Top 10 Best Baby Jumpers Review In 2020- A Step By Step Guide

If you have a toddler, you’ll need to invest in baby jumpers. Contrary to popular belief, baby jumpers are more than toys. You need baby jumpers to keep your child preoccupied. Baby jumpers also work on toddlers’ motoring skills. Although there are hardly any conclusive studies proving the efficacy of baby jumpers in improving pre-walking skills and toning/strengthening leg muscles among toddlers, it seems rather obvious that they offer this benefit.

Baby jumpers also promote the comfort and safety of your baby as well as improve visual stimulation and interactivity. Baby jumpers are considered safer than baby walkers since toddlers can’t move away from caregivers.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Baby Jumper

Most brands also come with accessories such as lights, music, toys, etc. to keep toddlers busy. The importance of investing in a good baby jumper can’t, therefore, be ignored. Remember, most parents buy jumpers to preoccupy their kids over prolonged periods of time without compromising their safety.

We’ve gone through the trouble of reviewing the bestsellers for you. There are many types of baby jumpers on sale today that vary in regards to; weight/height limits, activity level, accessories, portability among other factors.

Here are the best baby jumpers on sale today.

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher-Price Rainforest baby jumper is a bestseller in many online stores today. Online customer reviews attest to this fact. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo stands out for giving toddlers countless sights and activities to engage in. The jumper has lights, exciting sounds, and music. Toddlers get rewarded with exciting sound, lights, and music with every jump. The jumper also has many busy activities such as bat-at-monkey, peek-a-boo tiger, rattle lizard, spinner drum, bobble elephant and much more.

The jumper has busy toys such as a swinging monkey and bobble elephant that captivates a baby’s attention as well as keeps them entertained. What’s more is; toddlers are preoccupied everywhere they look. Toddlers can spin the seat and be able to see everything around them.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo also stands out for being portable and easy-to-store. The jumper is also unmatched in regards to safety thanks to its free-standing steel frame. Furthermore, the jumper is easy to adjust (features three height levels). You can use this jumper as your baby grows. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo also takes comfort into account. For instance, the jumper has comfy seat pad and soft spring covers which are safe for toddler’s fingers.

Rainforest JumperooProsCons
Main product information

• Type: Baby jumper. Let’s baby jump safely.

• Doorway: Requires none.

• Power: Requires 3 AA batteries.

• Age recommendation: The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is ideal for toddlers who can’t walk or climb out but can be able to support their head up unassisted.

• Accessories: Sounds, lights, and music which are activated when the baby jumps. Also has an overhead toy bar featuring a squirrel roller bar and spinners.

1. Very safe and comfortable: The Fisher-Price Rainforest baby jumper comes highly recommended as one of the best baby jumpers on sale today in regards to safety and comfort. The jumper has been built to withstand a maximum load of 11.3 kg. Some of the most notable comfort features include soft leaves extending from the frame to create a safe and comfortable overhead canopy. The jumper also has a seat fitted with soft spring covers which protect your baby’s fingers. Last but not least, the seat height can be adjusted accordingly to offer a custom fit (Maximum height is 81 cm or 32 inches).

2. Unmatched usability: The Fisher-Price Rainforest baby jumper also stands out for being extremely easy to use. The jumper folds and unfolds easily. It also features frames which can be assembled fast and easy. The frame pivots can be tucked easily. Furthermore, the jumper has no doorways which make setup and use faster, anywhere. Cleaning is also easy since the seat pad is machine-washable and dryer safe.

3. Stimulating interactive play: Most importantly, toddlers find this baby jumper irresistible. The jumper has everything toddlers need during play-time. First and foremost, the seat can rotate 360 degrees which offers unmatched freedom. The jumper also has numerous toys at five locations which engage the baby all round. There is an electronic toy located at the front. The toy has music, lights and motion activated when the baby spins a drum. Caregivers can also activate the toy for continuous play. In a nutshell, the Fisher-Price Rainforest baby jumper has everything you could wish for in a baby walker and jumper, plus more.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest baby jumper is a bestseller, so it’s hard to find negative reviews. The few that are there touch on capacity. The 11.3 kg weight limit is restricting to toddlers that may near or surpass this weight limit.

2. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

The Graco Doorway Bumper baby jumper is undoubtedly one of the best doorway baby bouncers on sale today. The jumper/bouncer has been specially built to attach to door frames and offer instant activity and amusement to toddlers.

The bouncer is also easy to use. First and foremost, the nylon seat pad is machine washable. The seat pad can also be wiped clean with ease. The bouncer has also been made to allow easy entry/exit. The bouncer features special non-twist straps as well as a plastic dome which prevents tangling making it easy to get your baby in/out. The bouncer has also been designed to be easy and neat to attach. The Graco Doorway Bumper baby jumper doesn’t leave marks on door frames. The jumper utilizes a spring-loaded clamp that is firm but mark-free.

The bouncer’s safety also stands out. The Graco Doorway Bumper baby jumper has a hidden safety chord which provides unmatched protections regardless of the intensity or speed of your little one’s bounce.

The bouncer is also adjustable and capable of handling up to 25 pounds. Unlike other baby jumpers on sale today, the Graco Doorway Bumper will work perfectly for your baby as he/she grows. The height can also be adjusted accordingly to allow maximum jumping fun.

Last but not least, the jumper has a built-in toy tray that allows your baby to bounce and play with toys at the same time. The jumper also has interactive play toys including two soft removable toys attached to play rings that stimulate imagination.

Doorway Bumper JumperProsCons
Main product information

• Material: Polyester

• Attachment: Attaches to door frame

• Special features: Sturdy bounce spring featuring a hidden safety cord

• Seat features: Machine washable seat pad.

• Straps: Non-twist straps. Allows quick/easy in/out movements.

• Adjustability: Height adjustable

• Weight recommendations: Ideal for 5.5 – 25 lbs children

1. Firm and safe: Most doorway baby jumpers are considered unsafe. The Graco Doorway Bumper sets a new precedent. The jumper has a hidden safety cord and sturdy bounce spring which maximum fun without compromising safety. There are many reviews attesting to the fact that the Graco Doorway Bumper baby jumper is the best doorway baby jumper on sale today.

2. Unique fun: Many reviews also praise this jumper for offering unique fun. Apart from the regular jumper toys, the Graco Doorway Bumper give your baby a unique safari experience through adorable monkey, elephant and giraffe sounds playing in the background.

3. Affordable: The Graco Doorway Bumper costs way less than most baby jumpers on sale today but doesn’t compromise on anything.

The safety of this baby jumper is highly dependent on the strength of the door frame. For this reason, this jumper must be used with a lot of caution. It is important to follow the user manual attachment instructions and weight recommendations (ideal for 5.5 – 25 lbs load) to guarantee safety.

3. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

This is yet another highly recommended Fisher-Price baby jumper. The Luv U Zoo Jumperoo stands out for its zoo theme. If your little one loves animals, this jumper is a great bet. Your baby can spin 360 degrees, jump, rattle and engage an animal friend of their choice. What’s more is; the jumpers rewarding sounds, music and lights which encourage your little one to stay active. Your baby can engage in many busy activities and play with colorful animal toys such as the lion teether and elephant mirror. Other animal toys include; a spinning alligator, giraffe (with clacker beads), hippo roller ball, gorilla, and rhino. The Luv U Zoo jumper provides ample entertainment, sensory stimulation and keeps your baby active.

Besides offering colorful animal toys, the Luv U Zoo also stands out for safety. The jumper features a strong free-standing steel frame that allows the baby to jump as much as they want safely, no doorways required. The Luv U Zoo jumper also has a soft seat pad and soft spring covers to keep your baby’s body and fingers safe and comfortable.

Luv U Zoo JumperooProsCons
Main product information

• Material: Made using metal, plastic, and polyester.

• Power: Powered by 3 AA-sized batteries.

• Doorway requirements: No doorway required.

• Accessories: Has lights, sounds, music and animal toys.

• Weight capacity: Maximum weight (11.3 kgs)

• Height: Maximum height (81 cm or 32 inches). Adjustable to 3 height settings.

