Black Diamond Ultralight Camalots – A Complete Review

Black Diamond Ultralight Camalots Here we have shared an amazing review of the Black Diamond Ultralight Camalots.

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During the case of fast as well as a light missions and if you ever come across these situations which are linked to smash-and-grab ascents and if weight really matters for you, then choosing Black Diamond Ultralight Camalots should be your priority.

This product actually and mainly signifies weight savings right over the Camelot.

It has these sculpted lobes which represent and show an appropriate account when it comes to the portion of these weight savings.

This Ultralight is featured with a Dyneema cord and cable is not used this time, this Dyneema cord gives a complete and whole amount of same strength which can be easily relied on.

Let us have a look at the features of Black Diamond Ultralight Camalots and see if this product is of any use for you:

A Complete Review on Black Diamond Ultralight Camalots


This product has a double axle design and it is because of this double axle design that you will be offered with a wide range and variety.

This Dyneema core stem design is actually quite strong as well as durable, it has primarily an ergonomically optimized stem and to a thumb loop so that you can go for surgically precise sort of placements.

It just has a weight of 2.15 ounces which is extremely less.

This double-axle design will allow you to have a retraction of larger kind of cam lobes, you will get a much larger amount of expansion range as compared to the usage of traditional sort of single-axle units.

As it is lightweight and note down that its cable loop and the presence of a trigger, they are easy to grab.

Its patented slings are large in size and they are sufficient enough to manipulate and use them with gloves.

Why buy it?

To get the widest amount of range for each and every cam unit, this is the correct product for you as it carries a double-axle design.

Its C-Loop continuous cable stem design is much strong and durable and it is actually available in the color-coded form so that you can have an easy identification process.

The manufacturer of this product offers a large number of Camalots and they are specifically and simply designed so that the protection can be given right across the full spectrum of these crack sizes, to small incipient seams.

These Camalots and Camalot C3s, then we have Camalot X4s and too Camalot Ultralights, all of them possess their own set of unique advantages.

Its large in size expansion ranges can easily create overlaps right between sizes and thus allowing the user to carry a fewer number of pieces. Its rigid stem will make it convenient for you in terms of placement job and it does remain flexible during the cold weather.

Moreover, its wide cam lobes can smoothly distribute the load in an even manner on soft rock.


  • Double axle design.
  • Core stem design is durable.
  • Ergonomically optimized stem.
  • Strong design.


  • None.

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