Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito – A Complete Review

Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Here we have shared an amazing review on Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito.

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We have a detailed review for you on Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito, if you are into the issue of crag rope management then this is the right product for you.

This product can be called an appropriate solution for your crag rope management issues.

This product can perfectly and easily burrito your cord and it open and close in a smoother way.

It is attached to easy to grab handles and it also comprises a built-in rope tarp. Below we have furthermore and detailed features of this product.

If you often get involved in climbing activities and you do not have a proper bag in which you can carry a 70-meter cord then here is this option for you:

A Complete Review on Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito


This Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito has the capacity to adjust and fit a 70-meter cord. This is the maximum capacity which is offered by this bag and with the utilization of this product, your crag sessions will become quite easier.

Talking more about the product details and specifications of this Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito, its construction material is all synthetic.

If you are looking for such a bag which can fit a full 70-meter lengthy rope then this is the correct product for you.

This product is packed with easy to grab handles, that means you can carry it easily without slipping it from your hands.

It has this elastic opening so that the user can find an extremely convenience and easiness while putting and placing a lengthy rope in it.

You can well make use of its back carry straps so that you can enjoy excellent transportation. It lacks a top pocket, this is the drawback of this product. The manufacturer of this product should have made a top pocket in this product so that you can keep your phones and keys or other important things in it. But the presence of top pocket is lacking in this rope bag.

Why buy it?

This rope bag can carry as well as protect your rope all through your climbing activities.

This worry will not come into your head that whether your rope will come out from this rope bag during climbing! Your rope will remain intact at its place for sure.

It has this built-in groundsheet, because of the presence of this groundsheet, your rope will always remain clean and too safe. Very few of the products consists of built-in ground sheets and this reviewed product is one of them.


  • Synthetic
  • Easy to grab handles.
  • It has an elastic opening.
  • Built-in rope tarp


  • None.

So this is the detailed review which we have shared with the readers on Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito. Just constantly keep connected with us and never miss any of the review details and updates from this page.

If you have any other rope bag and you are satisfied with its usage then let us know about that rope bag as well.

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