Best Shot Glass Display Cases Review In 2021 – [Best Pickups]

Here we have these shot glass display cases for you. Their overall capacity to hold and keep shot glasses is extremely maximum and satisfactory. To begin with, we are going to tell you the reviews on these top ten display cases.

Furthermore, these display cases have multiple numbers of slots in them. You can easily place and keep tall shot glasses or shooter shot glasses in them.

Moreover, such a kind of display case is an excellent gift idea for the person who is one of the passionate lovers of shot glass collectors.

Best Shot Glass Display Cases Reviewed

Shot Glass Display Cases

So, if you also want to display and showcase your shot glass collection, then do try any one of these display cases. Even more, most of them are made of fine quality hardwood as well as experienced craftsmen.

Their surfaces are sanded repeatedly in order to give a smooth and elegant look to these display cases. Let us check out the reviews now:

10- Null 36 Shot Glass Display Case

Best Shot Glass Display Cases Review In 2021 – [Best Pickups] 1

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This Null 36 Shot Glass Display Case comes with a cherry finish. And no doubt this is an eye-catchy looking display case. Most importantly, this is a wall cabinet holder rack.

And it is crafted and made by using the solid hardwood material. It is not from the cheap wood material that this display case is constructed and made of!

Most noteworthy, the dimensions of this display case are 18.5″H X 14.25″W X 3.5″D. And the space existing between the rows is 2.5″. Want to know the best part of this display case?

It is that it is installed with a mirror background. All glass shelves are there and this is a wall mountable model.


  • Crafted and made from solid beechwood.
  • Mirror background.
  • Wall mountable.
  • No assembly is needed.


  • None.

9- Display Gifts Shot Glass Display Case

Display Gifts Shot Glass Display Case

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Most probably, you may pick this Display Gifts Shot Glass Display Case as its capacity to hold shot glasses is up to 56. This shooter display case is made of solid wood.

It is further fused with black finishing. Its overall actual measurements are 29.75″H X 16.6″W X 3.5″D. For the small slots, the measurements are 2.25″H X 2.1″W X 2.25″D.

On the other hand, for tall slots, their dimensions are 4.5″H X 2.25″W X 2.25″D. Most certainly, choosing this display case is a great idea as it comes in the lockable form.

Its hinged glass door is completely scratch resistant. No cheap plastic material or low quality acrylic material is used in the making of this display case.

Also, there are a total of 56 glass slots for every single shot glass. Hence, do buy this option because it has a felt interior background and no assembly is needed.


  • Made from solid wood.
  • Scratch-resistant hinged glass door.
  • Felt interior background.


  • No money back guarantee.

8- Gallery Solutions Shot Glass Display Case

Gallery Solutions Shot Glass Display Case

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You might be wondering as to why to get this Gallery Solutions Shot Glass Display Case, we will tell you. Basically, this 17×32 display is one of the classic looking walls mounted display cases.

It is polished with black finish display. In addition, you can keep 52 shot glasses in it. This display case offers you an elegant way to keep your shot glass collections safe and secure. Besides, each of the openings measures 2.75 inches wide and it is 3 inches tall.

It is just because of its hinged cabinet front door that all of your shot glass collections and items will remain protected. Beyond, its polystyrene opening is wholly scratch resistant.

The addition and induction of oil rubbed bronze clasp is going to shut tight your display case. Lastly, you can display and keep any sort of standard shot glasses and Hummel figurines in it.

You can too place funko mystery minis, pint-size heroes in this display.


  • Crafted from wood.
  • Polystyrene opening carries shatter-resistant properties.
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Assembly process is tough.

7- Large 144 Shot Glass Display Case by Display Gifts

Large 144 Shot Glass Display Case by Display Gifts

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Large 144 Shot Glass Display Case comes on the seventh spot. We hope you may give your thumbs up to this Holder Cabinet Shadow Box as it is made of solid wood. Its construction is based on solid beechwood.

And it is all and completely stained black. Furthermore, the basic dimensions of this case are 36.5″ H X 25.5″ W X 4″D. And its interior depth is about 2.75″.

Moreover, this option comprises an acrylic door in order to prevent all sort of dust.

Consequently, if you are looking for a shot glass display case which is wall mountable, then do try out this option. The package includes metal brackets too.

It is on the back side of this display case that you have to attach these metal brackets. Lastly, this whole product comes in one piece.


  • Made from solid beechwood.
  • Acrylic door in order to prevent dust.
  • Wall Mountable.
  • Metal brackets.


  • None.

6- Pennzoni Display Shot Glass Case

Pennzoni Display Shot Glass Case

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However, you can also order this Pennzoni Display Shot Glass Case for yourself. This is a solid hardwood display case which is specifically and particularly handmade in the USA.

It is in the black finish, cherry finish as well as in the oak finish and walnut finish that this display case is available. Before you order or book this shot glass display case, make sure you check and mark the correct finishing option.

Most importantly, this option can hold all kinds and types of shot glasses.

If you want a display case for keeping your shot glasses which is only made in the USA, then do try this one! Most noteworthy, it contains two brass locks and also two wall mounts.

It is composed of two Brass Hinges which are of dimensions 24″ x 35 1/2″ x 4″. And its outside dimensions are 22.5″ x 34″ x 3.5″. Lastly, it is sanded in such a manner so that an unmatched smoothness can come on your display case.


  • It is hand made in the USA.
  • Holds almost all kinds of shot glasses.
  • Full UV protection.


  • Its holding capacity is less.

