Petzl Grigri – A Complete Review

Petzl GrigriHere we have shared an amazing review of the Petzl Grigri+.

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If you were searching for the review on Petzl GRIGRI+ Belay Device, then here we have compiled this review for you.

This belay device is designed and made for all kinds of climbers.

You can use it for indoor and outdoor activities. It offers extensive compatibility options.

Talking on its rope compatibility feature, you can make use of this belay device on all sorts of single ropes.

Those single ropes which have these dimensions, 8.5 to 11 mm in diameter, you can use this specific product with them.

More features and in-detail review is written about this product so read that out as well, you never know this Petzl GRIGRI+ Belay Device fulfill all your requirements which you want in such a product:

A Complete Review On Petzl Grigri+


This Petzl GRIGRI+ Belay Device can be optimized for single ropes which are up to 8.9 to 10.5 mm diameters.

It is extremely lightweight and too longlasting. You will find a great amount of durability experience after using this device.

It is used for intensive sessions. It comprises a stainless steel wear plate and it just weighs around 200 grams, that means it is so light.

This belay device will not give you any of the panic attacks because it is featured with an anti-panic handle.

The purpose of this handle is that if the user is going to pull the handle too hard, then this anti-panic functioning part is going to get a break and will eventually stop to descent.

You can choose and select the belay mode on your own, it is because of the selection knob that you can either select the top-rope belay or you can go for the lead rope belay. Note that this top-rope belay mode helps the user to facilitate taking up and opting the slack position.

Why choose it?

This is a recommended product as this GRIGRI+ is a kind of an assisted braking device which is specifically designed for all of the climbers and can be used and utilized for both of the indoor and outdoor climbing activities.

Its reduction handle can give you an exceptional amount of descent control, it depends on your needs that which usage modes you want to opt!

You can enjoy a comfortable belay because of the top-rope belay mode as well as due to the anti-panic handle.

These two important features really make this belay device an interesting one.


  • It is designed and made for all climbers.
  • It is optimized and compatible for 8.9 to 10.5 mm diameters.
  • It offers a great durability so that it can be intensively used.
  • It weighs just and only 200 grams.
  • It is featured with an anti-panic handle.


  • It offers a limited warranty time.

This product which is Petzl GRIGRI+ Belay Device, it has really arrived with lots of improvements this time. You can use it, review it as well. The linked and associated belay device product lines attached to this line, their reviews will also be shared with you.

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