Ducky Shielding Neckband – A Complete Review

Ducky Shielding Neckband

Here we have shared an amazing review on Ducky Shielding Neckband.

I am sure you would love to read our updated review in 2019.

It is important for your pet dogs and pet cats that their necks should be covered with neckbands.

Here is the review for you on Ducky Shielding Neckband, if you are looking to get a neckband for your pet dog then try this one!

This is an inflatable and protective in form collar band which will not allow your pet to get injured.

I also use this product and I am sure you would also love to use this product.

So let’s start the review.

A Complete Review On Ducky Shielding Neckband


Protection of your pets, it has to be your first and foremost essential duty.

This protection function is served by this Ducky Shielding Neckband. It is made for the safety purpose. For the post surgery purpose and to recover the rashes of your pets, you can use this collar band.

You can call it a protective collar band, it is washable. It is also scratch-resistant as well as bite-resistant.

Talking about the specifications of this neckband, it is available in the blue color and it is made of PVC material. It is designed in the form of a short plush kind of outer ring version.

If you are buying it in small size then its neck circumference will be 6″-12″ and if you are buying this product in a medium size then its neck circumference will come out to be 11″-15″. The neck circumference of this product available in the large size is 16″-22″.

This neckband option is easy to store, as it is an Inflatable recovery collar, that means you can easily deflate it and you can conveniently store it in any of the small space. There is this zipper opening right on one side of it and you can simply take the bag out so that you can wash it at the correct time.

It is adjustable too, you will notice that there is this adjustable strap which is present on the opening side of the collar. You can stick this adjustable strap in any way you want to so that a perfect fit can be given to your pet.

Why buy it?

You can buy this Ducky Shielding Neckband for your pet as it does not interfere with your pet peripheral vision. While your pets will wear this collar band, they will not face any difficulty during their eating and drinking activities.

This pet neckband will scrape your furniture, it will not put any mark on your furniture pieces. This product is extremely suitable for pets like Labrador, Golden Retriever.

As its design is completely inflatable, that is why this neckband will give a comfortable fitting to your pet. Its outside materials is soft in its texture. Your pet dog vision will not at all be blocked at any time while he will wear this neckband.

No matter he is sleeping or eating, drinking, your pet can wear this neckband in a comfortable way.


  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Bite-resistant.
  • Inflatable collar.


  • Limited warranty.

To all the readers, when you will try this Ducky Shielding Neckband then do give us your feedback and reviews on this page.

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