Scosche USB Charger – A Complete Review

Scosche USB ChargerHere we have shared an amazing review on Scosche USB Charger.

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The complete review on Scosche USB Charger is available for the readers, this is a dual port USB charger which is packed with an illuminated LED backlight feature.

Its total output is 24W/4.8A, you can call it a high-speed and universal multi-device mobile car charger. It is right now available in the black color.

This is one of the perfect chargers as it comes in a small package form.

Its dual 12 watt USB ports will offer you the fastest charging setting and speed option.

This is an ideal USB charger to be used for iPads and iPhones as well as for tablets and for the rest of the smart devices.

A Complete Review on Scosche USB Charger


You can charge two devices at one single time by using a Scosche USB Charger.

That means you can charge the multiple numbers of devices simultaneously because of the presence of dual 12 watts / 2.4 amp ports.

It has the LED backlight feature, it is due to its illuminate and glowing in form USB ports that you can plug the charger right in the charging cable even in the dark. Its design is low-profile.

You will not see any clutter or distraction in your car even if Scosche USB Charger will be there in your car. It offers universal compatibility options, you can charge any of the devices with this USB charger. You can charge your Apple devices and Android devices and that too at the highest speed range possible.

It is backed and supported by Scosche’s Lifetime Tech Support as well as with the time frame of 3 Year Warranty.

Why Choose it?

This ReVolt Dual USB Car Charger which is manufactured and designed by Scosche, it is one of the smallest and to one of the fastest car chargers which is available on the market these days.

This suggested Dual USB Port charger can produce and come up with an amazing 24W, 4.8 amp total output, it can well produce the fastest charging span as much as possible.

It is designed to become a powerful and compact charger and to brings a valuable contribution to your car dash space. Because of the LED backlight, there is no need to face any struggle while looking for a charging port which is there in your dark car.

This ReVolt USB charger is completely configured so that it can work with all advanced kind of iOS devices.

It is included with optimized circuitry settings so that any sort of damage can be avoided. This is a tested car charger which offers amazing power and available in quite a small size.


  • It gives the fastest charging speed.
  • It is ideal and best to be used for iPhones, iPads.
  • You can charge multiple devices at the same time.
  • It has illuminated and glowing USB ports
  • 3 Year Warranty time.


  • Low-profile design

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