La Sportiva Kataki Women’s – A Complete Review

La Sportiva Kataki Women’sHere we have shared an amazing review of the La Sportiva Kataki Women’s.

I am sure you would love to read our updated guide in 2019.

Here is an interesting product for you and it is about these climbing shoes, the review on La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe is here and these climbing shoes are just made for women.

We know that women are now equally involved in intense climbing, running, and hiking activities.

For this intense job, durable climbing shoes should be purchased.

As we have put up the review on these climbing shoes, the decision is all yours that whether these climbing shoes will going to make a place and their own space in your cupboard or not:

A Complete Review On La Sportiva Kataki Women’s


These La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoes are all made of synthetic material, they will hardly wear or tear-off and shall likely to remain long-lasting and durable for many years.

Just a few of the climbing and running shoes offer a high-performance and result and these specific shoes can be one of them.

These climbing shoes which are from La Sportiva, they can be called a versatile addition to your cupboard.

To move and climb the steeper routes and paths, to go on the technical climbing session, such shoes should be bought.

These shoes are available in an asymmetrical shape. They offer more amount of power to the user and they are great for you if you want to go on the technical climbs. These shoes comprise a Patented S-Heel so that you can enjoy maneuverability in all sorts of situations.

The upper material of these shoes is made of suede leather and a little bit addition of microfiber part. Then its liner material is wholly made of Pacific part and the sole material of these climbing shoes are made and constructed by 4mm Vibram XS Grip2.

The midsole material is made of 1.1mm LaspoFlex along with P3 which is the patented P3 Permanent Power Platform.

It is because of this patented P3 Permanent Power Platform that shoes will remain in their original shape for a long time. The weight of these shoes is just 7.50 oz / 213 g, they are just an intensely lightweight.

No burden will be put on your feet at any time.

Why Buy the La Sportiva Kataki Women Shoes?

These climbing shoes are packed with an internal breathable fabric so that the user always feel a moisture-wicking experience. These are super comfortable looking shoes and they offer extended use at the same time.

For the gym climbing activities, then for other climbing jobs, these are the recommended La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoes for you. They allow personalized fit experience all the time.


  • Its upper material is made of Suede leather.
  • Its liner material is Pacific.
  • Its Midsole Material is of 1.1mm LaspoFlex.
  • Its weight is 7.50 oz / 213 g


  • The design is not catchy.

If you have already used and tried these La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoes then we are quite and eagerly waiting for your review. Do let us know about your climbing shoes collection details as well.

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