5- Asher Amada Shot Glass Display Case

Asher Amada Shot Glass Display Case

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Asher Amada Shot Glass Display Case is assigned the fifth spot. This display case measurements are 16.5’W x 17.9’H x 2.7’D. You can either mount it in a vertical manner or in a horizontal manner.

Its frame color is completely black. Most probably, you may find this display case the best of all for your shot glass collections as it is crafted by using solid wood.

It is featured with the presence of hinged clear front. In this manner, you can easily and conveniently update your shot glass collection.

What have you decided now? Are you going to buy and get this display case which is packed with a sleek black finish. You can buy this case as it a handsome and ideal addition to your home bar section. Moreover, you can also display and install it on a tabletop.


  • Crafted from wood.
  • Vertical or Horizontal mounting options are available.
  • Sleek and fine black finish.


  • None.

4- Flag connections Shot Glass Display Case

Flag connections Shot Glass Display Case

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Flag connections Shot Glass Display Case has this mirror back. Most certainly, we will always recommend you to try out this option as it is composed of 11 glass shelves.

However, the presence of ultra clear acrylic door makes this display case more versatile from all angles. The package comes and fused with all mounting hardware.

No assembly job is needed and this reviewed shot glass display comes in the assembled form.

Thus, do not waste any time and grab this display case as it carries Australian Beechwood Hardwood construction. It is accompanied and installed with lockable latches.

Adjustable shelves are there. And you can keep 144 Standard Size Shot Glasses or 72 Tall Shot Glasses in it.


  • Ultra Clear Protected Acrylic Door.
  • Fully Assembled.
  • All Mounting Included.
  • Solid Australian Beechwood Hardwood.


  • The finishing comes in a minimum number of options.

3- SF Display Shot Glass Display Case

SF Display Shot Glass Display Case

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How about buying this SF Display Shot Glass Display Case! This is a 31 Shot Glass Display Case. It is made by using furniture grade wood material. You are going to see all beech hardwood construction in this display case.

However, this product is the name of an elegant finishing. There are a total of 31 compartments in it. You can use the 27 compartments for keeping standard size shot glasses.

And the rest of the compartments can be used for storing your taller shot glasses.

Thus, go and grab this option as no assembly is needed at any point. We are confident that this display case may become your favorite one.

Note that the package does not include any sort of shot glasses. And you will only get the display case.


  • Handcrafted in beech hardwood.
  • 31 compartments.
  • Beautiful Crown Molding.
  • Fully Assembled.


  • None

2- Fine Wood Display Shot Glass Display Case

Fine Wood Display Shot Glass Display Case

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Fine Wood Display Shot Glass Display Case encompasses the traits of North American Craftsmanship. You may buy this display case because it is made and featured with solid Oak hardwood.

Moreover, it has a glass door to further protect the shot glasses placed in this display case. It is on the 8 individual shelves that you can keep and hold 72 shot glasses.

In addition to, bottom 7 shelves can hold normal sized shot glasses.

Lastly, it is equipped with the presence of brass door hinges. And there is an induction of high-quality door latch. Thus, to give an enhancing and appealing look to your home bar area, you can buy this shot glass display case.


  • North American Craftsmanship.
  • Constructed of solid Oak hardwood.
  • High-quality door latch.
  • Durable clear finish.


  • None.

1- Display Case Mahogany Shot Glass Display Case

Display Case Mahogany Shot Glass Display Case

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Lastly, we have Display Case Mahogany Shot Glass Display Case for you. We have ranked it on the highest spot because it is induced so many promising and unique selling traits.

Most importantly, this display cases carries a great design, extraordinary finish and maximum holding capacity. Moreover, its dimensions are 36.5″ H X 25.5″ W X 4″D.

And its net weight is 21 lbs. Its interior side dimensions are 34.5″H X 23.5″W 2.75″D.

Hence, it is time to display your shot glass collection in an utmost elegant way. You can do that by grabbing this display case. Let us know how much this display case become your favorite and top pick! And share your reviews too.


  • Extraordinary finishing.
  • Maximum holding capacity.
  • Premium construction.


  • None.

Best Shot Glass Display Cases – Buyer’s Guide

Shot Glass Display Cases

High-Quality Construction

Most probably, it is suggested to buy that shot glass display glass which is made of fine and premium quality wood. If it is handmade and at the same time made by using Australian beech wood, then that is great.

Most certainly, you need to pick that display case cabinet which is extremely beautiful and sturdy in terms of design and construction. It has to be very detailed and also attractive.

Large Holding Capacity and Adjustable Shelves

Most importantly, your chosen shot glass display case should hold roughly and approximately 50 to 150 standard size shot glasses. Furthermore, look for the display case model which comprises adjustable shelves.

It is true that top quality display cases always come and accompanied by 98% UV Acrylic Door induction. No doubt any kind of shot glass display case should remain to be protected from the sunlight.

Heavy Duty Lockable Latches

In addition to, you need to find out what sort of display case for your shot glass collection which contains and composed of heavy duty lockable latches. In this way, your display case will remain safe and secure.

Fully Assembled

Also, hunt for the case type to display your shot glass collection which is already fully assembled. And all mounting hardware should come along in the package box.

Thus, if your selected display case does not need an extensive installation assembly time, then instantly buy that display case for yourself.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up!

What’s the bottom line then? Hopefully and confidently, you are going to love every single shot glass display case which is recommended above to you. Let us know the details as well if you have collected some other shot glass display cases as well.

And give us your reviews and feedback upon buying these top suggestions at the same time.

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