Tile Mate – A Complete Review

Tile MateHere we have shared an amazing review on Tile Mate.

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Now you do not have to worry about your lost things because science and technology have really made a great number of improvements in this area.

To find your lost keys or your lost phone, it is easier now.

Try this Tile Mate and you can find any of your lost things by using it.

It is hence one of the world’s best-selling Bluetooth trackers, so far and over 5 million Tile devices have been sold out and from these figures, you can well judge the popularity of this tracker.

This tracker is the part of the world’s largest and biggest lost and found network. The detailed review of Tile Mate is attached on this page, so have a look at it:

A Complete Review on Tile Mate


If you fail to find your phone then you simply have to double press the button which is present on Tile Mate and locates your phone in a quick time.

When you are going to double press the button then your phone will start to ring.

This product is water-resistant up to the range of IP57 standards, the presence of its free Tile app will let you remember the last time that where you have placed that specific product.

The battery life of this product is one year which is quite minimal and it should be more. All of the measurements, as well as calculations, are shown by this tracker, are in an estimated form. The location of the device, different movements and the factor of physiology can affect the accuracy of Tile Mate.

Why choose it?

You can keep the complete track of your keys and bags, phones with the use of this Tile Mate, this little Bluetooth tracker is the right and easy-to-use product for you.

To find out about your lost items, you can connect this tracker to your phone.

If your lost product is going to be at the 100-foot Bluetooth range, then it will show up a loud tune.

You can see the last place where you have viewed your lost item by using its Tile app, the app runs at the background of this tracker and with the help of it, you can easily remember about the last place as well as about the last time you saw your lost item.

You can even activate community finds a feature, in this way, you will get connected to the world’s biggest lost-and-found community. Its weight is 6.1 grams and its size dimensions are 34 x 34 x 4.65.


  • It is the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker.
  • It is water resistant up to IP57 standards.
  • The sound range is the 88-decibel melody
  • It is easy-to-use.


  • Its battery life is minimal.

So if you often remain worried about your lost items, by using this Tile Mate, your life might become easier and worry-free. Try using this Bluetooth tracker and let us know your first-hand experience.

If we will come across better trackers then we will share the reviews about those products too.

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