Teton Sports Oasis Backpack – A Complete Review

Teton Sports Oasis Backpack

Here we have shared an amazing review of the Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack.

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These hydration backpacks are made for the running and hiking activities, their purpose is to make your biking and cycling activities more enjoyable.

Here we have Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack review for you and this backpack is made for outdoor activities and climbing as well as for hunting activities too.

There is a 2 L Water Bladder and Sewn-in Rain Cover included with this backpack, Below we have listed more of the detailed points on this hydration backpack, check out them:

A Complete Review On Teton Sports Oasis Backpack


  • This backpack is a top choice among most of the hikers, it is a lightweight backpack, it is quite adjustable in its overall settings and options and it is comfortable to use as well. This backpack is available with the right cost, this product is a terrific and best companion if you are going out for day-long and overnight outdoor activities and adventures.
  • The first important feature of this backpack, it is this hydration bladder, there is a presence of BPA free 2-liter hydration bladder in it. It is further packed with a lightweight and durable and also kink-free sip tube. It comprises an innovative sort of push-lock cushioned bite valve, is cleaning process is easy at the same time.
  • This backpack is made for men, women, youth! It contains a low-profile sort of athletic cut which offers a complete range of adjustable options. The presence of these comfort-taped straps and high-density type of notched foam stabilizer, mesh covering, it is because of these elements that you can wear this backpack for hours and hours.
  • This reviewed backpack is loaded with lots of amazing points and features, this large capacity hydration pack has just 2 pounds weight, it is so light that you can carry it without feeling any burden or mess.
  • There is a large pocket present in it, this large pocket is accompanied by a hidden-teeth zipper and also weather guard. These features will protect your clothes and meal items, your other gear and equipment which are present in this backpack.

Why choose it?

It has its own 2-Liter hydration bladder, you will get the best and most comfortable fit while putting on this backpack. It is because of its adjustable shoulder and chest and also adjustable waistbands that you will get the perfect fit.

It has this shock-absorbing chest strap so that it can work with the harness and reduce the chances of bouncing. You can take this backpack on your hiking, cycling times, camping, backpacking times.

Its hydration capacity is 2L (70-ounce) and its shell is made of honeycomb ripstop fabric. It is available in olive green, bright green, orange, bright blue and black colors.


  • It is adjustable and comfortable.
  • BPA free 2-liter hydration bladder.
  • Comfort-taped straps.
  • It has a large pocket which is attached to a hidden-teeth zipper.


  • The design is not catchy.

We are waiting for your feedback when you will try this Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack!

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