Edelrid Bulletproof Carabiner – A Complete Review

Edelrid Bulletproof Carabiner

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This Edelrid Bulletproof Carabiner is available in the combo pack form, with the pack, you will get one bullet carabiner and then the purchaser will also get one bulletproof carabiner with the pack.

This pack is available in the keylock enclosure form for the purpose of optimal handling while you are clipping or unclipping.

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A Complete Review on Edelrid Bulletproof Carabiner


This product can easily prevent and stop all sort of wear and tear conditions, there is steel inserted right there in the lower carabiner so that premature wear can be stopped during the case and situations of rope friction.

It carries H-shape construction and this construction really assure the user to make the best possible and appropriate use of minimal weight as well as material weight.

It is further fused with a high-strength 15 / 22 mm narrow and wide polyamide sort of quick draw sling.

Talking about the additional features of this reviewed specific product, it has an anti-twist fixing feature so that the lower carabiner can remain fixed at its place. It has an imported design and notes that this belay device is made and manufactured in Germany.

They have 150 years of rope making the experience and too alpine equipment experience.

It is their years and years of hard work and experience that they have always managed to make great products on which you can shower your complete trust, if you are about to go on your next climbing adventure then do not forget to take Edelrid Bulletproof Carabiner along with you.

Why buy it?

This Bulletproof set is one of the extremely robust and best of the sport climbing quickdraw sets which you should get! You will not face any of the premature wear situations as steel is placed in the lower carabiner.

It is available in two sizes, you can pick any one of them and they are of dimensions 12cm and 16cm.

This company EDELRID has a history of making braids and cords.

It is innovative and at the same time one of the creative companies to this day.

This company has really revolutionized the world when it comes to climbing. All of their used construction materials and their production techniques, they are being constantly improved.

This specific product has a capability of withstanding all sorts of multiple falls, you can call it a forerunner when it comes to the section of modern looking and dynamic climbing ropes.


  • It prevents premature to sort of wear because of the rope friction.
  • H-shape construction.
  • 15 / 22 mm narrow/wide polyamide sort of quick draw sling.
  • Anti-twist fixing feature.


  • Limited in stock.

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