Coleman Outdoor Compact Table – A Complete Review

Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

Here we have shared an amazing review of the Coleman Outdoor Compact Table.

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The review on Coleman Outdoor Compact Table is mentioned for the readers, this ultra-compact in form aluminum folding table is a great and one of the ideal products when it comes to camping as well as outdoor cookout sessions.

It offers much of enough seating capacity for four people.

It is because of its aluminum slat top and too because of the presence of a strong steel frame that an ample amount of support is given to the user.

It is completely foldable and you can carry it anywhere, its folding process takes few of the seconds and you can carry it during your travel times.

Below you can read out more of the features on this compact table and if you want to buy this outdoor compact table, then do share your reviews with us:

A Complete Review on Coleman Outdoor Compact Table


This compact table is available in the form of a snap-together design, it is with much ease and convenience that you can assemble and fold up this table in less time.

There are no detailed steps involved in the folding and assembling of this table, just read the guide and set up this table in quite less time.

The height of this table is 27.5″ and its weight is 9 lbs which are quite minimal and makes this table to be carried anywhere. Upon folding this table, its dimensions come out to be 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 27.5″ and its capacity to carry and hold weight is up to 100 lbs.

With this product, you will get a storage bag which is attached to a carry strap. It is available in the silver color right now.

This is quite a lightweight table, the manufacturing brand of this table which is Coleman, they have always made long-lasting and exciting products for their customers.

They have manufactured lighting and stoves, coolers as well as tents, sleeping bags and too camping tools and this is the next level product which is made by them, it is Coleman Outdoor Compact Table.

Why Buy it?

To make your outdoor experiences more of the funny looking one, do carry this compact table along with you so that you can enjoy your meal and dining times.

This table can turn out to be your best companion if you are going out camping or for any sort of outdoor cooking activities.

Even if you are going to place hot pots or pans on this compact table, the aluminum slat top of it will not get damaged.

Extremely sturdy and firm construction materials are used in this table, its steel frame is accordion style.

It is packed with a carrying bag, when you are going to fold this compact table, then you fit and adjust this table into this carrying bag. There is no doubt that this table offers an easy carrying and storage time.


  • Ultra-compact.
  • It has an aluminum folding.
  • It is ideal and best for camping and also for the outdoor cookouts.
  • Aluminum slat top.
  • It comprises a strong steel frame.
  • Snap-together design.
  • It offers an easy carrying time.


  • None.

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