Handpresso – A Complete Review

HandpressoHere we have shared an amazing review on Handpresso.

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There are many pod espresso machines present in the market and among them, we have Handpresso 127015 12V Auto Hybrid for you.

It is also a pod espresso machine, it brews cycles in just the time frame of 2 minutes and you can make use of ground coffee or you can use E.S.E pods for the purpose of brewing.

This is a compact and portable product and it is actually made for the travelers.

The great part is that it is BPA-free and available in your favorite color which is black.

So if you just love to brew ground coffee beans then get this Handpresso 127015 12V Auto Hybrid for yourself.

A Complete Review on Handpresso


This pod espresso machine comes with 16 bars of pressure settings and it is made of plastic material, that means it is lightweight and you can carry it easily.

Even if you are on the road trip and you want to get a sip of coffee then turn on this espresso machine and make a great coffee for yourself and for your friends.

Its base material is also made of plastic and from top to bottom, its overall dimensions are 8.66 inches, its overall width from side to side is 3.93 inches. Talking about its overall depth, from front to back side, it is 3.93 inches.

This product weighs around 1.94 lbs.

There is a 16 Bar High-Pressure Pump feature present in it, it is because of these pressure settings that you can easily unlock the true and actual flavor of ground coffee beans. During the brewing process, the delicate flavor, as well as premium aromas of these coffee beans, will be retained.

As it is compact and quite lightweight, that is why you can place this pod espresso machine right there on your backpack. It has become simply easy to enjoy your own cup of espresso because of this great product.

You just have to use your vehicle power supply, turn it on, this is it!

Why buy it?

This product is a game changer for all of the coffee lovers, its bar pump pressure will be able to produce that same and authentic coffee flavor as if this coffee is made from a commercial espresso machine.

This product is a great coffee-to-go option for you, this recommended pump-driven espresso machine is a kind of travel coffee making cup and this is the best gadget which you should carry while you are camping or hiking or if you are on the business trip.

For all coffee lovers, this is the best gift for them. If you often like to drink coffee and you are a coffee-lover person than grab this espresso machine right now.


  • Unlock the delicate coffee flavor.
  • Excellent brewing process.


  • You can only use ground coffee beans.

As the review on the Handpresso 127015 12V Auto Hybrid is shared with you, if you have made a mind to buy this machine then share your reviews with us too.

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