Roav USB Car Charger – A Complete Review

Roav USB Car Charger

Here we have shared an amazing review on Roav USB Car Charger.

I am sure you would love to read our updated review in 2019.

Numerous things strike a chord when I consider brilliant home frill: speakers, locks, presentations, TVs, or possibly divider plugs.

The rundown keeps on developing every day it appears to be, yet here comes Anker with an auto charger that, while itself not interesting for the organization, highlights Alexa as a characterizing highlight.

I will concede, when I initially knew about this, I was questionable if not by and large wary.

After one of the Anker folks demoed the Roav Viva for us at CES, I turned into somewhat more fascinated and said I would investigate it.

A Complete Review on Roav USB Car Charger

Generally speaking, I found that I don’t hate the Viva, despite the fact that it is enjoyable to taunt it once in a while. It has a little measure of utility, yet an auto charger with Alexa is unquestionable to a greater extent an oddity, particularly when contrasted with its “moronic” partners.

Design & Build Quality

I will be brief here, since the Viva is only an auto charger, albeit bigger than the normal one. Check the estimations to ensure that it will fit in your auto on the off chance that your cigarette lighter is in a peculiar place.

The leader of the Viva houses the greater part of the smarts, both USB-A ports, and I expect a portion of Anker’s PowerIQ charging tech. The face comprises of the two receivers and one major catch to physically enact Alexa (however it responds to the vocal hot work).

Around the edge is the blue LED “ring” that you regularly find on Alexa-empowered gadgets.

It stays on to demonstrate that the Viva is dynamic and prepared to process summons, however, it can be very brilliant around evening time gratefully, the application gives you a chance to change the splendor.

Roav VIVA, by Anker, Alexa-Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger

By and large, the Viva feels like a strong bit of plastic. The catch to enact Alexa/quiet has a pleasant and fulfilling material reaction. Amid my utilization, I didn’t see the charger getting warm, notwithstanding while charging two OnePlus 5Ts at the same time.

Because of the arrangement of the cigarette lighter in my auto, I thumped into the Viva with my knee when I got in the traveler situate. Despite the fact that I knock it truly great, it held up and remained set up in the lighter port.


All alone, the Viva is entirely frightful with regards to sound.

This is nothing unexpected, truly, considering that the Viva is an auto charger. To adjust for this, Anker gave two different ways by which you can course sound through the auto speakers with a specific end goal to make it more capable of being heard.

The two techniques utilize your telephone as a middle person between the charger and the auto.

The essence of this is: you converse with the Viva, it pushes the demand over its association with the telephone for the two information and to get to your auto’s sound framework, at that point, it reacts over that sound association it cleared out me thinking about whether the Viva is senseless or virtuoso.


  • Great Connectivity.
  • Classic Design.
  • Available in different colors.


  • Can be used in specific cars.
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