Escort Max 360 – A Complete Review

ESCORT MAX 360Here we have shared an amazing review on Escort Max 360.

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How about hearing the review and complete feedback on this Escort Max 360, it is a laser radar detector and it operates on the GPS settings.

It gives these directional alerts and it has a dual antenna which is attached at the front side as well as at the rear side of this product.

This ESCORT MAX 360 is encompassed with the Bluetooth and voice alerts features, it has the OLED display and many more features in it.

The complete review of this product is given and provided for the readers:

A Complete Review on Escort Max 360


It is an award-winning max detector line, it comes with unmatched detection and too unmatched precision properties.

The presence of its front side and rear side antennas can scan all of the directions in a rapid manner.

It is because of its unmatched precision property that you will be provided with five levels of filtering so that quietest ride can be assured.

It is packed with all rich data and you will experience a simple communication process and settings. It is through Escort max 360 that locating and identifying threats have become easy.

It has 360 degrees directional alert arrows and its GPS settings can reject all sorts of false alerts easily.

This product runs on three powerful elements which are power, precision, and 360 degrees of protection.

No doubt that this Escort Max 360 protects and secure all kinds of drivers just beyond the level of conventional radar threats and laser threats. It is because of the defender database that preloading system is carried out.

It is equipped with Bluetooth and it can be connected seamlessly and smoothly to EscortLive speed trap app so that additional protection against these laser traps can be given.

Why buy it?

It is suggested to buy this laser radar detector because it offers protection and security in all of the directions and its range is four times more.

The provision of the fastest response and the availability of pin-point accuracy because of the GPS-based settings are the highlighting part of this product.

It processes on the standard filtering procedures and because of the intelligent filtering and custom filtering, app-based filtering mechanism present in it, you will get the best experience.

It has a defender database and crowd-sourced alerts are shown by it.

It is completely web ready and its super amazing feature is its directional arrows. This ESCORT MAX 360 has a colored graphics display which is available in the high resolution and it is customizable as well.

Moreover, voice alerts, dual language provision, Magnetic StickyCup Mount and packed in a premium looking travel case, these are furthermore important benefits which are given by this radar detector.


  • Unmatched detection.
  • Unmatched precision.
  • Simple communication.
  • It makes locating as well as identifying threats all easy.


  • Limited warranty.

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