Pro Car Adapter – A Complete Review

Pro Car Adapter

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This is an Automatic pro car adapter which can be connected to a car, it carries a trip tracking feature as well as engine light diagnostics settings.

If at any time you want to detect severe crash situations then you can do that too.

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This Automatic pro car adapter makes use of 3G connectivity feature and there are no additional fees been added along with this feature. This product can offer you an excellent real-time car location tracking service and that too regardless of the fact that who is driving the car!

By using this adapter, you can decode your engine light like a professional.

This product can be best and greatly used for emergency services like for the detection of crash situations.

You and your loved ones can remain secure and safe now in the car just because of the installation of this adapter.

It is the Echo, Nest, IFTTT connected.

The primary drawback of this car adapter product is that it works just and only within the premises of the United States, it has its compatibility option only within the reach of the United States. If you are outside the US, then this product will not work for you.

You will get an unlimited range of 3G subscription for a time span of 5 years and moreover, rash alert service is one of the beneficial features of this product.

Why buy it?

You can try this Automatic Pro adapter as it can be plugged and installed into almost any kind of car so that an unlimited monitoring a be given to the user with zero fees.

Now you can easily know that where your car actually is no matter you are driving it or not because this adapter will tell you the exact current location of your car.

This product will be there to help you in the case of an emergency, suppose you have encountered a serious accident, then this Automatic Pro will detect that accident for you and its trained agents will reach out to you so that you can get assistance from them.

You can connect your car with IFTTT or with any of the apps which are available right in Automatic’s app gallery.


  • It makes use of 3G connectivity along with the element of no added fees.
  • Real-Time car location tracking.
  • Decode your check engine.
  • Unlimited 3G subscription for a time frame of 5 years
  • You will get a Crash Alert service.


  • It only works right within the premises of the United States.

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