like utilizing a mouse to explore your PC. Regardless of whether you’re a PC or Mac client, a trackpad or touchscreen simply isn’t the same.

On this page, we have put up the reviews on the best Bluetooth mouse options for our readers. These are the wireless mouse products and work in an utmost amazing way for you.

They are just a bit of expensive but their usage and functionality are truly splendid and superb in all ways.

Amazing design, reliability, fastest speed, easy usage, slim design, ergonomic design factor, ambidexterity- these are the properties which are present in the below-mentioned Bluetooth mouse options.

We are sure that now all your computer related tasks will become quick and easy because the arrival of such kind of mouse options are made for this specific purpose.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Wireless MouseWireless mouse

This is on the grounds that the best mice, not at all like trackpads, aren’t restricted to space between your console and the edge of the workstation – they can be as exact or as boisterous as you’d like.

In any case, regardless of whether you as of now have a mouse, we guarantee that our deliberately curated proposals will destroy everything else.

Before you decide on which mouse to get, you ought to take a seat and consider what you really require your mouse to do.

They are also easy to use, eliminate wire clutter, and are attainable in an array of innovative designs that work well for individuals of all cadres. For best results, however, the 10 best to purchase include:

10. Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M557

Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M557

Designed for use with personal computers (PCs) Macintosh, and Windows 8 tablets, Logitech M557 is an innovative Bluetooth mouse with an ambidextrous, slim, and ergonomic design.

It is durable, has a reliable 12-months-capacity battery pack, and a powerful wireless adapter that connects reliably to computers and tablets without breaks and or interference. This mouse is fully customizable, supports side-to-side scrolling, and has a well-built high-definition optical sensor that offers its users value.

All in all, you should get your hands and do buy this Logitech M557 Bluetooth mouse option for yourself.

The reliable brand has made it which already encompass years of experience in it. Its battery pack which can be used for 12 months and the presence of a powerful wireless adapter, for the reason that, this option is suggested to you.

This well-built and high-definition mouse will complete your computer linked assignments and jobs in less time. Its pointer drag on the screen in a flawless way and furthermore, it supports side-to-side scrolling.


  • Innovative Bluetooth mouse.
  • Amazing design.
  • Very reliable.


  • Slightly expensive.

9. Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

A trusted and depended on the product by millions of people worldwide, Microsoft Arc Touch is a professional-grade Bluetooth mouse designed for use with Windows tablets, Microsoft Surface, and all brands of PCs.

It is light, super portable, and has a novel curved design that fits comfortably in the palm.

This mouse is flexible. When not in use, for instance, it flattens for easier storage. It also eliminates wire clutter, offers precise vertical scrolling by feel, and has an advanced Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology with a snap to power on and off the system and a BlueTrack technology.

The Arc Touch was composed on account of current PCs and is the main PC with Windows 7 or later and other, comparably late Mac OS X frameworks. It utilizes BlueTrack innovation and interfaces with your tablet or PC utilizing Bluetooth.

The mouse can be utilized with either hand, so regardless of whether you’re left-given, you shouldn’t have any issues utilizing it. On account of its creative BlueTrack innovation, it’s inconceivably smooth and touchy, offering an incredible execution in an ergonomic, snazzy bundle.

It likewise includes an improved looking over the framework that reacts to the development of your fingers, enabling you to scroll both vertically and on a level plane.


  • Connect to any Bluetooth enabled computer.
  • Battery lasts up to 18 months.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • Scrolling features take some getting used to.

8. HP x4000b Bluetooth Mouse

HP x4000b Bluetooth Mouse

Sought-after worldwide, HP x4000b is a powerful matte-black Bluetooth mouse that offers life-enhancing productivity. Its smooth, light, and ergonomic design, for instance, is comfortable and easy to use.

Its powerful Bluetooth adapter is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, while its masterful and modern design not only works well for students but also business executives.

If money is a concern, this one-of-a-kind mouse is affordable. It is durable, easy to maintain, and therefore, will serve you for several years.

Hence, this powerful and wireless Bluetooth mouse option is in front of you, yes we are recommending you to buy this HP x4000b.

