Outdoor Research Ascendant – A Complete Review

Outdoor Research AscendantHere we have shared an amazing review on Outdoor Research Ascendant.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2019.

For all the lover of hoodies, here we have reviewed this Outdoor Research Ascendant hoodie for you, this hoody is made for men.

Let us explore the important qualities of this hoody.

If you find this hoody great in its quality, then you should make it a buy for yourself.

This hoodie is from Outdoor Research Ascendant Collection, it is made of active insulation technology and you will get a movement-mirroring kind of stretch while putting-on this hoodie on yourself.

It carries resilient properties, it will make you all weather protected and the user will experience the high breathability.

A Complete Review on Outdoor Research Ascendant


This hoodie is made of 100% Nylon material, it has an imported design.

There is no doubt that Outdoor Research has always dedicated itself when it comes to the making of an inspirational journey.

It is an award-winning technical apparel company and all of their designed products like their hoodies are exceptional.

This specific hoodie is made of an innovative material, it is packed with purpose-driven sort of features. For these athlete ambassadors and mountain guides, for these local adventurers, this is the great hoodie for them.

If you are intensely involved in the core sports, like if you often do alpinism and rock and ice climbing, if you are the lover of doing hiking, backpacking or you often do paddling, trail running, then wearing such hoodies will be great and best for you.

This hoodie can be used for backcountry skiing activities and snowboarding activities as well. It is the time to give and add more fun and adventure into your excited bunch of activities.

Why choose it?

This Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody takes the process of active insulation one step further! It is build up and ratcheted up on the system of breathability. This hoodie is light in weight and you will not feel congested in it.

This hoodie can come out to be your favorite layer for fall and winter as well as for spring times.

This recommended hoodie can easily regulate the core temperature of your body during any sort of activities which you are doing.

So catch up with this favorite layer of yours, it can wick and absorb moisture quickly too.

This hoodie does not come with any of the moisture issues, just wear it and no matter you get an excessive amount of sweat, this hoodie will going to quickly absorb that sweat in less time.


  • 100% Nylon
  • It has an imported design.
  • It has a great looking design.
  • Midweight and Active Insulation Technology.
  • Resilient weather protection.
  • It gives a high breathability option.


  • It is available in less color range.

If you are running short of hoodies then this recommended Outdoor Research Ascendant hoodie can be tried out by you! You might like or dislike this product, it is up to you. If you buy this hoodie then share your feedback on this hoodie style with us. We will share more of the hoodies reviews with you.

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