Metolius XL Campus Rungs – A Complete Review

Metolius XL Campus Rungs Here we have shared an amazing review of the Metolius XL Campus Rungs.

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If you are planning to buy these Metolius Campus Rungs then make sure to read this review first of all!

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These wooden campus board rungs have been mainly unsurpassed in the form so that more amount and range of consistency and smooth feel can be given.

They are pre-drilled and you do not have to get involved in this inconvenience to further drill them out.

As we have attached the pictures of these Metolius Campus Rungs and you can keenly have a look at the images that this product is available in the pre-drilled form.

Below we have explained and put down more of the features and important points of these campus rungs:

A Complete Review On Metolius XL Campus Rungs


These Metolius Campus Rungs are present and encompassed in the customized tool form and version. It is because of this custom tooling that all rungs get the most smooth, seamless and comfortable looking shapes.

This custom tool is really an important part and section of these campus rungs.

The availability of smooth as well as comfortable looking shapes is all possible because of this custom tool section.

They are hand-sanded on an individual basis, moreover, you will see that every single rung comprise an incut side and also a flat side.

It is essential that any kind of campus rung should have these two sides in it, that is a flat side and an incut side, the absence of any of these sides in a campus rung then deduct its efficiency. So while you choose and buy a campus rung, it should have these two sides in it.

Why buy it?

Upon ordering these Metolius Campus Rungs, you will get them in a mesh bag. With the pack, you will get a detailed amount of guidelines regarding the aspect and section of construction and too training usage.

If you want to take your training and construction part right to the next level then try using these Metolius Campus Rungs which are available in the XL size.

You can mount them easily right there in your personal garage or in your gym enter or in your old closet space.

These campus rungs are pretty much economical and affordable and exceptionally serve and complete the great number of tough tasks and jobs.


  • Wooden campus board rungs offer consistency.
  • Custom tool presence.
  • Individually hand sanded.
  • Each rung comprises an input side and also a flat side.
  • Pre-drilled


  • None.

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