Cold Brew Coffee Maker – A Complete Review

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Here we have shared an amazing review on JCold Brew Coffee Maker.

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Each one of us loves to get durable cold brew coffee makers, here we have attached the review on Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Oranlife.

This coffee maker consists of a stainless steel filter which is completely removable and it has an airtight lid infuser water bottle sleeve where you can make an iced tea.

Its pitcher can give three cups of coffee at one single time.


A Complete Review on Cold Brew Coffee Maker


This Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Oranlife is one of the high-quality designed coffee makers. It is made of stainless steel and material of glass so that your beverage can enjoy the good amount of insulation time.

It is easy to carry, you can enjoy making these fresh-brewed beverages at any time and at any place. Your beverage will remain well-insulated whether you want to have it in hot form or in cold form.

Its brewing function is all simple, it is because of its stainless steel filter basket that can brew with these loose tea leaves and spices easily. Even if you want to brew tea bags or ground coffee, you can do that easily as well. It is one of the efficient and convenient to use coffee makers.

You can store it easily, it is ideal and specially used as a juice container or as a fermentation jar. You can also use it as a drunk jug or as a beverage jug for your everyday use. Its design is quite slim and you can simply store it inside a refrigerator.

Its weight is 500G/1.1LB and it is available in the size of 3.8*3.8*9.5 inches.

Why Buy it?

Its usage and functioning are quite easy, this coffee maker is recommended to the readers because its operations are easy to handle.

It is portable and you can carry this coffee maker along with you at any time.

Its design is completely innovative and because of its neoprene insulating sleeve which is installed with a carrying loop, this features makes this coffee maker come out as a perfect choice for camping and hiking activities.

You can clean cold brew coffee maker easily, it is free from these lab-grade and surgical construction materials and cleaning of this coffee maker is hence easy. It is dishwasher safer but you have to give a regular cleaning to this coffee maker every time when you make a coffee in it.

It consists of a food-grade silicone seal as well as hand-blown borosilicate glass and these construction materials make this product more durable and reliable.


  • Convenient and efficient.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to brew as well as infuse.


  • The pitcher capacity is minimum.

If you have got exhausted while keep on searching for coffee makers then this Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Oranlife can be purchased. You can try it and if you are satisfied with this product, then you can suggest it to your friends.

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