1. Great for developing motor skills and coordination: Many reviews attest to the fact that the Luv U Zoo jumper encourages toddlers to spin and jump around which is great for developing motoring and coordination skills. The jumper’s design offers all-round fun rewarding all kinds of activities from turning to jumping and grasping. The jumper will definitely come in handy when you want to promote gross motor development as well as hand-eye coordination in your little one.

2. Very safe: The Luv U Zoo jumper has a freestanding steel frame which offers unmatched safety. Additional safety features have also been put in place such as non-slip footing. The Luv U Zoo jumper doesn’t need to be secured. It doesn’t slip!

3. Adjustability/easy to use: Many parents who have bought the Luv U Zoo jumper also love the fact that you can adjust the seat height as your baby grows. This adjustability feature also allows you to maximize your baby’s enjoyment as they jump around. In regards to usability, the Luv U Zoo jumper has been praised for its portability. The jumper’s tubes can be removed easily. The jumper also has a compact design which allows convenient storage.

Although most Luv U Zoo jumper reviews are positive, some parents wish the jumper would be able to handle more weight, i.e., more than 11.3 kilograms to allow prolonged use. Apart from that, the Luv U Zoo baby jumper comes highly recommended.

4. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

The Evenflo Exersaucer Door baby jumper comes highly recommended if you are looking for a door jumper that offers a perfect mix of exercise and entertainment. The Evenflo Exersaucer Door baby jumper has been designed to stimulate your baby to jump. The jumper also stands out for taking safety into account. The Evenflo Exersaucer has a framed seat that supports the child and offers unmatched comfort.

The jumper also features a sturdy door-frame clamp that adds to the safety. The manufacturer has also taken the necessary precautions to ensure the spring is beyond reach. What’s more is the jumper can fit in almost all interior doorways you can think off. You can also pack and store the Evenflo Exersaucer easily when your baby is done playing/exercising.

Exersaucer Door JumperProsCons
Main product information

• Doorway features: Fits standard doorways, 3 to 6 inches thick.

• Seat: Frame seat surrounds baby entirely.

• Straps: Adjustable.

• Spring: Fully enclosed.

• Great/simple design: Many reviews attest to the greatness and simplicity of this baby jumper’s design. You can use this jumper on any door frame without worrying about safety. The frame surrounds the child and the spring is beyond reach. The design makes this baby jumper incredibly safe and easy to use.

• Great for exercise: Many reviews also praise this baby jumper as a great exercise tool. Working out your little one has never been easier.

There are some people that feel the jumper doesn’t offer much apart from jumping. The Evenflo Exersaucer door baby jumper is perfect if your focus is helping your little one workout as opposed to entertaining them.

5. Jolly Jumper Exerciser

Jolly Jumper Exerciser

This is another great baby jumper for exercising your little one. The Jolly jumper comes highly recommended for helping toddlers build balance, strength and coordination. The Jolly Jumper Exerciser stands out partly for offering babies complete freedom to move easily. The exerciser also promotes natural breathing offering safe and effective exercise for your little one.

Jumper ExerciserProsCons
Main product information

• Purpose: Helps baby balance, build strength and coordination.

• Clam: Features a sturdy door clamp that fits most door frames.

• Age recommendation: Ideal for babies aged 3 months to one year (walking age)

• Great exercises for toddlers: Many reviews attest to the fact that the Jolly Jumper Exerciser helps toddlers exercise without altering breathing patterns or causing unnecessary strain. The Jolly Jumper is designed to offer effortless but effective exercise for toddlers.

• Incredibly portable: The Jolly Jumper Exerciser weighs one pound only which makes it easy to carry around.

• Safe: The Jolly Jumper has a sturdy door clamp which fits tightly and perfectly on most, if not all door frames.

The Jolly Jumper Exerciser has countless positive customer reviews online. Like most products, however, some people have negative things to say. For instance, there are a few people who find the exerciser hard to use, i.e., it’s hard to get a baby in/out. Some people also feel the price is a bit high given it’s just an exerciser with no entertainment features such as music and lights. Nevertheless, most people who have bought the Jolly Jumper feel the exerciser offers value for money.


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