Its life-enhanced productivity properties. ergonomic design, lightweight factor, easy to use and easy to maintain- it is for these reasons that we are recommending you this specific option.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • 5 colors options.


  • No additional buttons.
  • Not the highest build quality.

7. HP z4000 Wireless Mouse

HP z4000 Wireless Mouse

Best liked for its light and ultra-modern design, z4000 wireless mouse by HP is a well-made computer accessory that is also compatible with tablets and notebooks. It is affordable, has an ergonomic design that orients the hand in a natural position for optimal comfort, and a stylish three-button design with a wheel that blends naturally with its low profile design.

You also get side grips for optimal stability, an ambidextrous design that works for both right and left-handed users, and a 2.5GHz connectivity. HP z4000 wireless mouse is battery-powered and attainable cheap in Web stores.

If you are a loyal customer of this HP brand then do try out their HP z4000 wireless mouse as well.

Do you know that its connectivity power is just amazing! You can even use it on your notebooks and tablets. Its unlimited and extensive compatibility makes it a 100% reliable choice for all of you.


  • Ultra-modern design.
  • Affordable
  • Very stylish.


  • None

6. Microsoft H3S-00003 Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft H3S-00003 Bluetooth Mouse

If you are shopping for a new Bluetooth mouse and optimal comfort is of primary importance, Microsoft H3S-00003 Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth mouse will work best for you.

As its name suggests, its sculpted design fits comfortably in the palm and orients the hand naturally when in use for maximum comfort.

It is compatible will all Android tablets, has a unique BlueTrack technology that works well on all types of surfaces, and a reliable three-button system with a four-way scroll wheel for navigating left and right and up and down.

You will never regret purchasing an original on the Web.

So, what have you decided, we suggest you to try this Microsoft H3S-00003 Sculpt Bluetooth mouse for once! You will get the hassle-free, seamless and smooth scrolling experience. It is its sculpted design which makes it super comfortable for you while holding and using it.

Rate this Bluetooth mouse as well for us.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Sculpted design.
  • Compatible to every Bluetooth device.


  • Higher price.

5. EagleTec MR5M2509 Wireless Mouse

EagleTec MR5M2509 Wireless Mouse

Talking about the best wireless computer mice in 2019, only a few model rival this MR5M2509 model by EagleTec. Even though cheap, this high-precision mouse is not only functional but also features a switchable DPI 1000/1500/2000, which boosts its flexibility significantly.

It is universal, has a powerful 2.4GHz optical system, and five programmable buttons that you can use as needed.

It also offers USB storage, has a low battery light indicator, and stable and easy-to-use design, ideal for gaming.

Book this MR5M2509 model by EagleTec right now. As this is a high-precision mouse, it is for this reason that this is recommended to you. Being one of the functional wireless mouse options, you will love using it too.


  • Best wireless mouse.
  • Very cheap.
  • Having a low battery light indicator.


  • None

4. Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse

Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse

Do you own an Apple computer or notebook? Are you sourcing for a compatible Bluetooth mouse that you can use for navigation, word processing, and navigating the internet?

Powered by advanced wireless laser technology, the Apple Magic Bluetooth mouse is one of the best accessories in this class.

It is aesthetic, super comfortable, and has miniature sensors that track and respond to the slightest of movements well.

It also has a durable touch shell design, sensitive touch technology, and an innovative battery-powered system backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Cell phones you can open with your face, Apple is working diligently developing one of the world’s most odd PC mice. On the off chance that you were completing a twofold take taking a gander at the specs, you saw right: the Magic Mouse 2 has zero catches and interminable mold bid.

It’s likewise controlled by signals, giving everything the charm of a trackpad and additionally a mouse.


  • Having 1 year of warranty.
  • Multi-touch is clever.
  • Looks fantastic.


  • Expensive

3. Microsoft 3500 Wireless Mobile Mouse

Microsoft 3500 Wireless Mobile Mouse

For those that travel a lot and looking for compact and portable wireless mice, Microsoft 3500 is recommended in most top 10 best Bluetooth mice in 2021 reviews for several reasons. It, for instance, is light and portable.

