Simply Fit Board – A Complete Review

Simply Fit Board

Here we have shared an amazing review of the Simply Fit Board.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2019.

If anyone of you is looking for the fitness boards so that you can do your abs legs core workout sessions then here is this review for you on Simply Fit Board.

You can choose this board as well for the workout sessions of yours for your abs and legs.

It is available in the magenta color and it comprises the most unique looking design.

This fitness board works in the unique and twisting motion mechanism, it can balance your body in the perfect way.

This is one of the great fitness boards which make it easier for you to engage and balance your body flawlessly.

A Complete Review On Simply Fit Board


For the toning of your whole body and to actively engage your whole and complete body, this basic and main function is served by this Simply Fit Board.

Very few of the fitness boards actively engage your bodies and tone them as well and this fitness board is one of them.

Toning of your abs and legs is done by this board, these fitness boards are basically used so that your abs and legs can get a strengthening effect, and this same function is performed by this fitness board.

This reviewed fitness board is extremely lightweight and it is portable if you are going out of the city and you do not want to miss your workout session then taking this fitness board along with your trip is all easy. As it is completely portable and taking it to anywhere is simply easy.

You can store it in any area you want to, it does not take much of the space. Its weight is just 3lbs and it can support weight on it up the range of 400 lbs. Its dimensions are 26″L x 11″W x 3/4″D and these are for your reference.

Why Buy it?

This workout board actually comes with a twist as it is packed with pretty amazing, exciting elements and features. This exercise board will make it easier for you to complete your exercise sessions seamlessly.

It is quite fun to use and this fitness and workout board offers you one of the effective ways to get fit and active in less time. There is a twisting motion element present in it and you can do a lot of simple and basic exercises by using it which can strengthen and too tone your abs, legs.

You can add weight on it to increase the difficulty level of your exercise and workout sessions. Your entire and core body gets engage as soon as you start to use this fitness board on a regular basis.

You simply have to stand on this fitness board and twist it so that you can enjoy its twisting action as well.


  • Unique Twisting Motion.
  • It can tone your entire and whole body.
  • It can well engage your whole body.
  • It can strengthen your abs and legs.
  • Lightweight, Portable.
  • You can store it easily.


  • Limited in stock.

Do share your review with us when you are going to use this Simply Fit Board!

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