Its nano transceiver is responsive, while its smooth and comfortable design is a major draw for people who spend a lot of time in front of computers.

As with most Microsoft mice, model 3500 has a sensitive BlueTrack technology for working on all types of surfaces, a bright power status indicator, and an impressive eight-months capacity battery life.


  • Really cheap.
  • Very comfortable.


  • Smaller than other mice.

2. AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

Favored globally, AmazonBasics wireless mouse is an affordable, precise, and fun-to-use computer accessory that connects reliably to notebooks, desktops, and even laptops. It has a responsive three-button system and a 2.4GHz wireless system with a Nano receiver and comes backed by a one-year limited warranty by AmazonBasics.

AmazonBasics remote, optical mouse moves effortlessly with or without a mouse cushion.

The delicate hold top and formed sides make moussing a joy. Utilize the parchment wheel for the quick, exact following to explore through your work easily.

This AmazonBasics item includes Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging that is recyclable.

It comes without an abundance of bundling materials, for example, hard plastic clamshell housings, plastic ties, or wire ties.

The bundling is intended to be opened without the utilization of a container shaper or blade, and it will secure your item similarly and additionally conventional bundling.

Items with Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging can much of the time be dispatched in their own particular boxes, without an extra transporting box, saving money on assets and decreasing waste.


  • Bestselling wireless device.
  • Moves effortlessly.
  • Great design.


  • None

1. Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

Top on our list, Logitech M510 is a contoured, soft rubber-gripped wireless mouse that processes all kinds of computing tasks whilst providing all-day comfort at the same time. It is stable, supports side-to-side scrolling, and connects reliably to a unifying receiver whilst in use.

Logitech M510 is compatible with Windows and Mac OS is attainable cheap online and comes with a 3-year hardware warranty.

None of you can give any of the excuses of not buying this Logitech M510 wireless mouse. This is a great device, offer extensive compatibility, connects reliably and completely support the jobs of side to side scrolling.

Lastly, its promising part is that it offers 3-year hardware warranty time and this is the highly reliable part of this device which takes it on the first spot. So, are you ready to buy it? Let us know and if some revised version of this Logitech M510 wireless mouse will come in the market, we will let you know.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Amazing design.
  • Having 3 years of warranty.


  • A bit higher price.

Best Bluetooth/Wireless Mouse – Buyer’s Guide

Wireless Mouse

In the event that remote mice have a drawback, this is it: they eat up batteries. To what extent depends both on the bore of the mouse you purchase and the brand of battery. The best arrangement is to purchase the biggest bundle of batteries so you’ll generally have some available.

Not at all like old simple innovation, there are two unique sorts of a remote mouse. Remote mice utilize specks per inch, or DPI, to track their developments over the surface.

The more prominent the DPI, the higher the exactness and affectability of a mouse.

Optical mice are more affordable yet in addition less exact. Other mice track developments by utilizing lasers. This is more exact and is particularly useful for playing computer games.

A standout amongst the most imperative things to consider in a mouse is that it is so agreeable to utilize. Mice planned utilizing ergonomic standards will put less weight staring you in the face. This can avoid firmness and even carpal passage disorder.

All mice have caught for left and right, and the vast majority of them have advantageous looking over wheels also. Some top of the line mice additionally has programmable catches that enable you to get to fundamental PC capacities with the dash of a catch.

Trust it or not, remote mice can get entirely costly.

It’s normal to see a remote mouse offer for $50 or $60. Think about how frequently you utilize your mouse and what you utilize it for. In the event that you utilize the PC much of the time for work or play, it’s justified, despite all the trouble to purchase a decent mouse.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!!

There has never been such a wide combination of PC mice as there is today. With alternatives come decisions, in any case.

It can be a test to adjust your execution needs with your budgetary necessities, and it can be significantly harder to discover a mouse that is agreeable to utilize while performing attractively.

We trust that this guide presents you with the sort of choices you have to settle on a shrewd choice and take control over your PC mouse needs.

I’ve worked with great mice, and I’ve worked with lacking mice, and I can state, without a sorry excuse for uncertainty, that it’s constantly justified, despite all the trouble to pay somewhat more for a superior item.

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